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To avoid email being identified as spam by these filtering methods, you should pay attention to the following issues.

1. Check that the server IP address is in the blacklist.

When you select a mail server, you should check to see if the server provider's IP address is listed in the main junk blacklist.

Users can query their server IP address on the Internet in real time to see if they are blacklisted. Of course, in the use of the process can not exclude some users to send junk e-mail affects other users. If you find that mail delivery rate, reading rate is abnormally low, you should monitor the IP address in the main blacklist at any time.

2. Note Points for mail writing

(1) in the message title and the body of the text to minimize the use of sensitive, typical spam commonly used words, such as English Viagra, loans, pornographic pictures, awards, winning, as well as Chinese free, promotional, invoices, gifts, tax avoidance, workshop, discount, financial and so on. Not that the words themselves have any problems, is not completely useless, but as little as possible, so as not to trigger the garbage filtering algorithm.

(2) Less use of exclamation points, reduce the use of exaggerated colors, especially bold red font. This is a typical spam message commonly used to attract eyeballs. If it is English mail, do not use a lot of words in uppercase.

(3) The message content, title, sender name do not use the obvious fictitious string. For example, some spammers will certainly not tell others real, just write a few letters in the sender's name. Maintenance of garbage filtering algorithm is not stupid, this baffling random string is usually a kind of spam characteristics.

(4) HTML mail code should be concise and reduce the use of pictures. Although HTML messages allow you to beautify your messages with pictures, they should be kept to a minimum as opposed to text. The more pictures you have, the higher the amount of trash you may be playing.

3. Registration process Attention points

(1) After the user submits the registration form the Thank page and the confirmation message should remind the user to add your domain name, as well as the mail address to the user's own white list and the contact book. Mail client software usually has a whitelist option in the Junk filter settings, and most free email providers, such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail, also have the appropriate settings. The same effect is achieved by depositing e-mail addresses in the Address book.

(2) If a message has been filtered into the spam folder, remind the user to click the "Not garbage" button, tell the filter error, the feedback will be filtered by the mail server algorithm statistics and application in the future algorithm.

(3) To give users the simplest and easiest way to unsubscribe. A unsubscribe link should be included in all messages sent to the user, and the user clicks the link, and the program automatically deletes its e-mail address from the database. The simpler the method is, the better it is, and if it is complicated, the user may prefer to press the "Report junk" button more simply, resulting in a greater loss.

(4) Timely handling of complaints. If you receive a complaint from a user or ISP, you must deal with it as soon as possible. If the user forgets that he or she has subscribed to your electronic magazine and complains about it, the full evidence, including the user's name, e-mail address, IP address at the time of subscription, and exact subscription times, should be provided to the ISP and the spam blacklist operations organization. In most cases, the ISP and the Junk blacklist organization will understand as long as the evidence is available.

(5) Timely processing of withdrawal letter. For various reasons, the e-mail sent out may not be delivered to the other server, but is returned. The returned mail address should be identified and processed in a timely manner. A large number of users receive a retreat, many ISPs will pay special attention to, and even blacklisted. Further details on the processing of the letter back are also included.

(6) A large web site, or a website with a large number of user databases, is likely to need to keep in touch with the main ISP on mail issues. Some large E-commerce sites and social web sites may have hundreds of thousands of millions of, or even tens of millions of users, the large number of mail sent, it is difficult to ensure that all users remember to have registered the corresponding service or mailing list, was complained that the situation of spam must occur. It is important to keep in touch with the main ISP, otherwise the IP address is blacklisted and may take a long time to resolve through normal channels.

(7) Timely processing of confirmation mails. Send the mail address of marketing mail need to have a person to view, found that need to confirm the email address, can only manually click confirm link, or reply confirmation mail.

(8) Finally, consider using a professional email marketing service is also an option. Professional email marketing providers have more experience in documenting mail delivery rates, closely monitoring whether their IP addresses are blacklisted, and are closely related to major ISPs.

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