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In 2014, the "entrepreneurial State" for the first time invited a number of original insights of the industry to write, using their language to describe the new Year's entrepreneurial trend, and the United States "entrepreneur" together with the content of the "2014 Entrepreneurial trend" topic.

In contrast to the 2013, they mentioned subversion: the opportunity for mobile entrepreneurship will no longer be limited to apps, and O2O will be radically changed through the fan-aggregation model, with young grassroots entrepreneurs in the three or four-line city having plenty of business opportunities, and the 2013 wave of overseas IPOs and mergers to continue this year. They also mentioned the return to rationality: The power of the electric business in the speed of the need to return to the essence of business, intelligent medical care is still difficult to change the way people seek medical treatment, the Internet and financial integration is far from the dust settled.

The US part presents more niche harsh: culinary books, self-financing, electrical orders, spoof movies, wine industry, malware, the most innovative and profitable business opportunity in the United States. Some social phenomena such as youth unemployment, the rise of Latin American economy and the Great Western culture of the United States are also mentioned in the special topic. In particular, China and the Internet Society have set off a marketing revolution, new ideas and ideas will dominate the marketing of all products.

The value of prophecy lies in reflection and longing. The power of subversion is being downloaded and we wait and see.

Key words: Mobile

Moving a new era requires rebuilding connections

Internet enterprises to publicize how many downloads and activation amount has no meaning, but also the core is to seize the fan users.

Article | He Xiaopeng


In the 2013, the trend is that the mobile Internet, represented by the app economy, has entered a stage of intense competition. A certain volume of companies have completed at least one exploration, and led many far-reaching industry events (such as a large number of mergers and acquisitions), the initial formation of a more clear pattern. At the same time, which apps can make money, which cannot, has been able to clearly see that there is no secret--in other words, the Traditional app domain Golden window period has passed, the new entrants have little chance.

But this is only for the mobile internet in the last business window of the judgment, now the third pioneering window period has begun (the first is Java, Symbian time to do WAP station), the typical direction is the mobile Internet and a variety of traditional industries combined with the emergence of new product forms, such as finance, electricity business, education, catering, medical and so on. There are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to think about rebuilding this new "connection."

I think the core of the reconstruction is two points: one is the new connection with people, and the other is the new connection with the product.

On the one hand, enterprises should consider the change of people. Mobile Internet user attributes and PC Internet period is completely different, mainly in 3 aspects: Fan users, always online, focus on services.

First, enterprises should pay attention to fan users. In the past, many internet companies have often advertised the amount of downloads and activations they have. But from the present point of view, these are meaningless. The more core is to catch the fan users: how many people have used your products, but also can precipitate, retained down? How often is daily active and used? Can the formation of Word-of-mouth drive new users or even feed back to the business side, affecting the specific details of the product?

The overall user base of the Internet is infiltrating from the one or two-line cities to the three or four-line cities, from minors to adulthood (typically Tencent users). User values are also changing, for example, compared to stars and mainstream media, they are more willing to trust themselves and their friends ' recommendations. This kind of ideological change causes the whole product, the pattern all must make the change, raises the fan user, and uses the word of mouth to maximize the enterprise's value.

Second, "Forever online" will become a user's fixed attributes, including mobile phones, tablets, PCS, TV and other devices to continuously share the user's attention. If you're starting a business and saying "make a good app" without thinking about interacting with other device platforms and the cloud, it's not going to work. Two years ago, UC was aware of the trend of cross screen interaction, extending the browser product line from mobile phones to tablets, and this year we will go further and launch PCs and TV-side products.

Third, the user-related change point is "concern service". Previously, the enterprise a very typical feature is sold out products, the project is over, even if there are services behind, but its fundamental purpose is for the next sale, just "accessories." And in the new start-up period, product sales may only be the first step in the whole project, after that the activity, use frequency, retention rate is the real challenge, depending on how good you can provide services.

On the other hand, enterprises should also consider rebuilding the connection with their own products and patterns. At this end of the connection, there are also 3 new features to focus on: Mashup state, love, new business model.

The first is the blending, which is a multi-dimensional concept. For example, the local mix, online and offline is also very popular O2O, as well as product form of the mix, such as the app and the web, according to the user needs and habits of different targeted services push. The diversification of the platform and the user attribute determines that the enterprise must take the advantage and ability of its own, and consider the feasible blending way of the product. It's more than just a phone. App is a lot harder.

The second is "Have love", its characteristics better understanding. When your customer changes from a sales object to a service object, you want users to be able to tell others when they are using it: This is a good thing and it's recommended. Then you have to have love for your products, love for your employees, and love for your own users. There is love in the case will have the details, in order to achieve the ultimate product.

Finally, the new business model. If you want to subvert a company that has done quite well, you can do something that others can see but do not dare to do, especially for the channel products will have a great impact, such as Ctrip.

Key words: Internet + Finance

Virtual money is real innovation

Payment, credit, virtual currency, all the current innovation is only the beginning, from the dust settled and distance.

Article | IDG Capital Partner Li Feng


Internet finance has become very hot at this point in time, although there must be a bubble, but there is a certainty behind it-the entire internet, mobile Internet, driven by E-commerce, is rapidly entering the trading age, and all the transactions behind the most important infrastructure is finance.

We follow this development thinking, combined with some of the first development of Silicon Valley experience, coupled with China's national conditions for comprehensive judgment, in the lending, credit, data, small payments and other areas of investment in many related companies, these investments in the stage and the size of different, and many also did not disclose.

In the 2014, the impact of mobility on the vertical sector will be deeper, and the internet and mobile internet will move more quickly into the popular trade-for-cash model. As a result of the development of Internet finance, users have been widely recognized for financial products, such as microfinance and Peer-to-peer credit. However, in 2014, wind control and risk pricing capacity will face an important test, practitioners, entrepreneurs will be significantly increased, risk levels will quickly accumulate and expand. These areas in 2014, in addition to competition scale, will inevitably enter the stage of internal strength, wind control, data and other directions will appear new market demand. At the same time, the company engaged in front-end financial business will also be differentiated due to the difference in back-end capabilities.

With regard to payment innovation, due to the particularity of financial product payment, there are some problems which have been solved but can't be solved effectively. The payment pattern on the move is a period of time when the dust settles, and the industry should have a new model.

As for the credit innovation, along with the user is educated, also accompanies with the mobile payment and the Internet transaction pattern further popularization and the infiltration, in the different domain (whether facing the enterprise or the individual), under the different scene credit innovation pattern should just begin to develop. In the next year or two, the market will appear more innovative mode, Peer-to-peer (small credit lending) is only a good start for this direction.

Bitcoin sparked controversy in 2013. Many hot things once the trend, there is a reason behind it, we should try to find these inevitable logic behind.

Virtual currency is one of the few truly innovative models and products in the financial sector. The premise is that some of the models that are classified as financial innovations at the moment are essentially the efficiency gains of some sort of financial need or solution. Some fully emerging financial models, once produced, must have its own vitality and causes, and we should not normally be fully aware of the existing monetary requirements or the definition of currency. If it is an infrastructure, we would prefer it to be the medium of some future trading needs and trading patterns.

Of course, the new trading model also fully embodies the virtual currency in the liquidity, transaction recognition process, such as the characteristics of complete innovation. As a result of their emergence, in the 2014 there will be some suitable for grafting on such a trading medium of advanced trading or economic model. Only such things appear, the virtual currency itself has more "power."

In Silicon Valley, financial innovation has been relatively hot since 2012, with two major booms: a wave of data-driven credit and lending innovations, and a wave of wireless payment innovations in the last year.

Finance, especially the financial model associated with lending, is essentially a risk pricing, which is inherently the capacity of data and models. We have seen the impact of the data in this wave of financial boom, which happens to bring the first wave of data value to the domestic companies to do data.

But this is a big difference between home and abroad. In the United States, in the past few years of the data Services boom, the main pay side is the broad sense of corporate services, and China's corporate pay market is not a good foundation and widespread awareness. I think finance, because of its close integration with data, is likely to become the first wave of data value in China.

The front-end cash-flow model of the data will bring overall liquidity and investment enthusiasm to the data industry, and the latter two factors will greatly improve the industry's level and gradually build up the ecosystem. So we have reason to believe that for these reasons, in the United States for 3 years of data investment, in the country will be a different starting point of the same upsurge.

Key words: O2O

Return to the fan model

Group Purchase and coupon app will no longer be the focus of the traditional enterprise from group buying, rapid marketing, sharing comments model will rise on a large scale.

Article | Zhang


2013 O2O really hot, eye-catching events in the Internet media rapid transmission and fermentation, whether it is from the electrical appliance retailers into O2O Enterprises, or 2013 days cat "Double 11" main push O2O concept, in the meantime also broke out 19 traditional home store boycott of the event hotspot, as well as Tencent, Ali the two big internet giants in the micro-letter and the two mobile social apps with the outbreak of the "Ah Q War" is interpreted as O2O, there are traditional enterprise electric Business Department has turned the original online shop operation center of gravity to the line, the online interactive O2O operation mode, even from 2012 to continue the Wang and Ma Yun's 100 million game , is also considered Shang O2O.

From hot, coupons and electronic ticket app hot, to two-dimensional code heat and micro-letter heat, 2013, O2O hot behind the end of what changes? I insist that O2O is a new business revolution in the mobile internet age, and O2O's new business model has the following view.

Only talk online to offline and offline to online is O2O, or stay in the traditional Internet of single channel drainage competition mode, namely "Entrance" theory and "ticket" theory. Mobile Internet makes O2O business enter multi-channel drainage cooperation mode, which makes the theory of "fan triggering" replace "entrance" theory.

The essence of Enterprise O2O business is "fragmented Channel + personalized content = All kinds of precision interactive socialization marketing", the last accumulation is the enterprise's fan mode. O2O Marketing model to emphasize "interaction & precision", the model to achieve infrastructure, O2O consumption model is the rise of the fan participation & Community model. Finally, O2O business from the "Fast fish eat Slow fish" single ecological model into the "group of fish to eat alone fish" of the great ecological model.

Based on the above point of view, I think the 2014, O2O continue to transform the traditional industry phenomenon is "life to death", the specific phenomenon, the way to predict the following.

⑴O2O three business forms (marketing experience, trading experience and consumption experience, hereinafter referred to as "pin easy to eliminate") transformation. Whether online or online, the way of death must be the irrigation mode-"I am very good, you have to believe that my sales are easy to eliminate power"; the way to live is the Thanksgiving model-"Your sense of participation and experience is the direction of my sales easy to improve."

Therefore, in the product marketing level, the traditional enterprise to the interaction & precision direction Change, the traditional enterprise uses this kind of marketing method to start to accumulate in the Internet mode the fan, buys and the coupon app such traditional O2O hot spot not to be concerned, the traditional enterprise's from buys, the fast marketing, Sharing reviews and other patterns of large-scale rise; and in the product transaction level, the line bat (including Jingdong) and offline operators, banks, commercial real estate and other giants competition, will focus on the traditional enterprises to build passenger flow sharing, technology platform, payment interoperability, logistics open, and even the procurement system to share the O2O transaction infrastructure; In the consumer experience, the Giants (including residential property developers) will combine traditional enterprises to start pilot Community model and family model of O2O business exploration.

⑵O2O for channel transformation. Whether online or offline, the way to die is the ecological model-"I want to build a civilian environment with a legal basis of the ecology, people live and work in a fair and just way in my ecology." The mode of living is the infrastructure model-"You can enter my infrastructure freely and cheaply, and you don't need to tell me when you leave lightly. ”

⑶O2O for content quotient (manufacturing enterprise and Service enterprise) transformation. The way to die is to describe the function-"I have this product (service) performance is very good, cheap, powerful"; the way to live is the emotional pattern-"Your emotional needs resonate with your mind through my product." ”

Therefore, the content business began to pay attention to the production of "experience"-oriented products (services), experience the characteristics of the product is to consumers to bring "emotional resonance" and "enabling power", the Internet crowdsourcing mode has been the focus of the content business.

Since 15, the "Smile Curve" cloud in China's manufacturing industry will be dispersed, and the new "Musashi curve" of the "Smile Curve" will become the theory of manufacturing concern. Chinese-made governments around China will also reduce investment in new energy and foster investment in mobile Internet models for manufacturing companies around the world, and O2O will doubtless become a new topic of concern to the government around 2014.

Key words: Intelligence + Life

To meet the "interconnection of all things" era!

Each networked device will have its own micro-signal, and different smart hardware can be controlled in the same micro-letter, even through a cloud platform similar to IFTTT.

Article | Liu Zongru


The past 2013 years of lively, intelligent hardware suddenly on fire! Countless start-up companies, internet giants have entered the "Everything interconnected" field, soft and hard combination, hardware revival, these words flooded the major scientific and technological media. Many people predict that 2014 will be the year of smart hardware explosion, really?

Broadlink began entering the smart hardware industry in 2012, when there were a lot of options, smart watches, hand rings, children and pets. Mobile medical monitoring equipment? Finally, we choose to enter the first intelligent home industry. At the risk of offending many of our peers, and we look back at our assessment.

Smart watch ——-Since I used a smartphone, I haven't worn a watch for years (occasionally wearing a brand-name mechanical watch), so now I'm wearing a childhood-like spreadsheet, and I have to recharge it all the time? Battery technology without rapid change, smart watch is always a chicken. Some of the smart watch developers advertise it as the second screen of mobile phones, and some advertise that it will replace smartphones in the future. Samsung Galaxy Gear's lukewarm market response has made everyone look forward to iwatch's performance.

Operation Ring-This product can be sold in the mature market in Europe and America, as long as your user experience is good enough, the data is accurate and really useful. But the competition is fierce. The Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike hand rings have been shipped in bulk, leaving only a price war.

Children and Pet Protection--Taobao on the good and bad products a lot, although it is a nice market, but also early into the price war.

Mobile medical monitoring equipment-have just needed products, because people's healthy life needs more and more strong! When the chip, sensor technology is not mature, do not experience good products, had to give up temporarily.

Smart home-with the birth of a mobile generation began to start a family, with mobile phone control of all the demand for rapid growth. Traditional smart home has expensive, installation and maintenance complex and difficult to popularize the pain point, and no giant strong cut, I think the opportunity to find.

Braodlink at the end of 2013 launched a second-generation series of products-the price of more than 100 yuan intelligent remote control, sockets, through a fool-type configuration can remotely control the home most of the electrical appliances, for scene editing. 2014, the market will develop a comprehensive family security products, to form a smart home online shopping supermarket. I think this is a radical change in the business model, whether you like it or not, and change is in sight.

I think the 2014 intelligent life is like this: as we have publicized for many years of the scene, back home can automatically open appliances to complete a variety of instructions, these features can spend hundreds of of dollars online to buy back, spend 10 minutes to achieve. At the same time, wearable devices can also control other smart hardware, go home with a gesture on the watch slide or voice instructions, the start of the house mode, air-conditioning, water heaters open, set-top box, TV will also open and transferred to your favorite channel.

In addition, 2014 home appliances manufacturers began to implant intelligent elements, smart home appliances will open the first year of the curtain. With the growth of smartphones slowing, Samsung, Apple, Haier, Huawei, Millet and other hardware giants have stepped into the wisdom of the family sector, looking for new business growth.

Just past CES became a feast for smart home and wearable equipment, Samsung launched Smart Home,lg launched home Chat, Haier and Apple began to cooperate; look at the wearable equipment, the bright spots, homogeneity of serious, most of you have I also have; Intel publishes Edison, based on "quark" Technology computing platform, supporting multiple operating systems, built-in wireless function, the appearance of only SD card size, sword refers to wearable equipment and the internet of things. The storm is coming, the industry's big shuffle is about to begin.

In the 2014, major internet giants will also accelerate the influx of smart hardware: Baidu, 360, Millet, Beijing-East will be a deeper layout of intelligent hardware, investment, mergers and acquisitions, independent research and development; The micro-letter with the mobile internet ticket will go deep into the "everything is interconnected", and each networked device will have its own micro-signal, Different manufacturers of intelligent hardware, smart appliances can be in the same micro-letter app to complete control. I would like to make a bold prediction, if the micro-step to a greater extent, you can have micro-signal intelligent hardware through such a cloud platform such as IFTTT to achieve interoperability.

Looking ahead to 2014, opportunities and risks coexist, who can quickly lay the brand, layout channels, who will have the opportunity to achieve great company!

Key words: Mobile + Health

It technology brings more idealized medical services

The cost of data acquisition, transmission and storage is decreasing, which directly promotes the development of health data monitoring.

Article | Liu


The biggest event in the healthcare industry in 2014 will be that it technology will revolutionize the health sector. With the development and application of mobile interconnection, IoT and large data technology, we will see a new medical and health service industry.

Imagine: a diabetic patient carries a smart terminal that brings blood sugar, blood pressure and other data uploaded to the cloud server, each visit, outpatient doctors can be adjusted to the patient's recent blood sugar, blood pressure curve, so as to formulate a more targeted treatment program; a hypertensive patient in stage two prevention of stroke, Intelligent terminals make specific recommendations based on their recent fluctuations in blood pressure, if adjust the schedule, reduce the work pressure, also can give more reasonable exercise, diet prescription, if face the high stroke risk, will prompt the patient to seek medical attention; for a woman of childbearing age, the system will suggest the best time to conceive according to its basal temperature curve.

Distribution of drugs, dispensing fluid is no longer a burden on ward nurses, drug distribution system can be based on the doctor's prescription automatic delivery to the nurse station, the nurse to do is to use mobile terminals scan the patient's hand ring to check the information, greatly improve the work efficiency, while significantly reducing medication errors.

The intelligent system of hospital pharmacy can automatically release the drug distribution list to pharmaceutical suppliers according to the drug data and drug stock in the hospital cycle. An efficient information system enables pharmacies to pursue "zero inventory" like manufacturing enterprises, thereby effectively reducing the inventory of pharmacies and reducing the amount of capital occupied.

All of this is based on it technology, and I think it has been and will become reality faster.

Thanks to sensor parts, with the popularization and progress of the technology, we have collected the basic data of human by much higher frequency and much lower cost, the other is the rapid growth of data communication bandwidth, especially the popularity of mobile internet, we can transfer data at much lower cost, Or even transmission of video data that was previously limited by bandwidth constraints; the widespread deployment of public clouds and corporate clouds has reduced the cost of data storage, and the institutions engaged in health data services no longer worry about the reliability of data storage, nor do they have to include data storage devices in the investment budget.

The emergence of new products is the inevitable result of technological progress, wearable digital products in the field of application is naturally expanded from the entertainment field to the area of personal health. A few years ago, the monitoring, collection and application of personalized health data also faced high barriers to cost and business models.

For China's health care providers, these changes have unusual practical significance.

The medical service industry of our country is relative to the public demand, there is a situation of serious supply insufficiency, the application of modern IT technology can effectively improve the operation efficiency of medical service organizations, reduce the cost of medical service, the popularization of health data monitoring technology is beneficial to the early medical intervention of high-risk groups, and can effectively reduce the cost of medicine. In this sense, the improvement of supply side efficiency can alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand to some extent. Moreover, health data services will be a very distinctive selling point for many health care providers.

The most exciting news of the 2013 is that the government is encouraging social capital to enter the health care sector, which is the only way to thoroughly address the conflict between supply and demand for medical services. Nevertheless, as the most populous country in the world, the provision of quality health services to all citizens remains a complex and arduous task.

In health services, we need to define new service standards, restructure new business models, and discover new business opportunities. This business opportunity is not overlooked by every investment organization.

Key words: Electrical business

Turning point period has been: to move, the total transfer of the general

After the crazy phase, the industry will slowly return to the rational stage.

Article | Huang Jo


In 2014, I think there are three major trends in the field of electrical business that deserve our attention.

The first trend is to move. The speed of mobile migration is intensifying throughout the electric business sector. Now the situation of the electric dealer moving from PC to mobile is somewhat similar to the situation that many people shopped from the offline to the line in 10 ago. More similarly, the Group of shoppers is young. Today's moving end of the crowd, attracted most of the "after" "95", to 18~25岁 young ethnic groups. Just like in that year, any person registered an account can be in Taobao shopping, now there is a mobile phone, the same can be shopping. Young people are usually new business models, and the experience of the industry.

In addition to the younger customers, mobile end of the outbreak and the PC end of the same place is the category of goods. Early PC end of the outbreak, sales categories are mainly books, 3C of these highly standardized products, and mobile end more embodied in the Life service products. Mobile end as a new shopping tool, congenital advantages such as lbs. We look at the transfer of electric dealers to the mobile end, compared with the early development of the PC side, the common feature is that the user group is relatively young;

The second trend is the Business-to-consumer. Chinese electric dealers are turning from Consumer-to-consumer to Business-to-consumer. Consumer-to-consumer actually in the downhill, which I mentioned 5 years ago inside Alibaba, they have been not recognized. Consumer-to-consumer itself is a market state, that is, farmers ' markets. The advantage of the farmers ' market is that the threshold is very low, as long as you have 5 kg of cabbage or 2 kg of apple, pay a 5 yuan management fee, make Steelyard can sell. But the biggest disadvantage is the good quality of goods, can not provide customers with a sound, continuous shopping experience. Good luck today, customers may buy good food, bad luck tomorrow, customers may encounter weight. At the retail level, this is the primary form of the business, which will certainly give way to more advanced forms of business. Just like the offline farmers ' market gives way to supermarkets and department stores.

Taobao Mall did not create the time, Consumer-to-consumer accounted for 95% of the market share, the business only Jing-dong, when, excellent Amazon these few. With the development of these years, the share of the business-to-consumer is increasing. In my participation in the founder Taobao Mall, Consumer-to-consumer accounted for 95%, to 2012 years is already 75%. The 2013 figure has not come out, I estimated that Consumer-to-consumer is about 67% in the next 5 years, may reach both the Consumer-to-consumer and the 50% of the pattern, Consumer-to-consumer will slowly towards saturation or even stagnation.

The third trend is business. There will be more and more electric business enterprises concerned about the operation. I have a mantra: do retail, whether online or offline, is a pull erhu business. If you pull a string, you can't pull a tune. The so-called two strings, one is market share, growth rate, one is profit margin, cost rate. Over the years, many electric business enterprises are in the Tan Ying erhu, the size of this year, how many, next year scale to how big. There are a lot of objective reasons, early everyone will compete for market share, many VC also in the back Whip chase. But I think the main reason is that in a fast-growing industry, we are not pursuing sustainable and healthy growth. Now some big electric business enterprises have come to the D-round, e-round, this time refinancing has been more difficult, and then want to get more than 100% of the growth is nearing the end, it is necessary to optimize the operation, in improving operational efficiency of the article.

Over the past few years, we have seen a company called the only product can be a solo show, not only in the business model of the flash-purchase innovation, and operational efficiency is good, is the business model and operational efficiency of the combination. Profit margins are rising every quarter and operating costs are falling, which is the fundamental way to run a business in the long term.

After the crazy phase, the industry will slowly return to the stage of rationality, growth is important, but more need is output. I have a description of the image: like you catch a group of horses running fast, in the fast running, will raise a lot of dust, many people count the dust as the volume of the horse, in fact, after the dust down is the real weight. The same is true of electric dealers, many enterprises are now "scale, no benefit." These are the size of the constant burning of money to buy customers bought, such as low price promotions, the overwhelming advertising. This is an industry's inflection point, inefficient scale and no scale efficiency, equally worthless, which is also the core of retail. (My opinion does not represent the author's organization)

Key words: Marketing

The best marketing is flirting.

Preach, brainwashing marketing era has ended, the future is bound to be "shi" and "suffer" you a word of my ambiguous flirting.

Article | Sheng


Jin Yong's novel "Snow Mountain Flying fox" at the end of the FEI wave knife suddenly stopped. Fei extremely embarrassed, this DAO should chop or not chop. "Chop, then can avenge for the father, but the other side is oneself beloved person's biological father, does not chop, may die under each other's sword." When the man and the man are at war, Jin Yong sums up the puzzle and leaves it to the reader.

The ending of Jin Yong's novel is always strangeness, sad or happy, or meaningful or surging, but the "Snow flying fox" open ending is undoubtedly the most discussed one, some people think that this knife should undoubtedly be split, some people think that the great love of the grand man should sacrifice themselves, to help others ... The martial arts fans, who debated and tortured, still relish it. From the marketing point of view, this is the difference between narrative and interaction.

The original Life net in this year's Chu Orange packaging, printed on a variety of very net sense of the phrase. For example, "micro-orange to the small owners greet" "2014, do not try to gain weight." One of the printed "I am very good, you also take care of", 2013 years of attention to network topics and entertainment events must be clear to the source of this sentence, this is Faye Wong announced the divorce, in micro-blog to give Yapeng blessing. There is a Weibo netizen is such a share he received the packaging of the Chu Orange feeling: "received this box of Orange, I am very moved, Chu old at that age still think of everyone, he said he is very good old people, I hope we young men can take care." ”

This unexpected interpretation, played an unexpected effect of the spread. Thus, the spread into a feast of interpretation, marketing into a carefully set up the puzzle, the answer needs to find the audience themselves, perhaps, there is no standard answer.

Every wonderful marketing case should be like a wonderful story, and the best way to tell the story is to set an open ending, leaving the right to interpret and interpret to the reader and audience. Preach, brainwashing of the marketing era has ended, like a single acacia affectionate confession is never better than the two lovers of each other tease to be exciting, the future of the spread is bound to be "Shi" and "by" you a word, I a language of ambiguous flirting.

Human has always been to "idiom Solitaire" "Story solitaire" This kind of you come to my game interested in, as early as "Dahua West Tour" was crazy to read the Internet 1.0 Times has been the beginning of the show, everyone in the "If God give me a chance" sentence. Only today, micro-blogging, micro-mail let this "national carnival" and "collective creation" to increase the possibility of implementation. In fact, from "where the object" to "Coca-Cola nickname Bottle", are a kind of people to participate in the carnival, continuing the "Story Solitaire" this ancient game.

However, the way the story is told, the core of the spread is still stories. Fei's story can be entangled in every man's heart for a long time, in addition to clever narration, let people unknowingly involved in guessing, became the parties, but also because the answer is so tacit, ready.

In real life, most people's life is no plot, can only be found in other people's story a little bit of empathy, when suddenly found the martial arts heroes will be in the gossip-style problems in a dilemma, this is so happy one thing. "If God gave me another chance ..." this is a typical cock-silk mentality-the winner of life where there is also a need to pray for a chance, let alone give a chance to seize the opportunity will no longer be cock silk.

In the technology surging, the channel changes in the present, the so-called marketer should be a good dream-making hypnotist: to create a temporary dream, close the doors and windows, turn off the lights, give the audience a warm bed, the next thing is to let everyone to complete their own dreams. As for the FEI of the sword or not, in 2014, still leave the puzzle to the reader.

Key words: Capital

Overseas IPOs are expected to climax

There will be more good vertical companies in the giant industry chain that are being watched by bat, and the 2014 keyword is still a merger and IPO.

Article | Baofan


The 2013 capital Market as a roller coaster, from domestic IPO suspended to China stock overseas frequently listed, BAT's integration and merger drama is also a wonderful field. In 2014, I was generally optimistic about the VC/PE Investment Market and entrepreneurs.

Let's talk about overseas IPOs. 2013 domestic IPO market suspension, Overseas capital market IPO more attention, where to go, 58 with the city, Burson Interaction, orchid Pavilion Set potential 7 companies to complete the process of listing, of which in November, the shares of 4 companies listed on the same month, all kinds of signs that in 2014, Chinese companies to the U.S. listing is expected to be a climax.

Now that the domestic capital market has been opened, but the recent Ossaicam pharmaceutical incident has led the regulatory authorities to re-examine the issue of new shares market. In contrast, U.S. capital markets, which look more at business models and business growth, are expected to remain bullish, perhaps at least until the first half of 2014. At present, Jingdong Mall, Alibaba, etc. are still in line listing, touch-controlled technology, China car rental and other vertical segments will also be likely to have IPO opportunities.

Then there is the merger market. 2013, the capital market key word is mergers and acquisitions, the Internet industry mergers and acquisitions, from 2012 269 million U.S. dollars to 2013 of 2.751 billion U.S. dollars, from the number of transactions and the amount of money to break the historical record. To Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other bat giants as the leading mergers and acquisitions cases, involving PPS, cool plate, Sina Weibo, Friendship Alliance, poor travel network, such as vertical areas of leading enterprises.

I think the 2014 China Internet mergers and acquisitions market will remain active, BAT's full business competition will continue to upgrade: Grab the entrance, grab traffic, Rob users, under different product matrix will further quickly penetrate the occupation market, in the horizontal and vertical expansion of business. In the Occupy channels, distribution, users and other products under the cross-support effect, there will be more in the giant industry chain of excellent vertical companies are concerned about.

For the Internet industry, some of the trend of subdivision, my view is: First, equipment intelligence will continue to rise. Recently, Lei and Apple co-founder Watts's face-to-face talk also frequently mentions intelligence. Lei in 2014 will be exerting a router, and Watts is very optimistic about the intelligent equipment. 2014 for this market or will continue to be multifaceted stage, while the content of precision push, cloud applications and other aspects of the intelligent industry with the depth of integration.

Another trend is the white-hot of internet finance. The internet finance, represented by Peer-to-peer lending and payment industries, will continue to flourish, taking overseas markets as an example, Square's IPO is the focus of the current capital markets, and the 130 million-dollar a-round financing of domestic loans for everyone in the country by 2013 has become the largest single fund to date on the Internet. And the domestic bat in the balance treasure, Baidu, micro-credit payment and other financial and payment products competition more white-hot, for the occupation of the industry, major enterprises will usher in bite, the industry is expected to appear a large number of mergers and acquisitions opportunities this year.

There is also the pattern of mobile phone application market. In the past year, the mobile phone application market has two big deals, one is Baidu 1.9 billion dollar buys 91 assistants, second is the pea pod obtains the soft silver group to receive the investment 120 million dollars financing. The two deals directly suggest that the market for mobile apps has entered a "capital-pooling" era.

Portal has become a battleground in the mobile field, the application of distribution channels and search functions have become the most important factor for mobile companies. Independent application distribution channels that cannot be funded will be at a disadvantage, and some independent app stores will be in a tougher position. The 2014 application distribution market is doomed to not be too calm under the onslaught of powerful resource giants.

Mobile gaming is becoming more rational after years of boom. In early 2014, Alibaba Group announced the launch of a hand tour platform, and game developers divided into 2:8, the plan to break the Tencent monopoly, it is evident that the phone game heat has not been reduced. And the opening of the 4G Licensing era will help the 2014 mobile gaming market over 20 billion yuan scale.

But from the capital level, with the domestic IPO gate opening, a A-share retreat concept shares have all fallen, Cross-border play hand tour has been difficult to get the recognition of investors. 2014 's hand Tour market Capital mania period will gradually decline.

Overall, 2014 investors and entrepreneurs overall confidence in the increase, after 2013 years of adjustment will start again, out of the trough.

Key words: Grassroots

"85" and countless new opportunities.

"85" after the opportunity to take them in their own way, advocating freedom of life attitude.

Article | 邢帅


This is a mobile internet era, for grassroots entrepreneurs, there is no large amount of money bred Baidu, Tencent, Ali, such as platform-level products. But platform-level products often lack original refined content. I think the original quality content is the 2014 grass-roots entrepreneurs opportunities, suitable for grassroots entrepreneurs to develop small and beautiful entrepreneurial model, or "after 85" characteristics more consistent with the entrepreneurial approach. "After 85" advocating freedom, do not like the nine-to-five way of life. For the "85" after the grassroots entrepreneurs, I predict the future will have the following kinds of entrepreneurial models.

Forecast one, original text content business.

Because of the nature of my work, I have seen too many grassroots entrepreneurs successful cases, are based on small and beautiful founded, they can do. For example, a grassroots entrepreneur I know, who uses funny pictures and funny jokes every day to compose original microblogging content, soon has a millions of Twitter followers. At this time they have the media value, there will be some businesses to seek to promote. At this point, only the rational placement of the ads on their microblog content, only need a person, a computer, every month there are more than 50,000 yuan income. This is the freedom, small and beautiful entrepreneurial state that most entrepreneurs pursue.

Let me analyze the entrepreneurial principles inside: For the grassroots, there is not enough money to make a platform-like microblogging, micro-trust products, but they can make original content, for the platform, they need such original content, and a large number of users because of these original content, willing to stay on the platform. This is a user, platform, original content of the three won the eco-chain.

Forecast two, video original content entrepreneurship.

Film companies, video sites are exploring the production of micro-movies. The more typical "chopsticks brothers" is popular in the Internet, won a lot of clicks. For example, the shadow of China also attaches great importance to the exploration of micro-films, to find through advertising implants, custom and other forms of profitability. In fact, the advent of mobile internet, so that everyone becomes a content provider. The next year, high-quality content is a very big direction, of course, video content is also suitable for grassroots entrepreneurship. With the popularization of digital products, our production of micro-film, micro-TV show the cost of everyone can accept.

We just need a 5dⅱ and go to "邢帅 education" to learn video clips, will happen around the funny, touching, unreasonable pat down, through the clips, posted on the major sites to resonate, once the video clicks, will have their own fixed fans, there will be die-hard fans respond to the film. There are many business opportunities, such as the lines in the shoot, the behind-the-scenes production, and the sponsors. We are not disgusted with this kind of video advertisement, but will have purchase desire, this is the second big bright spot that the grass root gains profit. For grassroots entrepreneurs, this is their most comfortable and appropriate state.

Forecast three, micro-create new products entrepreneurship.

For the creators of original content, once accumulated millions or even tens of thousands of fans, it has the value of the media, can be made through soft advertising profits.

We take the "Liu Kenan" original millet employees, "elephant", the thickness is the same as the thinnest 0.03 mm in the market; After the package is opened, the seminal SAC is automatically upward and the second is positive and negative; spices from Ecuador; lubricants from the Netherlands, and for gay users to increase the number of lubricants 30%; On behalf of the factory from Malaysia; The packing factory is the same as the apple. Liu Kenan created a condom brand "elephant" has a large six months, this month 7th, the elephant condoms to 7 only 59 yuan in the price officially listed on the official website.

In the rapid development of the Internet stage, the use of micro-innovation to produce products, product demand for information collection, according to different needs, integrated by the majority of the accepted quality products, which in itself is a kind of innovation, breaking the previous model of quantitative production. From the passive acceptance of products to the initiative to participate in the product reform, this is undoubtedly a product of personalized customization, but also the so-called C2B mode, so that product producers and users of the two products.

What our founders need is this kind of micro-innovation, which can be passively accepted to the initiative, and the business opportunities are unlimited.

So how do we seize the opportunity? This requires us to obtain more information, timely learning, enrich themselves. Only when the preparation is adequate, the success rate of entrepreneurship is the highest.

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