"Refinement" to solve the cloud-era security puzzle

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In the face of the huge changes brought about by cloud computing and virtualization, it is unrealistic to hope to solve complex cloud security with one or two products or a set of solutions.

According to the forecast of network environment released by Trend technology company, there will be more proof-of-concept attacks against cloud infrastructure and virtualization system in 2011. Cloud computing and virtualization will bring a lot of investment return and cost savings to the enterprise, but also put the server outside the traditional security boundaries, so that network criminals have more space to play, to infiltrate the cloud. It will highlight the key to the information security of cloud service providers.

In addition, the market is widely believed to be accompanied by economic recovery and Enterprise's IT infrastructure requirements of the increasingly high and virtualization, cloud computing, the popularity of the data center will usher in rapid development. Enterprise customers will increasingly be deployed in data center consolidation, virtualization, VDI, and cloud computing applications, and computing power and data are gradually shifting to the data center, which will be more reliant on server security stability. In addition, customers pay more attention to server security, whether it is a physical or virtual server, or within the corporate data center or cloud server, need more trustworthy protection scheme.

Ming, founder and chairman of Trend Technology, said that, as a global leader who has always focused on the content security market, trend technology will, in 2011, fully contribute to the critical leap in cloud computing from the technological revolution to the industrial revolution, while helping more local users to get to the top of the broader economic arena with the efficiency of

According to the trend technology Greater China Region President Oscar introduced, over the past year, trend technology has succeeded in extending the application of Cloud Security 3.0 technology from the overall protection of the LAN to the protection of cloud security itself, thus capturing opportunities in the market areas of virtualization platform deployment, small finance, SME IT services, and so on in a timely manner. , and by virtue of the continuous improvement of the hardware product line to further stabilize the financial, government, medical and other key industries leading edge, to achieve sales growth of more than 41%, service sent a single amount of growth of 30%, successfully completed the 2010-year goal. And trend technology has always adhered to the elite channel management strategy in 2010 completed tens of thousands of people in various forms of channel training, and effectively support the SME security software package market expansion, so that it once again become an important profit growth market.

Oscar points out that, along with the next generation of cloud-based data center explosive growth market opportunities, trend technology will be the world's largest server security market share of the existing advantages, further expand the cloud security leadership position. Trend technology in 2011 will revolve around the development of cloud security technology as the center, in order to implement the channel elite strategy, industry solutions and key Industries "refinement" strategy as the 2011 strategic development focus.

Trend technology has always maintained the industry's leading cloud computing security technology and, with its partners, has gone through the extraordinary and critical three years of cloud security. Three years in a row in the security hardware market to take the top results, Hard-won success has benefited from the support and cooperation of partners throughout the country, and this cooperation will lead the trend of technology and partners across the 2011 market peak. The

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