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Recently, with a number of traditional business owners and electrical business leaders to communicate, heard more is that 2013 again lost a lot of money, the electrical business does not know how to layout and breakthrough, line online under the difficulty is very large. In doing the consultation also found that these enterprises to do a relatively single channel of electricity, lack of strategic and overall design, the understanding of the electrical business and thinking is also relatively limited, the location of the electrical business is not very clear, the importance of highlighting has not been reflected. There are a lot of traditional companies to do electrical business friends to consult me similar issues, I think it is necessary to do some simple exposition of these problems.

First, do the electrical business to understand the deep understanding of electronic commerce

The so-called E-commerce, in essence or business, the core is the user and products, the ultimate goal is to achieve enterprise scale, profit maximization goals and realize the social value of enterprises and individuals.

1, before the analysis of E-commerce, the first analysis of users and products.

A, why the core is the user and product?

Because, the enterprise's product and the service use object is the user, does not have the user, all is free to talk, but the user's demand is obtains the product the value and extends the value-added service. Everything else is based on these two extensions and causes them to be associated with the optimal channel and path, such as experience, channel, marketing, value, service, supply chain, and so on.

and smart marketing must be from pure selling products to sell products to extend the added value, service, fun, emotion, creativity, selling is the product intrinsic value.

B, product building why so important?

If, your products and services are not consumer needs, not attentively from the consumer demand point of view to design products, can not give users satisfaction and exceed the expected value and emotional needs to meet, consumers will not pay for your products. Baidu, Tencent, Millet no one is not a good product creator, this is the enterprise's most fundamental and core things, without this, as the building is not stable, talk about all the things are virtual, even through promotional means to sell some goods, eventually, still will not get the true loyalty and recognition of consumers, not to mention the brand to build, Eventually abandoned.

2, why must the traditional enterprise layout E-commerce and O2O?

A, some enterprises will ask, why must layout of the electricity quotient, I first wait and see, now many enterprises to do a lot of business success, the loss is a lot of, do not find the electricity business death? This involves the transfer of consumer habits and the future development of enterprises.

1 e-commerce is with the Internet technology, with the development of the society and the change of the trade state, consumers have a greater right to speak on the Internet platform, and in the game with the merchants, the dominant position has led to a new trend of the consumer market from the enterprise-centric transition to the user demand-centric. It is also natural to promote the traditional offline entity business model must adapt to the Internet user needs as the center of the extension and the normal upgrading of the industry.

2 Since, consumer habits and preferences have been shifted, offline traditional enterprises must conform to the trend, electric shock layout e-commerce, Internet users to provide services for the offline drainage of blood transfusion. Consumers ' consumer contacts are diversified through multiple channels, line online there is a larger intersection, and enterprises in order to provide customers from the line under the integration of services, to maximize the integration line under the online resources and reduce costs, enhance competitiveness, through the line under the online membership and integration, to achieve large data sharing, to provide customers with the most convenient services, The best experience, the quickest payment. At the same time, the use of online power companies to reverse the promotion of enterprise supply chain optimization and management, to create an agile supply chain, the realization of enterprise scale and industrial upgrading, it is inevitable that enterprises must get through the line under the O2O integration integration.

3 Therefore, do not deliberately myth O2O, it is the social and Internet development will inevitably appear in the commercial form, regardless of line online, are their own pot of vegetables, the key lies in the line under the resources and system integration and integration, to achieve the system of sales closed-loop and the maximization of resources to share, line online will eventually tend to some kind of balance.

B, the traditional enterprise online to achieve development needs to fight resources, to fight the scale, capital, spell strength, fight dot layout, online to surpass competitors that is more difficult, but, electric dealers to understand the traditional enterprise of the Internet to pass the opportunity to overtake, suning surpass Gome is a typical corner overtaking case. Internet business is not scary, the traditional enterprise that understands Internet is terrible.

C, from the point of view of the details: 1, to do offline service online extension and line under the member information sharing data, reverse implementation of the line under the integrated operation and member services; 2, the entire network of multi-channel marketing and brand promotion, can maximize the increase in brand and product exposure, thereby enhancing sales and brand influence;

Today, there are not many enterprises will go to question the value and significance of traditional enterprises, more is a positive embrace and exploration, and even refer to it with the same important offline status of the online integration strategy design.

3. What trends and patterns will be present in the future line?

1 at present, a lot of traditional store shop, the decline of the department store industry is not entirely the problem of the electrical business, many of them are unable to adapt to the new business trends and meet the changing needs of consumers and consumption habits caused by the lack of innovation and change the courage of mode, not willing to touch the traditional pattern and interests, You don't have to take the initiative to innovate to cater for change.

2) At present, many people because of traditional business by the impact of the electricity dealers showed the decline, and the line with a pessimistic attitude, offline channel will die on The voice of a big, not to do the electrical business will die. But personally, it is only a stage of business form, is the electric business development impact and traditional commercial upgrading process will inevitably experience the process, like reform and opening up, some of the associated negative and corruption. Offline traditional business has gradually adapted and integrated into this new form of business development, the future, more is Wanda this integrated shopping malls, shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering and commercial residential small ecological business model, They are also actively using the Internet and IT technology combined with the advantages of physical resources under the line to carry out a positive O2O integration. You now see Wanda, Pacific Department stores, Mau Yip Department stores, Lin Tai Department store and so on are not in the active exploration line under the O2O Fusion Road, including building materials, the star of the United States Kai-lung, incredibly, including the traditional building materials are not in the active layout O2O road.

2012 Double 11, almost Amoy brand world, after a year, most of the first three of the category is almost all by the traditional brand, 2013 "Double 11" broken billion camp 18 brands only 5 is Amoy brand, the future, this trend will be more obvious, the day cat on the line under the brand to support the focus can be discerned.

3 The emotional needs of physical experience, leisure, entertainment, catering and so on, and the most primitive face-to-face contact between people are irreplaceable in the line. Only the combination of the two is most in line with the modern business development form. Therefore, the line will be constantly under the running-in, complementarity, this elimination of the long, until the realization of a certain balance of the industry, this pattern in the future for a long period of time will continue to exist.

4) with the development of electric business, especially the technology of mobile electric power, accelerate the fusion under line the trend of channel flattening and the continuous squeeze of the electric business to the offline market will inevitably push and force the electronic process of the retail business under the line, accelerate the transformation of the traditional enterprises ' electric commerce, accelerate the integration into the electricity market and promote the development of the O2O industry, To promote the supply chain, value chain, industrial chain and channels, marketing patterns change!

I wrote two previous articles on the road of the traditional brand Enterprise's electric business: Positioning and Layout "How does the traditional enterprise do in the electric business reverse attack" to the traditional enterprise's post advantage, the O2O fusion and the future electricity business pattern and so on has made the clear analysis, in the future, only then the brand and the non brand, does not have the online brand and the offline brand, Line will be realized under the integration, you have me, I have you, all the same. This is no longer a detailed analysis.

Second, the electrical and electronic business sector role positioning, how the electrical business layout

1, enterprises do not need to consider the electrical business is not only through the sale of electrical products can bring how much profit, from a deeper level, the electric business is more a new way of life change, a consumption habits and preferences change and transfer, a new service system, a new marketing and promotion channels, A new business thinking and model, a new approach to customer and traffic acquisition.

It is of great significance for enterprises to acquire scale, to spread thin cost, to combat competing goods, to promote brand, to extend online service, to strengthen customer service experience and to push forward supply chain optimization management.

2, enterprises should not be a single electric business department as a sales department, the electric business as a single marketing channel, but should be regarded as a new service department, the electric business as a new service system, sales and channel expansion to include the power of the large service system, to the system and the perspective of large electrical business to design the development strategy of the electric business.

If the enterprise to a single sales-oriented, and ignore or do not attach importance to other aspects of the building, sales department will be guided by the interests, quick success, resource contention and line online conflict is inevitable, also do not good electrical business.

3, in addition to sales, the electrical business department to do more is to set up and layout of the electric business platform channels, under the promotion Line brand on-line continuation and the brand Electronic business, on-line product, the price system, the informationization carding, the Supply chain optimization transformation, the dealer's electric business blood transfusion and the fusion, the distribution system planning construction and the management, more is makes the brand premium , control price, resources and channel integration, profit distribution, sales will be more by distributors and distributors of the team to do. After all, the power of a family is limited, and the power of aggregation is infinite.

4, in fact, many enterprises lack of thinking, but lack of unity of thinking, systematic, lack of strategic planning, but the implementation of the strategy.

On the role positioning and layout of electronic business in traditional enterprises, I have in the previous article, "Traditional brand enterprises in the road of electronic business: Positioning and layout" has done in-depth analysis, this is no longer open, interested friends can go browsing.

Four, want to understand how to do a good job in the electrical business?

1, each enterprise to do electric business, each stage to achieve the goal is not the same, the actual situation of each enterprise is not the same, such as product categories, team capacity, enterprise size, culture and strategy are very different, may be some enterprises in a certain stage to do brand promotion, some to large sales scale, Some are to get through the O2O for the line of blood transfusion services, some are to upgrade after-sales service level and experience stickiness, and some are offline mesh point layout optimization forced layout of the electrical business. And more small businesses are the first to use the electricity business to consider the solution to the problem of survival.

Therefore, to do the electrical business, other people's experience, models and practices can be used for reference, but can not be copied according to the set, others do not necessarily suitable for you, only according to the actual situation of their own enterprises, in other people's good experience, patterns and practices on the basis of continuous exploration and perfection, to find a suitable for their own development model and road, The right one is the best.

2, such as Home electric, online distribution of the channel's interests to solve the problem, the simple flow of guidance does not have much practical significance, transformation is the key, it must O2O all links to smooth, need to establish a set of standard service system, payment system, member Integration System, marketing system. Home Electric quotient difficulty also lies in the line on-line coordination and the resource maximization conformity, the all-inclusive and the rapid spread the way is not advisable, the iterative small scope quick trial error, then the steady advancement, can avoid the burning money and the control risk!

3, many large enterprises said that the strategic loss or profit is not generally small enterprises can play, is not enough to support the small enterprises of the fierce competition and rapid development of electric business. The electric business does good enterprise, not depend on the number of people, the sale is big just called good. That's not much, but it's a lot more lucrative and profitable. Increase revenue and reduce income, team streamlining, high single output and meet the expected profit is the kingly way to achieve higher brand value-added and brand premium.

Therefore, the traditional enterprises to do the electricity business needs to be based on the actual enterprise, systematic thinking to plan and look at the role of electric power, pay attention to the ecological construction of enterprises, the integration of large enterprises to do the layout, small enterprises aimed at the market segments, intensive farming, fine operation, training basic skills, do not rashly impetuous, want to achieve overnight.

And the traditional enterprises to do a good job, the inevitable problem is O2O and line online channel contradictions and conflict resolution, I before the article "traditional brand enterprises how to effectively weaken and avoid channel conflict?" has been thoroughly analyzed, and this is no longer unfolding.

Five, how to do a good job of the electrical business of other considerations:

To do a good job of electricity, we need to do from the past extensive marketing gradually into the use of the Internet and it technology application of the full access, large data marketing, online (online) to take the focus of the precise operation of the channel and precision marketing, offline (offline) entity of the transformation of electronic business and the application of mobile interconnection tools, Finally, the use of mobile interconnection tools and it technology integration to get through (2 bridge) O2O, the realization of online integration line.

1. Implement the whole network full contact (line on-line) marketing promotion, the on-line platform fine operation, the big data accurate marketing integration strategy.

2. Integration Strategy

Using integration strategy to get through the various platform CRM, each consumer through any network platform to buy products can be paid according to the amount of the corresponding points, can also use the micro-letter customer attention to public number and apply for membership card, according to the phone ID gift or add corresponding points, All customer information is automatically entered into the Enterprise CRM customer database. Therefore, no matter where the consumer buy goods, points can be centralized unified on a platform for management.

Integration strategy is to activate and tap the consumer information attached to the commodity, through the analysis of large data, this information becomes the brand's two marketing tools. Through the traditional marketing, it is difficult to form membership stickiness, can only through sustained advertising and purchase to form a memory, if this part of the marketing can be transformed through integration strategy for the membership of the acquisition, the significance of the development of enterprises is enormous.

3. CRM member management, line to get through

CRM member management and marketing, it is a all-round integration of marketing and resources systems engineering. can use QQ, micro-letter and other social and mobile Internet tools to manage members, online and offline ERP and CRM systems to achieve member information and management, service synchronization. The customer is the enterprise's biggest core asset and wealth. For many brands, many products of the enterprise is particularly beneficial, relying on large data, can be the lowest marketing costs to complete the jump between many brands, to achieve the maximum membership and fan resources sharing.

4. Online ERP, data chain and other information system to get through, large data sharing (such as the unified means of payment, inventory of real-time sharing, membership data and points to get through, logistics and order inquiries through, customized system to get through the sharing, etc.).

5. Offline entity online application of mobile interconnection tools (micro-and two-dimensional code, IPAD-APP, mobile payment tools, wireless WiFi, Taobao Wireless, WAP station, etc.)

6. Offline entity online to meet the development of electrical business transformation

A. Create an agile supply chain: including product development system, technical support, logistics system, procurement, the integration of upstream and downstream chain.

For example, the product from the competition thinking to the user thinking, ERP and other information systems integration of the demand for electricity, orders, inventory, logistics data and information online under the line through the integration and sharing.

B. Change in organizational structure, business process flattening, traditional marketing thinking and mode change, customer-centered after-sale service system building, high performance system building and so on.

C. Offline traditional Enterprises a large number of closed shop and a huge amount of inventory to brand enterprises enormous operating pressure. In the past, the huge traditional network advantage has become the burden of the transformation of the Electronic Business era, all face the problem of transformation and upgrading, flattening is a trend, the past distribution-oriented inventory production model must be transformed into consumer-oriented inventory and more sophisticated scientific pre-production mode.

D. The traditional brand of large-scale offline sales network must be optimized. At the same time, strengthen the brand influence, improve the traditional channel management level, adopt the differentiation strategy, provide the impetus for developing the electronic commerce vigorously.

7. Rely on the Internet and IT technology O2O and comprehensive integration (forming a closed-loop O2O consumption scene)

O2O has a huge inclusive, online fusion through the line, covering the line and most of the line under the commercial form. This is more imaginative, scarier and more O2O than most of us now perceive as a model. The fine operation of the line channel, for offline drainage, online entity on-line transformation, electric business and mobile internet technology, information system and it technology to the line under the wire, and eventually will really realize the line online sales closed loop.

Previously written several articles have done a part of the analysis of O2O, will write a separate article on the O2O topic, systematic analysis of the O2O model and how to get through the integration, the future O2O consumption scene show.

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