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Hearthstone legend, the new season players climb the ladder to build a war intensified. And at the end of each season are in the ladder of the top 16 outstanding players, will be able to participate in Blizzard Championship pre-selection, and the bonus industry has risen to 250,000 US dollars. The third season of 2014 war is unprecedented in the beginning of intense, and in a few days to build competition, which has a common phenomenon, but also players reluctant smile this qualifying season, that is, all kinds of Warlock deck Ladder flooded

At the very beginning of the beta release, warlocks, and especially zoo warlocks and variants of them, could always have a place in the trade-offs of building decks. Because of the advantage of being able to quickly build on the advantages of the game and also to be able to continually drop cards that could pose a threat early in the game without worrying about their lack of hands. The hand warlock, able to take advantage of the diversion of life, efficiently and cheaply throwing big followers gives more possibilities for warlocks and adds more uncertainty to opponents in the showdown. The two deck coping styles vary greatly, and this is the second benefit of choosing a warlock to climb the ladder.

Since hit, how to join? Warlock sky ladder low section, but fast, take a look at the following deck is how to do it.

Reynad Zoo

[Soul Fire] x2 [Shield Guardian] x2 [Young Priestess] x2 [Voidwalker] x2 [Flame] x2 [Wrath of Death] x2 [Silver Gauntlets] x2 [Flying Knights] x2 [Hooligan Vanguard] ] x2 [Wheatfield Puppet] x2 [Broken Sunkist] x2 [Scarlet Crusader] x2 [Agus Defender] x2 [Doomguard] x2 [Silver Commander] x2

Even if you do not know Magic, a zoo card group you can imagine what virtue. The goal of the zoo is straightforward, is to create the scene as soon as possible advantages, each card is expanding its advantage, not to breathe the opponent's machine. [Reynad's deck] follows the tactical notion precisely as it builds an incredible speed and eventually wins. Most definitely, this deck is super cheap.

The core goal of the card group is not speed rush, but the control of the scene to control the game, before the opponent's site to weaken their blood. Through the young priestess and the wolf striker and other buffs and high-intensity irony, such as holding guards and blue fat, continue to establish the advantage.

Even if your scene is cleared, if it has caused enough damage, the devil guard 踹 feet, a soul fire can also send away opponents. Negative effect is not enough to fear, your strong followers are on the court, the hands lost cards lost lost. Devil Guardian also powerful and cheap and difficult, in contrast, throw two cards count what. Unlike traditional fast break, soul fire is also often used as a means to maintain the scene.

The zoo became particularly strong after the hunter's closing and weakened dogs. Hunter as a natural enemy of the zoo, with its strong AOE and higher damage specialized hunting shop. But hunters increasingly dying today, the fast break is the zoo dominate.

One of the zoo's main natural enemies is the notorious miracle thief, using Gadgetzan and the hidden zoo to control the pace of the game and control the pace of the game; there are medium-speed shaman's fan solution field and gradually establish the advantages of routine.

Hand warlock

[Fire of Souls] x2 [Power Costs] x1 [Voidwalker] x1 [Death Wrath] x2 [Iron Beak Owl] x1 [Ancient Watcher] x2 [Sunfury Guardian] x2 [Earth Ring Prophet] x2 [Twilight Light Drake] x2 [Argus Defender] x2 [hell flames] x2 [Shadow Flame] x1 [train king Renoir] x1 [faceless manipulator] x1 [Soul Siphon] x2 [Alexstrasa] x1 [Galactus King] x1 [Mountain Giant] x2 [nugget giant] x2

If your opponent is ready to deal with the zoo, use this deck to give them a surprise! The power of hand surgery has long been appreciated in the ladder and various competitions. It is slower and more complex than the other warlocks, but also heavily relies on early strength and strong beheading.

This set of cards from the LiquidHearth May career ladder rank, unlike the small follow-up zoo collaboration, the card technique by virtue of fast draw to establish the hand advantage, throwing the big strange to benefit. The core card for the Twilight Drake and mountain giant, 4 fee round is the time the warlocks dropped the monster to establish the advantage.

Usually hand techniques are to avoid the cost of 4 hands before the card consumption, which is not so easy in the face of the fast break, in response, the card group increased hell flames and Shadow Flames as a removal tool, and added a large irony Building walls to deal with danger. The ancient guardian as a cheap wall settlement is a very good choice.

The most powerful blow of a hand warlock is around a nuclear nugget who sells a gratuitous ridiculous giants for free. Sometimes it is dangerous to keep a low blood volume, so giants should be released and ridiculed, or to use the King / Red Dragon / Earth Ring to heal the blood. And the best of both will give your opponent a punch.

If all of the above failed, you can also 踹 opponent feet before the collapse of the giant, and then increase the power of the train king plus no face, a wave of 20 blood to fly across.

Hand warlock in the ladder / legendary high section is very strong, but in the face of a miracle thief is very fragile. Taunt was Sap, or any other spell, then Shadow Step + Train King's super injury, which are not easy to handle. However, the hunter's weakening hand surgery benefit greatly, because hunters pre-injury warlocks really can not stand. This set of cards is not necessarily cheaper, but if you want to set a powerful decks, or obediently right.

Weekly card group recommended: traditional speed attack warlock

[Fire of Souls] x2 [Power Costs] x2 [Leper Dwarf] x2 [Voidwalker] x2 [Screaming Sergeant] x2 [Death Coil] x2 [Silver Gauntlets] x2 [Flame] x2 [Iron Beak Owl] x2 [Flying Mage] x2 [Blue Goblin Warrior] x2 [Wolf Front Striker] x2 [wolf cavalry] x2 [Arcane Puppet] x2 [hell flames] x1 [Train King Renoir] x1

Recommended card group this week was once popular, now every new season of crazy on the boom is quite competitive. This deck was originally built by Erom and released on HearthHead. It gave up dexterity and the scene, just to hit the opponent's face.

Each card in the card group to a certain extent, as soon as possible to cause harm to their opponents, almost without regard to their own safety, nor to prevent each other market. The goal of the card group is not to establish the advantage, just to be able to beat up fatterly before the opponent is set up to defend, just as the dogs did during the previous season.

Generate a lot of damage through a combination of wolf riding and Arcane Puppet, which sets the game very early. If the pre-can cause at least 15 points damage, and opponents have not had time to effectively deal with your rush, then there are many ways you can cause enough harm to send away opponents.

Nothing more to say about this deck, simpler, cheaper, the opponent does not know your routine is also very effective, after all, the potential of warlocks so much, and Gurdan on the ladder running the streets. Perhaps you are mixed, especially in the ladder high segment, but it can even arouse your passion is not base?

The above generally covers the third season Warlock overview and optional card group. It can be said that the warlock will not leave people's attention in the near future. Warlock flexibility also allows the opponent can not be prepared simultaneously to deal with all possible.

Thanks for reading the full text, I wish you enjoy the ladder, good luck.

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