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Everyone company Chairman Chen recently published in the magazine, for everyone's renren, everyone games, glutinous Rice Network and 56 network of these major business set the main keynote of the future development. Chen requires the business to shift from the PC Internet to the mobile Internet, and within 5 years to create a platform-level "base" business, the company's cash flow, talent and new business quickly start the foundation.

The following is the main contents of Chen Yi Zhou magazine:

Joe (Chen Yi Zhou English name, Sina Technology Note): In the wireless internet pattern occupies a stable territory

The business from the PC Internet to wireless internet transfer, expand the existing user base and advantage market, in the wireless internet pattern occupies a stable site.


1. Renren should be transformed from SNS to SMS

SMS (social HTC Service) Social communication services

In mobile devices, communication is one of the largest applications, and is closely related to social, SNS want to further development in the wireless internet, must be in some form and communication, become social communication services. In my opinion, social networks provide only information flow, while social communication services include two aspects, one is information flow (newsfeed) and the other is notification stream (notification). Information flow is an open dynamic message, such as a newsfeed, a notification stream is a specified content sent by a sender to a particular recipient.

On the basis of existing social networks, Renren will strengthen the service of communications, extend the existing core user base (student groups) to both ends and firmly occupy the young people's market. Because of the different market segments, we will compete with Tencent in the differentiated product form and competitive strategy, and occupy a place in the mobile Internet social Communication service.

2. Everyone games

Game business from the end of the page to the mobile end of the early, achieved a preliminary results, the current game market has no monopoly of competitors, so we have to occupy as soon as possible the largest market share.

3. glutinous Rice Mesh

The company will continue to increase the investment in glutinous rice to ensure that glutinous rice in the group buying industry in the forefront of the competition.

4.56 Net

Mobile devices, such as mobile phones, by users to produce original video is the future development of the video industry trend. 56 adhere to the user original video direction, will seize this important opportunity.

The company's medium-term development strategy

We see that the Internet is changing our way of life and the pattern of economic industry, in the future, as a representative of advanced productivity, the Internet will gradually penetrate and profoundly change the traditional industries, this process will create huge opportunities. Through investment and practice, we continue to explore the objective laws of this change, hoping to capture the opportunity to meet the great innovations of our company's genes.

At present, we are still trying the stage. In foreign countries, investment in the field of social finance Sofi, domestic, investment in high school network, and the internal entrepreneurial glutinous rice Network, is the use of the Internet to integrate the offline service industry, to redefine the rules of traditional industries. 5 years later, in the solution of the pure Internet business firm foothold, will gradually exert itself on the Internet to subvert the traditional industry a huge opportunity.

The company's long-term strategy

Long-term development of the company, must have an unbreakable "base". Baidu, Alibaba and other enterprises in the new business success rate, in fact, it is not necessarily their executive power to do the first, but "base" on the new business of huge support. After 5 years, we must develop a "base" platform-level business for the company to continue to provide cash flow, talent and new business quickly start the foundation.

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