Reflection on the propaganda of writing learning station for primary and middle school students

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My Xiang Ping small writer has been established for half a year, I was in Admin5 put my station ideas and the webmaster to communicate, but I found that some of the ideas are problematic, here put forward, and you discuss together. (Original article: a site for primary and secondary students to build a station idea)

1, to find cooperation partners must be their own responsibility to understand that the partner of your ideas to be interested, to carry out operations. My problem now is that the partner is not enthusiastic about this, most of the content is my own operation, very passive. (I'm going to make a decision to talk to them, I'll change it if I can't.)

2, when issuing promotional cards, be sure to target "decision makers." Parents do not allow free children to access the Internet, parental approval may give a little time. I have a lot of publicity materials sent to the children, the results Niniuruhai, the site has not any increase in traffic. In this way, I began to redirect propaganda points to parents.

3, must make the website to build a certain scale again to publicize. I was a little anxious to advertise at first, and for a while I lost my confidence.

This is my little experience, write out the purpose is to give everyone a reference, the second is please webmaster to my website to see, put forward your valuable advice, here first thank you!

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