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Simple and refreshing interface Zaker (Zake) is an interactive sharing and personalized reading software, will be information, microblogging, blogs, newspapers, magazines, pictures, RSS, Google Reader and many other content, according to the user's personal desire to aggregate together to achieve deep personalized customization, The exquisite and fresh interface style also makes one's eyes bright. Evaluation Environment Evaluation Object Zaker (Zake) Evaluation version 1.0 software size 1.62 MB mobile phone model Google Nexus one mobile firmware Android 2.3.7 Simple fresh interface Style The first time you use Zaker friends will feel that the interface looks familiar, The left block layout and the Microsoft WP7 System mobile Phone interface is very similar to the right side is a number of function buttons, from top to bottom in order to clear the cache, refresh, set up and add new subscription content. Zaker using a block interface layout to clear the cache and the system set up sliding screen can browse other screen subscriptions, the upper-right corner of the circle-like number prompts the current location of the screen. But there is no similar to the Android main screen point position indication, so can not directly see a few screen, but the problem is not serious, after all, the content of their own subscription is understood. Read the article in the first time to open Zaker already have a lot of preset subscriptions, click on the plate to enter the news preview interface, here shows the latest content of this category title, source and update time, click on the title can be viewed news content. News Overview Interface Click the title into the text reading, the interface and color matching is also simple and crisp, the page is also very smooth drag and drop, you can drag up and down the screen reading context, drag the screen left and right before/after an article. Read the text
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