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In fact, now in the university, with the emergence of the official website of each university is the forum of university exchange, but so far, the University forum has not developed a better, the author is the second College of Hubei students graduated, at that time there is a forum, very hot, with the campus online, everyone crazy message, But now go to see the time, but faintly no yesterday's scenery, on the other hand to explain the difficult life of the forum, then this article, just say the university forum operation status and Profit method

Let's talk about the cause of the current situation.

A university to say that there are tens of thousands of people, for the university, these are fixed access groups, but the forum can not be maintained very well, this is why? What makes tens of thousands of of people's schools unable to make a forum full of vitality, maintain a forum everyone a word, everyone can be a big deal, In fact, there are many reasons for this situation.

First of all, the University forum is an official part of the collateral, although authoritative information can be found on the local university official web site, there are few people after the forum, 1th because the university belongs to the authoritative body, the censorship is stricter than the ordinary forum, it is about the reputation of the university, especially after something happened, The first thought is the dissemination of the Forum, therefore, the forum's strict posting has become a limit to the development of the Forum; the school for its own consideration had to use a strict way to register the forum, Post audit, which greatly affected the user experience, in my opinion, this is the main reason.

Secondly, the mobility of the Administrator, in fact, as I used to, the forum belongs to the school, then the school will be the forum in the Department of Science, find an administrator, and then let him maintain the management of this forum, recruit a few of the owner, and then a basic form of the Forum, students need communication can be achieved through this platform, But he forgot, that is the administrator is flowing, not never change, when the administrator and the owner have left the university, will create vacancies, and whenever the graduation season, will become a forum for the development of the vacuum period, no one management situation will often appear, and if no one management, spam information will appear so much, So the forum will develop more and more difficult, and eventually caused the forum almost nobody.

Believe that the friends who have done the forum know that a owner of the departure will cause what he took away may be contacts, may be the emotion, may be the economy, and so on, these are not buy the wealth, long time when the owner, these really difficult ah, after graduation, there is not much energy to play the theoretical altar, which will also cause the empty forum , so the University forum's operation difficult, each forum not to have the good development to have the present situation.

Finally, the public welfare of the Forum, remember the time before in school, maintenance forum are public welfare, we are free to use their spare time to let the forum full of vitality, some people reply on the arm, no one replies to send some interesting posts, to maintain vitality is very important, we are sending condolences to each other, joking, slowly more popular, But there is no profit at all, this is also a problem, slowly because it is voluntary labor, also lost the things to continue, so for the administrator, must let the management of the owner to get a certain compensation, no matter what form, do not forget, who will not be free to help you, at least, should have said, Is the driving force of continuity.

As I have a forum, the above moderators are the people I invited, I said let you put the whole station advertisement for free, but you want to maintain the vitality and popularity of the forum, this itself is a way of mutual gain, after all, some things in the interests of the drive will do better, this is not nonsense, now do a good thing, Only by giving each other can we finally be rewarded with success.

So next, let me say some suggestions for the forum.

1. For the administrator's Mobility, forum management must be left in the year before and after a year of careful maintenance of some forums, in particular, the freshmen, in fact, every year freshman, there will be the emergence of the community, let us participate, these will also let the forum to bring more new blood, recruit some newcomers, is some good try, Then bring out 1-5 intern moderators, from the moderator slowly to do management, every year is the development of this, will let this position will not be empty, and every year is the old bird with new, these are common, early a little preparation connections, early a bit for the popularity to do bedding.

2. For the administrator to let the forum ads move to achieve profitability, let the forum to achieve profitability, on the one hand is the advertising alliance, another point is hanging Taobao customers want to habitual advertising, anyway, finally let the forum to achieve a small profit, in fact, these profits are not many, can let the administrator every month or even weekly can gather in a meal is the biggest satisfaction , the need for a small amount of return, just a little bit of interest can be linked together, this point, you can let the administrator exchanges, causing interaction, or, for everyone to send wages, these are good ideas, to achieve profitability is the key to the development of the Forum.

The above is the author of the Forum for the University of some ideas, every forum should be well done to achieve each step, and finally let the forum long-term popularity, the author of the website TABAOTBW Taobao,, in fact do you think the right thing, is a kind of wealth.

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