Red-chip state-owned enterprises/Nest Wheel: Recovery concept petrochemical chasing backward

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Zhang Yi Although China Resources Land (1109) and Minmetals Construction (0230) Take advantage of the "plug Water machine" in Wang City, but the investment climate of Hong Kong equities is good, the news not only does not have a great impact on its stock price, but the Chinese stocks that have shown a significant increase yesterday. Benefiting from the external resource prices to create a good stimulus, the relevant shares became the market hot, including Citic Resources (1205) rose 19.14%, and non-ferrous metals stocks Xinjiang Xin Xin Mining (3833) and Hunan Nonferrous (2626) also rose more than 10%.   It is worth mentioning that the market treasure hunt is in the ascendant, also make H-shares more than a-share discount to the larger shares favored, among them to the Northeast Electric (0042) rally most prominent, its close to 0.99 yuan, rose 0.15 yuan, an increase of 17.86%. Petrochemical revitalization planning has been formally promulgated, in the national policy positive, on the petrochemical (0338) also denounced the force, and the Unit is also an H-shares than a a-share discount to larger shares, in the market trend chasing behind,   The stock was once higher to 2.97 yuan yesterday, has already broken the recent resistance level of $2.93, closed to 2.9 yuan, still rose 0.26 yuan, an increase of 9.85%, the transaction increased to 7,998 shares, compared with Monday, a big increase of 20,000 times, this stock buying power increased, will be conducive to further strengthening the share price. This year's results are expected to profit the group earlier announced the first quarter results, the first quarter of 09 recorded a net income of 164 million yuan, a year earlier, the loss of 200 million yuan, the results of the main beneficiary of the decline in crude oil costs. According to the management of the group, the load of production installations has rebounded from month to year, and the current loading of integrated refinery processing, ethylene and other major production units has returned to more than 90%.   In addition, the mainland's market for refined oil, coupled with a better market economy, are beneficial groups to return profits this year. Sinopec has the concept of recovery, and the shares of a shares than the H-share discount is still up to 67%, but also conducive to the stock market behind.   If the stock price of the short-term rise of 2.97 yuan resistance, the next target will move up to 3.5 yuan level, but under the 2.5-yuan support to stop the eclipse. China oil purchase round 15704 more than the preferred peripheral oil price close to 60 U.S. dollar mark, a lot of oil stocks have a good performance, of which PetroChina (0857) up nearly 5%, if optimistic about this stock future, you can pay attention to the Chinese oil Law Hing purchase round (15704). 15704 yesterday received 0.224 yuan, rose 0.028 yuan, an increase of 14.29%, more than 169 million shares. The card expires on November 23 this year, the exchange rate of 6.68 yuan, 0.1, the current premium of 5.56%, extension of the amplitude of 58.7%.   15704 wins in the data more reasonable, the exchange is also quite exuberant, therefore chooses to join in the choice.   Investment strategy: Red chips and state-owned enterprises share trend: Chinese stocks maintain a rotating, reflecting the market capital inflow has not been reversed.   Shanghai Petrochemical: This year's performance is expected to lose profit, its H-shares than a A-share discount also large, are conducive to chasing backward. Target price: 3.5 yuan Stop-loss: 2.5 RMB
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