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Because recently joined the start-up company, therefore, sees this kind of topic, will naturally compare the attention. This is a post that Quora recommended to me. Let's take a look at the first post that says:

What problem did you solve?

How big is your target market?

What have you done so far to show that you are making progress?

Why does your team do this job competently?

How much money do you need, how far can you go with this money?

So what are these five questions asking?

One, you solve what problem, this is to create what value. I think this question, ask the CEO is, your company created what value, other industries I do not know, the Internet, in fact, asked is what you create value for users. To be an internet company, the first thing to do is to create user value, then you have a little bit of access to user support, and then you have all the possibilities.

Two, your market has how big, this is the user pain point universality. How many people are suffering from this problem? In fact, this is the first question to add, you solve the user what problem, then is this question how common?

Three, your progress, this is whether you can solve this problem. Because there are many problems in the world, they have not been solved, not nobody knows the existence of the problem, may be really difficult to solve. It is urgent to answer what you can do to solve the problem.

Four, your team is competent, this is the implementation of the reliable. So, ask the CEO, what kind of talent do you have? Many things, can be made, in the final analysis is a human problem. 60 points of ideas, 100 points of talent, may be able to create a business empire, but in turn, may be wiped out.

Five, how much money to run, how far, this is a planning problem. For the CEO, spending money is really a great lesson.
This is actually quite interesting, the most surprising is that VC did not ask, your business model is what, that is, how do you earn money? such as selling dumplings, I bought flour, pork, hire a bag, and then sell, a earn 1 yuan. This kind of thing obviously can make money, but VC does not want this. Because selling dumplings, in the final Jiede, and did not create new value.

As a normal person, you are not VC, then this has nothing to do with you? No, I think, I am a working person, can give a large company to work, also can go to a start-up company to work. But there is a difference. Working for a big company, taking a high salary, is actually selling the labor force to earn money, which is called work. To a start-up company, salary is not so high, in fact, is an investment, but also a venture capital, you put your time, energy into.

Every young man who has the entrepreneurial spirit and the spirit of adventure will inevitably have to go this way in the end. This time, you are a VC, you should go to study how VC is a business, you can also go to talk to your CEO, ask him these questions, then, you decide whether to use their own to invest in his business.

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