RED5 producer Mark: "Firefall" distribution in China does not necessarily belong to the nine cities

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October 22 News, in the second day of today's online expo, the nine city held RED5 leader Mark conference call, in communication with the media, Mark said: "Firefall" in China's distribution right does not necessarily belong to nine cities. Mark said in a video interview: "Nine cities in the West have some strategic department, which gives us a deep impression." But we are now concerned with the network of Zen cooperation, and hope to be able to find a suitable distributor for the Chinese market, but we feel that the nine city is still a good partner, we still hope that they operate in China.  Mark also said that this will not cause any obstacle to the entry of "Firefall" into China. In mid-September, at the Seattle video game show was Zhu high expectations of the "Firefall" for the first time, but on display on the day, appeared in the data show the copyright of the product of the Korean network Zen company, and then there is news that nine cities only have the products in North America and Europe market operations. (Edit/Heavy)
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