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With the advent of the internet era, the popularity of the network for the public more and more high, then want to rely on the site to make money more and more people, but many people in a hurry to do a good job after the site do not know what to do next. Today, Xian SEO people red Lotus to talk about the network to promote the method:

An activity promotion

New station at the beginning must be very low popularity, if the economic conditions allow can rely on doing activities to improve your site's popularity, such as the common form of activity: Lottery, essay activities, gift coupons activities, promotional activities and so on. Do not know you have heard of the Bo Luo sofa did not, this brand is in Sina do a blog, and then do activities, the name of the activity is called: Read Huat blog, Rob Total value of 1 million of the Bo Luo sofa. Look at the amount of visits he has made to the blog. You should know what's going on.


Although the activities cost a lot of money, but the publicity for the site is very good, and can bring a considerable number of potential users, high activity incentives to bring a greater income.

Second Forum Promotion

As the name suggests forum promotion is to use the forum to promote the use of the Forum's super high, can effectively provide business marketing communications services. And because of the openness of Forum topic, almost all marketing appeals of enterprises can be effectively realized through forum communication. Many industries target people are concentrated in a variety of forums, we can targeted to these places to send posts to attract them to our site, and use forum posts can also bring good external links to our site.

Forum posting promotion, the biggest one is: choose good material (must be very popular kind). Then go to a related, popular version of the post publicity. To use a few more vests, take the trouble of, the sinking of their own promotional posts, top up. Just do good from a high popularity forum to bring about 1w of IP is not a dream at all.

Three QQ Group Promotion

QQ Group to promote the powerful beyond doubt, a tie Kwan-yin Do in full swing, feeling has let everyone tired, but have you ever thought of why they persist in doing, the fundamental is this method to bring them income.

Four E-book Promotion

Free things everyone like, a lot of people need information when will open search engines to search, to see if there is no free information to download, if you can do some e-books, which put their own links and introduction, then there will be a lot of traffic to reach your site.

Five nets pick promotion

Many people are not familiar with the net-picking promotion, red Lotus today to say the next approximate steps:

Step one: Find the hot articles of the day and optimize the title. Popular articles can be on the list of Baidu, watch this week's hot spots.

Step Two: Insert 3, 4 keywords that are relevant to your site and add the link to the site. This can increase the external chain of the site! Generally do not add a website link at the end, this effect is very poor, and it is easy to be advertised. Preferably in the middle of the article, without leaving traces to join the hyperlink.

The third step: looking for a few relatively good sites, recommend everyone to pick, every day net pick, Sina pick, QQ bookmark. These several nets collect relatively fast. Copy the URL just copied to the net pick, remember to fill in the summary!

It takes about 10-20 minutes to make a net pick, and the time is very short. In particular, can quickly improve the stability of the flow! There is also an important point is to adhere to, I believe that you use the net after the promotion, will certainly achieve a small profit!

Six links promotion

As long as it is to do the website, I think everyone will go to do the link, whether it is hair outside the chain, or do friendship links, but do link promotion is also pay attention to, take Red Lotus own station, I not only in Baidu's products to do the link, but also to the Forum, blog to do, and also to all kinds of classified sites have been submitted, but also often to A5 soft wen, Make your external links appear diverse, so that the weight of the site will be relatively stable a lot.

Seven SNS Promotion

Because most of the members of SNS are registered with the real information, including name, work industry, and even many also filled out the work units, making many network promotion practitioners also put SNS community as a very important promotion platform, who is their own potential users of the crowd, and who become good friends will bring to their own benefits, With these registration information will be at a glance.

In the SNS community choice, depends on your company product or the website topic content to decide, in this question also does not have the big request. Registration information, Red Lotus remind everyone best not to use the company's name and the company's logo to register as a user, the truth with the BBS up Registration ID is the same, not only will cause the members of disgust, but also cause the attention of the administrator, increase your advertising suspicion. Another point is that when you apply for a friend, people look at your information, they do not want to easily through your friend application.

SNS community, no friend interaction, there is no good promotion effect. The maximum number of friends to apply and more interaction with friends. As long as we seriously to sum up, seriously to do, and then simple method will have good results.

This article starts in the Red Lotus Personal station:, reprint please reserve. Author information: Red Lotus Fire, SEO Research Center core members, QQ89063527 more content Baidu Red Lotus Studio, in good faith with you to share the fun of doing webmaster.

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