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Studied a widely circulated on the internet, "2009 Most popular ten Web site navigation Station," the results of the popular article, from the article's statement, it is not difficult to see, the selection of the organization carefully, the selection of the basis for full, the results of open and fair, regardless of from which point of view, Can see those selection results represent the common aspiration of netizens.

"" The 2009 most popular ten Web site navigation Station "Selection results" article content is specific

The following are the referenced contents:

2009, there are dozens of well-known large web sites to launch a joint Web site navigation station vote selection activities, and the establishment of a strict selection criteria, as follows:

Voting criteria: The security of the site included, the quality of the site included, the interface friendly degree, the popularity of the site, such as more than 10 aspects.

Polling time: The vote was selected from January 2009 10 to May 20, 2009

The basis of voting: the number of IP votes as the basis for the selection

Voting Range: Unlimited

Votes: More than 1 million people

The poll: The poll was open and fair, and all the data were public in the voting process.

Polling site: This vote of the Web site navigation station, only for the Chinese navigation station, participated in the polling site has a total of more than 1000 Web site navigation Station.

Number of votes: This vote of the Web site navigation station, only the 2009 most popular ten excellent web site navigation station.

Poll results:

After four months of voting and selection activities, the majority of netizens actively participate in the vote in an open and just environment, in strict accordance with the more than 10 aspects of the published comprehensive assessment, the final selection of the "2009 Most popular ten Web site navigation Station",

First, the hao123 Web site home, this is an established Web site navigation station, is a hero Bujiandangnian, the leader of the steady sitting;

Second, 265 Internet navigation, this is an established web site, a steady sitting on the second seat of the site navigation station;

Third, the universal Navigation network, the station belongs to the directory station, is the Web site navigation station and the collection of quality articles directory synthesis, such as the above "recipes", "Recipes", "Weight loss" are the catalogue of fine articles, whether from the comfort, leisure, practicality and so on, Represents the emerging forces, with a lot of web site incomparable advantages;

Four, Baidu Web site Daquan is Baidu launched its own web site, the effect and good 123 is not a grade, but still by netizens like;

V, Google Web site Daquan is Google launched its own web site, the effect and 265 is not a grade, but still by netizens like;

2345 Web site Navigation site is a new station, but because of the constant purchase flow, and so on, now in the Web site navigation station occupies a place;

Seven, QQ Web site Daquan, Tencent QQ in order to expand its site, but also launched its own navigation station, the interface to imitate the traditional web site model;

Eighth, 114 of the Web site navigation, from the level of domain name, can only be counted to do three-flow level, but from the flow to see the first-class level, comprehensive comparison, it is a powerful;

Ninth, Yahoo Web site Daquan This is Yahoo launched the website site, although the interface of 123 and 2,651, but the flow can not be compared with the old site, but still be respected by netizens;

Tenth, Sogou Web site navigation, this is Sogou site, and Baidu Yahoo launched the basic consensus, such as two rut, with the help of Sogou search engine strong strength, has become a first-class site navigation station;

In response to this selection activity found, in addition to hao123, 2,652 established Web site navigation station, the new 114LA, universal navigation Network, 23,453 Web site navigation Station strong performance, the other five belong to a large well-known website of its website navigation station. Each website navigation station has its own collection standard and own characteristic, but in addition to the universal navigation network is basically the same, the difference is not very large; the most representative is Baidu's company's hao123, sit on the head of the website navigation station, and the universal navigation network through serious comparison to find, is not a pure Web site navigation station, should belong to the Web site navigation and boutique articles directory, where the "recipes", "Recipes" and other categories have a strong collection of quality articles catalog features.

We can see a couple of questions from the quote above.

1, the old website still occupies a dominant position. such as hao123,265

2, the portal with its own strong strength to occupy a place. Baidu Web site Daquan, Google Web site Daquan and so on

3, with a strong economic strength of the Web site to integrate traffic flow to become a powerful website. 114, 2345 This is the way to go.

4, to find new bright spots, but also the Web site navigation station a new way out. Universal navigation network from the directory station, out of the traditional Web site navigation station.

No matter how the Internet will develop in the future, Web sites are favored by netizens because of their unique functions. If it is not an established web site and no portal sites strong support, but no strong financial resources for traffic integration, like "Universal Navigation Network," New, look for the bright spots of the Web site, out of an unusual development path.

Author: Wang Yujun

The article copyright belongs to the universal navigation net and the author all, reprint must indicate the source:

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