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Starting from May 1, Hangzhou City began to implement the new "Hangzhou Computer Information Network security Management Regulations", the Ordinance stipulates that "the provision of electronic bulletins, online games and other instant messaging services, with user registration information and the issuance of information audit functions, and truthfully registered to their application to open the services of the user's valid identity certificate, etc." , popular, Hangzhou internet users to the real name!

This provision, immediately caused by netizens hot debate, mixed.

What rights do internet users violate?

Privacy and freedom of expression are the most popular concerns for netizens. Does the network real name violate the Netizen's privacy and freedom of speech?

The original purpose of the network real name is to ensure that the poster person is responsible for their speeches, inhibit network violence. We refer to the Korean network real-name System, "Korea's network real-name system is a flexible real-name system." Allow netizens to pass the authentication, use the code name to replace their real names on the Internet to publish information, not only protect the privacy, but also ensure that the poster is responsible for their speeches. ”

Then, the network real name will not infringe the privacy of netizens and the right to freedom of speech, unless some netizens maliciously release yellow, violence and other illegal content.

How to operate the network real-name system?

Network real-Name system users need to who real names: 1, to other Internet users, 2, to register the real person of the website, 3, to the state regulatory department's real. In order to ensure that Internet users ' privacy and information is not leaked, 1 and 2, is not a feasible way.

It is suggested that the National Citizen ID card Number Inquiry Service center cooperate with the domestic website, Internet users in the site registration account, the site to increase the number of ID card query module, the user fill in the name and ID number, and the information submitted to the "National Civil Identification Number Inquiry Service Center", the service center will query results feedback to the registered website and users, If the information is true, the registration is successful.

We know that the use of the "National Citizen ID Number Inquiry Service center" to check the Citizen ID card fee of 5 yuan, the query costs by the site or the Internet users to bear? Of course, the Internet users do not want to bear the cost, the website also has no obligation to pay for the user inquiries, not to mention So who's going to pay for the internet real name?

Examples of web-real-name websites

At present, there is already a Web site to carry out real name business, we take a look at these Web site mode of operation:

One net book (

The network is the domestic earlier use the real name Way makes friends the website, is a true social networking. The way to audit users ' information is simpler, according to the personal information and school information submitted by users, the method of artificial judgment is used to guarantee the user's real name.

It can be said that the network does not have a strict real-name certification system.

Double screen (

Pooja is the world's leading intelligent interactive platform for the livelihood of the people, the site has a large number of business information, in order to ensure that netizens do not malicious comments on the business and the friendly exchanges between netizens, PU plus neighbors use strict real-name authentication method to ensure the authenticity of user information. Pooja Network's real name Authentication way Is this:

Method One, valid ID card authentication: The user uploads a card which can represent my valid identity, such as ID card, driver's license, Officer's certificate, passport, soldier's certificate, etc., the website carries on the audit to the user submitted information.

Method Two, the real name friend authentication: If the method one lets some user be embarrassed, the user may apply to already through the real name authentication friend, if has three friends to determine that the user submits the personal information is true, the user may also through the real name authentication. This way is a more innovative and user-friendly authentication methods.

In the neighborhood, real-name users can enjoy more diversified, differentiated services.

Three Taobao (

Taobao is the largest Consumer-to-consumer trading platform, in order to ensure the interests of both parties, Taobao using real-name, the seller to carry out strict real-name audit. Taobao and Alipay cooperation, the use of Third-party real-name certification, through Alipay certification, equivalent to having an Internet identity card, can be in Taobao and many other e-commerce sites open shop, sell goods.

Hangzhou has always been the internet, E-commerce industry pioneer, the introduction of the network real name rules, in the domestic cause hot discussion; However, the real name of Hangzhou network is only a pilot, the rest of the country is not to implement the network real name is still awaiting the results of the pilot. If successful, the whole country will rapidly expand the network real name promotion in large area, if fail, need to find a better promotion method.

Network real name is a trend, and imperative!

Author: Lu Bin


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