Regional economy: A new engine for China's sustained growth

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Shang Chen Wenting Recently, the Chongqing Two rivers new area officially set up, become the Shanghai Pudong New district, Tianjin Binhai New District after China's third national new District, will enjoy the country to the Pudong and Binhai area policy, this is the latest round of the landmark development of the West. With the development of the western Region in the new 10 years, "the development of the West, the revitalization of the Northeast, the rise of the Middle East and the new crossing in the eastern part" have been greatly promoted, and 13 regional development plans from 2009 onwards have risen to the national strategy.  Zhang Monan, deputy researcher at the Ministry of Economic forecasting of the National Information Center, said that the central government should start the domestic demand development strategy and develop the regional development plan gradually, and China is expected to enter a new round of economic growth cycle. 13 Regional Planning radiation nationwide, 13 regional plans include the development plan of Guanzhong-Tianshui economic Zone, the development plan of Liaoning Coastal Economic Zone, the plan of promoting the rise of the central region and regional planning of the Yangtze River delta area. "Such a large number of regional development planning to be introduced intensively, is the country to promote regional coordinated development, cultivate more regional growth pole, expand domestic demand to respond to the financial crisis needs."  Said Su Ning, deputy governor of the People's Bank of China. Since the "revitalization of the northeast" strategy proposed, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang's GDP compared to 6 years ago doubled, 2009 Liaoning province to use foreign capital 15.8 billion U.S. dollars, ranked third in the country. "The revitalization of the Northeast" strategy to make a huge change in the northeast, export-oriented economy booming, many of the Northeast private enterprises have been well-known in the country, such as Shenyang Yuanda, is an annual output value of more than tens of billions of private enterprises.  "Deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission," said Zhang, director of the National Energy Bureau. "Promotion of the Central region rise planning" also set off the central region in the first half of this year's economic development of the new climax, the fastest-growing Shanxi province, the province's GDP completed 420 billion yuan, an increase of 17%, the growth rate of about 6%, Hubei province's GDP growth of up to 15.7%,  Hunan Province is expected to produce 670 billion yuan, growth of about 14%, local governments have firmly grasped the good opportunities brought about by the policy. Eastern China's economic engine, recently promulgated the "Yangtze River Delta Regional Planning" in the long Triangle region to clarify the demand for coordinated development, but also to improve the pan-long triangular cooperation mechanism.  Experts predict that the Yangtze River economic Belt in the next 15 years of economic growth will exceed the average growth rate of the national economy, by 2020 its total economy will reach 50% of the total national economy. With the introduction of Western regional Planning, the West has entered the fastest economic growth period.  In the new 10 years, it will continue to cultivate the region's new growth poles through regional planning, and build "Hohhot-Baotou-Yinchuan" and other key economic areas.  To build a new power of regional economic growth Zhang Mo Nan said that in the process of integration and rotation in China, east, west and north, resource allocation, industrial division, infrastructure construction, raw material supply and labor force transfer are becoming bigger and larger, which has become a great impetus for economic growth in various regions. 《The planning of the demonstration zone of industrial transfer in Wanjiang City is the only regional development plan that has been the theme of industrial transfer in the whole country so far. There are data shows that this year from January to April, Anhui Province by undertaking industrial transfer, the actual use of the Yangtze River delta region funds of 89.12 billion yuan, accounting for the use of foreign capital 58%, Anhui Province to achieve the use of foreign capital projects in place to increase the funds in real time up to 55.9%, significant.  Professor Liu Zhijian, a professor of management at the University of Science and Technology in China, said the program expanded the scope of regional integration and led to the development of regional economic integration in the pan-Yangtze delta. Regional coordinated sustainable development also has a strong impetus to regional economic growth.  In June this year, the "National main functional Area planning" in addition to the Pearl River Delta, the key areas such as Yangtze River Delta and the development of optimized areas provide more precise policy basis, and put forward the prohibition development or restriction development strategy for regions and ecologically fragile regions needing protection, and promote the improvement of regional coordination and interaction mechanism. The ecological economic Zone planning of Poyang Lake has appeared "ecological economic Zone", which is also the embodiment of regional coordinated sustainable development concept.  In the first half of this year, the region introduced more than 59 projects of foreign capital billion, solar photovoltaic, biological and new medicine, modern agriculture and other green Low-carbon industry projects have 24, accounting for the total number of projects 40.6%, for the development of green industry, promote regional economic growth has laid a solid ecological foundation.  The country will form 6 core economic circles. Yang Kaijong, President of China Regional Science Association, said that with the regional development of the inter-city railway and the construction of high-speed railway network, six core economic zones would be formed in the whole country. Yang Kaijong that, in coastal areas, in addition to the Bohai Rim economic circle will be promoted and expanded, depending on the Yangtze River Delta and the West Coast Economic Zone, the Zhujiang Delta and Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economy Zone, the South China Sea Economic circle will also accelerate the formation of the mainland will be formed in Wuhan City Circle, Chang-zhu-tan urban agglomeration, Chengdu  Chang Nine area relies on the Yangtze River Middle and upper reaches economic belt, takes the central Plains, Guanzhong region as well as the national energy base to rely on the Yellow River middle reaches economic Belt and along the Jingguang line economy belt. At present, the east-west region is gradually narrowing the gap. Data show that the "85-year" period of the eastern region's GDP increased by 5% higher than the western region, and to the "XV" period, the data has been reduced to 1.74%, "This is closely related to the introduction of many Midwest and North-East regional Planning."  "Yang Kaijong said. According to officials of the NDRC, in the next regional planning work, the country will continue to reduce regional disparities as the primary task of promoting regional coordinated development, and further strengthen regional integration, promote economic and environmental, economic and social coordinated development, "in the future rise to the national planning level of the region, the momentum of economic growth will accelerate." Fan Hengshan, director of regional Economic development and Reform Commission.
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