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Actual combat SEO "shelf" novice article

Recently got a shelf website ( of information, ready to carry out a series of SEO optimization.

SEO optimization site, like to the patient, without the hope, smell, ask, cut these basic steps.

At present generally get the site, as the three steps to it: Structural optimization, content optimization, increase outside the chain.

At present, this shelf site to do a check, found that there are indeed many problems, probably listed:

First, the title of the website (All page titles are "Beijing Star Fai Shelf Factory")

Second, the page keyword, introduction label is not appropriate.

Third, the page applies a multilevel table label.

Its four, article News list page articles list links are ejected with the onclick event.

Its five, though an old station, has no outside chain.

Its six, enterprise profile related content page, content is too simple.

So far, the approximate problem has, also one by one corresponding solution. Because this site wants to do a lot of words (shelves, Beijing shelves, storage shelves, Beijing showcase, wooden shelves, wooden shelves, jewelry shelves, supermarket shelves, showcase factory, boutique showcase, etc., can not be all on the home page to make, so, first have to look at the search engine related keywords competitive strength, found that Beijing shelves, Beijing Showcase, Supermarket shelves, wooden shelves, such as these words are relatively fierce, so that is about to allocate a bit, the other keywords, with the internal page competition, home mainly for the competitive strength of the larger four words.

The operation is as follows:

First, the basic information processing

Title: Beijing flourishing star Shelf Factory | Beijing Boutique Showcase Factory | Supermarket shelves | jewelry Shelves | wooden Shelves | BEIJING

Keywords (keywords): Beijing shelves, Beijing showcase, supermarket shelves, wooden shelves

Description (description): Beijing flourishing star wooden Shelf Showcase factory is a professional production shelves, supermarket shelves, wooden shelves and other boutique shelves, and at the same time operating showcase-related products, provide: Beijing showcase, display cabinets, boutique cabinets, boutique showcase, such as the Beijing Shelf Showcase Company. We are willing to superb technology and good service to meet the needs of the vast number of users, loved by users tel:010-51286925 60292168 60242039 mob:1339169015

Second, the home page structure processing

1, because the top of the site using the picture logo, my modification is to change the picture to the following code

Beijing flourishing star Shelf Factory | Beijing Boutique Showcase Factory | Supermarket shelves | jewelry Shelves | wooden Shelves | Beijing Showcase

Then in the CSS definition of the link style, Text-indent:-9999 logo as the background of the link, to achieve the structure changed, show the same effect.

2, processing navigation, the navigation placed outside the table, with Div in the original appearance of rewriting.

3, processing the first page of the article List display, give up the Onclik, use the ordinary link.

4, processing the bottom information, placed outside the table, with Div rewrite.

5, standardize the code on the home page, reduce the level of talbe.

At this point, the home page processing is here, the operation of other pages in this is not a detailed one by one description.

Finally, add a few outside the chain every day, or shelf-related news, within one weeks, the effect is obvious.

Here to recommend a gadget (Keyword ranking batch testing tool):

Personally think his only advantage is that you can in the output rankings at the same time, display search engine included pages related information, can let you very clear intuitive understanding of the current keyword to find the page is which page.

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