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At present, the establishment of personal website friends more and more, how many netizens friends, is step by step into the ranks of personal webmaster. On the Internet, this is a blessing. But everything needs a process, and it always takes a start. For new friends to touch this field, how to choose virtual space, how to register a personal domain name, then become the most important, difficult! Before we have asked the relevant experts to discuss the choice of virtual space, today we mainly discuss the topic is: Registered personal Domain name group to pay attention to the problem and related skills. To this end, we edit the group to contact our professional virtual Host service provider in China 8U, this is fortunate to have the 8U free Resources Network Technology related responsible person, on today we discussed the problem done a detailed interpretation. Small series in this summary summarized as follows, for the needs of friends for reference!

One, to find out the details of each other, to continue acting

We want to deal with the domain name, it is bound to understand the definition of domain name first. So what is the domain name, domain name is used to do what?

Before understanding the concept of domain names, we need to understand the concept of IP first. In the Internet, each computer will have a unique identity, the only identity is the IP address, to distinguish between thousands of computers connected to the Internet. Each IP address consists of 4 groups of numbers less than 256, with a dot interval between the digits, such as, which represents an IP address. It is easy to see that the IP address is not easy to remember, but also very inconvenient to use, we need a set and IP address corresponding to the relatively simple character-type address to replace it, so the domain name was born. Therefore, the digital IP address on the network corresponding to the character-type address, is called the domain name. Like,, these are domain names.

If you don't understand the concept of a domain name well, to play a figurative analogy, if we compare a website to a building, then IP is the location of the building (latitude and longitude), and the domain name is equivalent to the number of the building address such as XX road xx xx building.

Domain name can be divided into international domain name, Chinese domain name, new top-level domain name and country domain name, etc., detailed classification explain please continue to read this article?

Second, choose to understand first, domain name type details

Different suffix of the domain name has different meanings, now the most popular domain name classification method will generally be divided into: International domain name, domestic domain name, new top-level domain name and country domain name. Here are some of the more common types of domain names:

1, International Domain name: International domain name suffix name is. com,. NET and. org, the most widely popular universal domain name format, the classic logo, global general.. com is generally used for commercial organizations or companies,. NET is typically used by organizations or companies engaged in Internet-related network services. ORG is typically used in non-profit organizations and groups. Of course, these domain names can be registered by any individual.

2, domestic domain name: domestic domain name, suffix name is. cn,. and.,.cn domain name is the top-level national domain name (CcTLD) which is managed by our country, belong to the top-level domain name. Currently choose to register a CN domain name more and more enterprises, beyond. COM in the world's largest market. Its main features are: The application of Chinese law, once the dispute has the protection of users, corporate registration is more secure; all Chinese services, the registration process is clear and transparent, procedures simple and quick, rich in resources, easy to use, low prices.

Third, domain name selection registration only varies from person to person

For the choice of domain name type, we recommend First choice. COM (international domain name) and. CN (domestic domain name), the second can be considered. NET, in addition, for domain name resource considerations, you can also choose like. CC,. tv,. Biz and. Info, and recently launched. mobi,. Me,. such as Asia, such as overall registration volume relatively small type of domain name, after all, such domain name can choose a lot of leeway.

The first is to register the domain name. Domain name selection should be appropriate, preferably not too long, and have a certain significance, easy to remember, now a good domain name is not much, you can flexibly use numbers, English words, pinyin and other combinations, in the domain name before, after plus I, E, 51, OK, Hao, 88, 123, can be flexible combination of many good domain names. Think of a domain name, in the end can register it? You may go to the network related site to check, if you can not register, the description has been the first, if the registration, then congratulations, you go to register, this domain name is yours. Good domain name may have many eyes crouched, must first strike for strong.

A lot of people buy domain name, only ask the price is cheap, internet search everywhere, who sell the cheapest, buy who, if only their own toss and play, do not intend to use the domain name for more than 1 years, it really does not matter, picking cheap also feasible, but if there is a long-term plan to do the site, it will be carefully considered.

Four, the domain name FAQ, advised June foresight

What may be the problem of domain name, combined with 8U free Resource Network technical Director of the commentary, small series summed up as follows:

(1) No one can find the renewal fee: This is the most serious problem, because the price is too high, each domain name only earn 1-2 yuan, even flat out (there is a loss of 1-2 yuan out of the domain name), in this case, the domain name registrars simply can not maintain, in the barely recover the advance, they run away. The next year you have to continue to spend time, found that you can not find the original name of the person you registered.

As a proxy for the threshold of a domain name is relatively low, thousands of yuan advance can be, technical difficulty is not small, many people on the impulse to pay to do the agent, the results found that the domain name business is not good to sell, and eager to draw back the advance, took a low-cost or even a loss to sell the

Perhaps some people will say: The renewal fee cannot find the person does not have the relation, and so was deleted, I change a registration to return is. But it's not as simple as you think. For international domain names, to 75-90 days to be deleted, that is, in 2-3 months time, your site can not use the original domain name, and if someone to participate in the registration, deleted after the others Rob, there is no you. The situation of domestic domain is even worse, although 15 days can delete the heavy note, but after deletion, the basic are several background of the site to rob. Since the domestic domain name can be manually deleted within 14 days after registration, and do not limit the number of deletes, so people can be long-term free to occupy your domain name, that is, delete-immediately heavy note-quickly to 14 days to delete again-and then immediately heavy note, so you have no way.

This shows that for important domain names, can not find a person to renew, is a very bad thing, so be sure to carefully select the domain name registrars.

(2) High price renewal: The first year is very cheap, the next year? What about the third year? You must ask clearly, otherwise until the next year to find the slaughter, is regret.

(3) does not have the administrative authority: does not understand the domain name person, often does not know requests the domain name Management authority. Pay the money, someone else to help you register, only get the right to use, to change the domain name resolution should be registered to complete, domain password, or what is not to talk about, in this case, you have no control over the domain name of the ability to think about when to take away your.

(4) Password frequently modified: Low price registered a domain name, also got the management password, in the heart is very happy, the second year renewals want to turn away, find a better one, the results found that the original password has been wrong, to find the original registrar, people do not bird you, said you forget, you have to collect the inquiry fee can, calculate the account, not zoned, We have to renew the fee with the original registrar. The result is very easy to return the password, the result found 2 days on the password is wrong again ...

(5) The registrant is not yourself: delighted to register the domain name, use a period of time, know some domain name knowledge, go to whois a check, just found that the domain name registrant is not yourself, is someone else registrars, in this case, you do not enjoy any interest in the domain name, the registrar can also take your domain name at any time.

(6) Can not transfer: bought a potential domain name, not easy to contact the buyer, can sell a good price, the result of domain name registrars do not bother to help you do the transfer formalities, or simply charge a high transfer fee, so that you are suffering extremely.

(7) With binding space traps: bought a domain name and space, did not get the administrative authority, but the registrar attitude is very good, smiling face, so that you do not care, anyway, the interpretation of what are registered dealers, but also worry. The next year, the space is not satisfied, want to change space, but the domain name will be renewed in situ, at this time the registrar is afraid of no good face, or simply ignore you, or even some registrars see you very much want to retain this domain name, he help you renew the fee, change the password and then the high price to ask you, let you into a dilemma.

In short, the domain name is small, but for a new site, especially for long-term station webmaster friends, it is important, must be prudent, choose those long-term, reputable businessmen to cooperate, to show the wisdom of the gentleman, fully guarantee your long-term rights and interests!

With their own domain name, the next is to apply for a virtual host, the general virtual host provider can provide users with 50M, 100M, 200M unequal capacity of virtual space. The General Enterprise website Choice is 150-300m about the virtual host is enough. Choose a virtual host mainly consider: access speed, stability, after-sales service and so on. The last thing to pay attention to is the speed of the virtual host, if your customers or potential visitors to the north, then you can give priority to choose the space of CNC room, if the south, the primary consideration of telecommunications. If facing the national customer, naturally is chooses the intelligent dual-line host. On the choice of virtual space, we have done a detailed analysis of the previous period, please query the article "preferred virtual space personal site success or failure of the key" Reference!

This article writing, has the honor to get 8U Free Resources Network Technology Department's strong support and help, the article many professional knowledge is provided by the 8U free Resources Network, Small series hereby expresses deep thanks! In this context, the text described is very limited, there are more knowledge needs of everyone's exploration and research, small set hope to learn together with you, common progress. Hasta!

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