Reduce haze, Mei Yi Special EGR help heavy duty diesel vehicle to realize national four emissions

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Over the past six months, more than half of China's cities into a serious "haze", to the environmental pollution throughout the country to warn, according to the survey, 500 cities in China to meet the World Health Organization of less than 5 air quality. Experts explained that vehicle exhaust has become the main source of air pollution in China, is the cause of haze, photochemical smog pollution. At the same time, because most of the motor vehicles in densely populated areas, exhaust emissions directly threaten human life and health. People from all walks of life to the motor vehicle exhaust damage to our survival of the "big home" express dissatisfaction. Diesel vehicles are the main culprits of motor vehicle emissions, and according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection last year, the 2012 Motor Vehicle Pollution Prevention report, the diesel vehicles accounted for 17.4% of the total number of motor vehicles, NOx emissions of 3.887 million tons, particulate matter (PM) emissions of 590,000 tons, respectively, accounted for 67.4% of total vehicle emissions and 99%. The harm of diesel vehicles, especially heavy diesel vehicles, is obvious, but the pollution prevention and control have not received due attention. According to the plan, the Ministry of Environmental Protection originally intended to promote the four standard of diesel vehicles from January 1, 2011 (Sulfur content is not 50ppm,1ppm=1mg/kg), but because "the quality of oil can not meet the standard", the plan was subsequently postponed to 2012, and then again extended to July 2013, The transition period to the end of 2014 means that China will fully implement the country's four diesel standards starting in 2015. Due to the problem of oil quality, there is a great controversy over the choice of the two technical routes of EGR and SCR in the process of upgrading the four emission standards of the heavy duty diesel engine manufacturers. In fact, from the technical level of EGR and SCR can meet the state of the five standards, the two technical routes in Europe and the United States have been successful in engineering practice experience, are achievable. Two technical routes compared to each have advantages and disadvantages, EGR for oil quality requirements, and SCR series engine although more adaptable, but the domestic supporting facilities are not comprehensive, need to promote the construction, its cost is greater than the EGR system. Cummins company in the United States believes that, in the use of ultra-low sulfur clean fuel, for long-distance transport vehicles, the choice of EGR system is the best solution to exhaust treatment. Moreover, EGR technology does not need to be regularly added urea, more convenient and easy, user satisfaction is higher. Therefore, almost all of the heavy truck manufacturers are also in the development of EGR technology route. After all, with the constant solution of oil problems and the implementation of the country's five standards, EGR by virtue of sophisticated technology and low-cost advantage will dominate the heavy card market, the entire EGR industry will usher in a new opportunity and challenges. As a supplier, in advance of technical reserves, accumulate batch experience, we can better serve customers and meet market demand. The United States Union Bridge Group is the global automotive industry energy-saving emission reduction products and systems of well-known suppliers, under its own two major brands-Mei Yi (MEET) and Friends Bo (BUB). Meet early in the country before the implementation of the three laws and regulations have been in response to national energy conservation and emission reductionPolicy, automotive engine emissions control EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system technology and products of professional suppliers; In the face of the domestic serious air pollution situation, the application of innovative technology for the automotive industry tailored product solutions to reduce the main engine pollutant emissions. At the same time, the United States (MEET) to maintain with the international Advanced Technology Synchronization Update, an EHR (engine waste heat recovery, thermoelectric conversion technology) system product development, design, trial-production, testing, the technology can be recovered from the engine waste heat and converted into electrical energy to provide automotive applications, saving the energy consumption of automobiles. Since 2005, MEET has devoted itself to the research and manufacture of cooling EGR products, focusing on the collection and analysis of product testing and after-sale application data, and gradually forming a series of EGR systems for heavy-duty diesel engines. Against the country four standard, meet research and development team redesign and develop the independent intellectual property rights of the cooler heat exchanger tube technology, innovative series cooler not only can effectively solve the problem of fouling in the cooler, but also has a compact structure, high heat exchange efficiency characteristics, practice to help heavy duty diesel vehicles to achieve state four emissions.
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