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SEM is the search Engine abbreviation, the meaning of the search engine marketing, that is, search engine for the whereabouts of the people to cut off or behavior to achieve the sale of the process can be called search engine marketing. Baidu Engine, Google, Sogou, search, 360 search engines as a tributary of the search engine occupied 99% of the market share. Little head bidding assistant to give you a detailed explanation today. & ">nbsp; The marketing style of search engine can be divided into key words poster, directional poster, from the operation and delivery form can be divided into the pursuit of SEO, competitive sales demonstrates, brand area, Internet Alliance performance, the blockade balcony and so on Yesterday, the establishment of marketing-oriented web site to their own tell a reflection of the results of SEM performance as the second geometric elements.   I, the cause and business factors do not have the same business and the business is not the same business in the SEM implementation of the emerging in the results of the universal, is to curb the SEM implementation of the prediction and optimization process to contemplate this echo reflection. Cultural undertakings, bus business, financial services, etc. often have a high contrast to the implementation of the results.   II, the brand factor marketing process of the brand elements of the response can be said to be a choice. The implementation of the SEM should be based on the brand does not have the same reaction phase of the proper installation and placement of the ditch, and lost the best results. Large brands once formed the credibility of a simple sales transformation.   Three, search engine elements do not have the same search engine Tianshui share, the audience attributes are different, is the implementation of the SEM based on brand positioning, goods and geographical characteristics, and so on, choose the appropriate search engine cut-off. Baidu as a late test market and as far as possible is a good choice, Google for the positioning of amateur figures and Hong Kong and Macao users.   IV. poster style factor Enterprise SEM implementation KPI request once biased focus on the delivery of the same poster. To face the brand disclosure of the implementation of the choice of the Network Alliance goods is appropriate, pay attention to the effectiveness of the implementation can choose to compete sales. In the process of implementing the brand and the effectiveness of the implementation of the full weight is not the same, very few enterprises up to the implementation of the two.   Five, the launch of the optimization factor poster is on demand optimization, there is no same search engine with the allocation and media characteristics, but also touch on the estimation of mobility, user positioning, the season elements, regional, creative materials, and other sizes. Put optimization is not extremely, with amateur power to optimize the delivery, can be ineffective waste funds, promotion results.   VI website elements site as a soft landing for the implementation of the site, the opening progress, website form, and user experience indirect reaction transformation, to get the site optimization and management can talk about how many times the effect。 The Hashanah is being implemented, and the rate of conversion per promotion will be 1 to twice times more effective. Therefore, the optimization of the site is the most important SEM implementation.
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