Reiger, who left the business, named his company a koala.

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Alibaba, a company with 70,000 numbered employees, with an average age of 27 years, has also implanted the genes into every employee, while creating tens of millions, tens of thousands, and even billionaires.

And Ma Yun's "right-hand man" CAI 8 billion dollar worth of today compared to those who leave Ali--former Alibaba E-commerce website president and chief operating Officer Guan Mingsheng, former Alibaba Group CTO and China Yahoo CTO Wu Yu, as well as the chairman of the former Alibaba Cloud Computing Center, senior director Li Zhi, and so on- Although Miss Ali's rich feast, but all of them are the Internet investment industry heroes.

"Left Alibaba more than 6 years, I mainly do venture capital, Angel Investment, has cast the Han court chain, concentrating technology and poly-Mei excellent products." The money I invested was the money I sold for Alibaba stock, and if I didn't sell it, I'd make a lot more. Even so, Wu Yu never regretted his choice.

And in those who give up their forthcoming equity and "Run away" of Ali, more are some chasing dreams than money, ordinary people, "let the world is not difficult to do business" This Ali gene is in their careers continue to breed ...

Zhangweijiang (work No. 1659) a different kind of "world-related"

Zhangweijiang called Ali opened the ground when the old staff, work number 1659, his micro-letter signature is "find himself." 2011, he left his 8 years of Ali, he went to Shenzhen dedicated handicap career.

The day before the interview, Zhangweijiang just came back from the Ali activity in Hangzhou. The club, known as the "former Orange Meeting", was launched by Ali's original alumni association, and was formerly the "graduate" of Ali. "Orange" color is the representative color of Ali, also be dubbed as "Ali Orange" by the industry, the club name is this.

Today, the "mysterious organization" brings together various ventures, funds, start-up companies, non-governmental organizations and so on. Zhangweijiang told reporters, the party by the "former Orange will" launched, gathered Ali Alumni Association, the Jinsha River Venture capital fund, on the road, the investment in the sea, soft silver China capital, quick taxi, digging money and so on more than 500 people, as well as in addition to Jack Ma and almost all Ali senior.

Although such activities are often held, together with the comrades come out to catch up with the integration of resources, but this time the scale and significance are different. "Zhangweijiang said, heard Ali listed success, he felt very proud," after all, Ali is not well-known when the fight together, now Ali finally get social recognition, we feel that they have not wasted the hard work. ”

Like most Ali "graduates", Zhangweijiang now holds Ali's stock, "I have not sold a stock, also did not sell the intention, I still long-term optimistic about this company." ”

Served in Ali's 8 years, Zhangweijiang has been fencing the planning of public welfare projects, with people with disabilities have contact. Talking about leaving business, Zhangweijiang frankly have a faint pride, "Do you see Ali prospectus in the introduction of video?" One of the Sichuan Deyang ' porcelain doll ' taobao painter Ding Hongyu from us. ”

Zhangweijiang 2011 left Ali alone to Shenzhen, now as the residual group of electronic good general manager. The so-called "electronic good service" is to do charitable work through E-commerce to solve the employment of disabled people.

Today, friends and Ali have a lot of cooperation in helping the disabled to get jobs. "Ali has given us a lot of support policies and valuable resources. "Zhangweijiang frankly, such as the provision of computers, free training, electricity business operations, such as free of charge."

The group also signed with Taobao "Hundred City million people with disabilities employment Plan", more than 1 years, the residual friends have helped more than 1000 people in Ali's platform to achieve employment.

Looking at the brothers who have fought together to become the value of tens of millions or billionaires, Zhangweijiang said he never regretted, "I had left, there is no commercial purpose." He told reporters that when he was in Ali's time to help the disabled entrepreneurship more than half a year, looking at the disabled and their families so hard, I told myself can not let go, not enough energy, I quit the job. "When it must be two to choose one, so many disabled people have become my heart." Perhaps this is also a kind of Ali taste, look for to do. ”

Before the listing, Zhangweijiang just to Alibaba, and also happened to hit 5 years employees received a ring. "Think of us 5 years, or Ma Yun personally to wear with Alibaba logo platinum ring." "I always feel like I never left," he said.

Ali after the successful listing of the "former Orange will" the annual cocktail party, the former Alibaba E-commerce website president and chief operating Officer Guan Mingsheng, former Alibaba Group CTO and China Yahoo CTO Wu Yu, "the former Orange will" promoter, digging finance chairman, former Alibaba Cloud Computing Center senior Director Li Zhi, Alibaba founder, One of the 18 Arhat Kardashian attended. At the meeting, Zhangweijiang to Guan Mingsheng presented a "world-related" four characters, of which "the World" is Ma Yun, "The West Lake on the sword" Electric Business Forum theme, is also the culture of Ali.

In Zhangweijiang's view, Ali has more than 70,000 employees, including a large number of people gathered in Hangzhou, the Internet-related entrepreneurship, investment, and some have a great cause, and even the company to do the city. And these people themselves have created huge wealth and opportunities.

Reiger (work No. 20319) Homeward bound, do not forget beginner's mind

Work number 20319, in Taobao for 4 years, the 2012 Reiger of The Venture Tree Bear network introduced Ali's B-round strategic financing in August this year.

Today, as the industry's first batch of commercial Wi-Fi companies, the Koala network is paid treasure wallet universal free WiFi partners. Talk about leaving and again, Reiger will be summed up as "Ali taste" congenial.

"Ali Taste" earlier refers to the intranet of Alibaba, is also the place where Ma often stroll. Alibaba in the recruitment time, will also set up a special position, called "smell taste officer". Smell official by Alibaba's old staff to serve, usually in a few chat, they can understand a candidate have what kind of dream. And for those who leave business, Ali flavor refers to the things that Ali culture brings--dreams, persistence, and others.

In the same way, the Reiger to his company named the Tree Bear, the implication of "We are like koalas, silly and naïve-silly on the simple, persistent; Innocence is a dream!" ”

Reiger said, Ma Yun said very right, "the dream is still to have, in case of realization." "In the same day that the reporter interviewed, Reiger got the listing from Ali to commemorate the T-shirt, the above printed in addition to the rich Chinese elements of the Cloisonne Amoy, it is this sentence.

Speaking of independent entrepreneurship, Reiger Frankly, Taobao at the time of the business and WiFi has no relationship, they do not have the opportunity to do such a thing, but they want to do, do not want to miss.

To leave, Reiger gave up most of his initial equity. Ali IPO price soaring, Reiger said he is not in a hurry to sell, a not anxious to use the money, and then optimistic about its future value-added space.

Soon after the establishment of the koala, Reiger won the investment of Angel investment of millions of yuan in Hangzhou. This August, Alibaba through its control of Shanghai Cloud Xin Investment Management Co., Ltd. to buy a stake in the tree Bear network. "This is strategic financing, with business integration as the lead, through strategic investment to make the relationship closer." "Reiger thinks. According to the disclosure, the investment in tens of millions of renminbi size, accounting for about 10% of the shares.

Reiger admits that the koala has been in deep contact with several other internet giants before accepting Ali's investment. Excluding himself and Ali's personal feelings, only from the business point of view, Reiger that Ali is the most likely in the future success of the company. "Of course, Ali also got my ' emotional points '. ”

Reiger has a clear understanding of Ali's investment strategy. Ali to do platform, this is not an empty talk, even reflected in its investment strategy. Therefore, in many strategic investments, Ali will have "vest" companies, such as investment in the tree bear's cloud Xin investment, this is in order to maintain the independence and neutrality of the company's business, do not want to be invested companies have a line of suspicion, so as to be more open to the face of the market.

Therefore, although the tree Bear Network and Ali have deep cooperation, but also serve Tencent and Baidu. By the beginning of 2014, the koala had hundreds of channel partners in 200 cities nationwide, served tens of thousands of businesses, provided free Wi-Fi for tens of millions of consumers and Internet services based on Wi-Fi.

"Ali's investment has become more and more mature, in order to make business bigger, must be more open, more overall concept." Reiger said the view was shared by both sides in the negotiation of investment. "Coming out of business is certainly not the hope of eventually becoming Ali a department. We hope to use Ali's platform advantages, but do not want to sacrifice their own development space and flexibility. Ali's investment is not to control, but optimistic about the industry, hoping to gain in this industry. ”

Reiger will its cooperation with Ali boils down to the common "Ali Taste", in the open and platform thinking and Ali more consistent, this is the tree bear finally gave up Tencent and other big "golden master" the direct reason.

"Ali is more fastidious about Ali culture, this is a temperament and world view, from the recruitment began." "Reiger now often take part in the group and party of Ali leaving staff, and even holidays are often received from Ali blessing messages."

"I cherish the wealth that Ali brings to us, especially the spirit," he said. Reiger said, the koala has also experienced a very difficult stage, what needs to support? Dream, just like our entrepreneurial slogan "silly and naïve"-do not think too much, do not be swayed by the outcome, look for to do, the dream in case of realization?

Reiger also revealed his secret from Ali's division, which is the division of equity--allowing more people to enjoy equity options, and a sense of belonging as part of their company. "Ali pay attention to the" wealth of people scattered, wealth scattered people, so the proportion of staff shareholding is enormous. We must fundamentally respect and protect the interests of all members of our people through thick and thin. The concept of ' entrepreneurial partner ' is more of a spiritual gathering. ”

Speaking of plans for the future, Reiger said that over the past year, the industry has started a big outbreak, the number of companies currently up to 300 or more. Tencent, millet, etc. already in the commercial Wi-Fi field layout. "We will focus on our peers or seek cooperation, but we must adhere to our development plan, the original dream of entrepreneurship firmly moved to do." ”

"Just stupid and naïve" how enough? We have to be ' strong and lasting '. The 81 entrepreneur smiled and said, "I added the following sentence!" ”

Talk Sun Peng (work No. 62658) "Yong Xiang" in the heart

In Peter Pan, the J.m.barrle of British writer James Barry, the protagonist Peter Pan lives in an island Neverland away from the British mainland. In the 1940 Shanghai Crescent Bookstore published in Liang Shiqiu's translation, Will Neverland translation "Yong No township." In Peter Pan's "Yong No Village", people will never grow up, have a pure and immortal childhood.

In 2013, talk Sun Peng, 62658, gave up Ali's stable design work and went to Tibet to build his dream house "never Township".

In Talk Sun Peng's view, everyone's "Yong No township" are different, Peter Pan's "Never Township" is a place that can keep young and pure, represents a good wish can be achieved. For him it is a realization of the state of life-the peace of self and the fulfillment of others. The Shaanxi Boy majoring in industrial design always reveals compassion in his talk.

He admits that this is not the beginning of the plan, but really take a step to see. At first, he and friends Liu Junwen together, just want to go to Tibet to see the Tibetan people in the eyes of the God mountain, can clap the landscape to write stories selling medicinal herbs, increase their own and the Tibetan brothers Income, do a chic "God mountain tenant."

However, the business is always more and more big, when they accumulate enough popularity in the micro-trust friends Circle, many netizens know they want to build the house, they offered to support. "Thus, the building of this cabin by more people gave romantic impetus and spiritual comfort." ”

July 22, 2014, talk Sun Peng published a "500 Yuan for Snow Mountain House owners" in the public-funded projects, attracted a lot of people's response, the highest bid of 50,000. Now the huts have been built. In an interview with reporters, he was busy cashing in on his original promise to organize a return to the owners, including books, postcards and keys that were to be mailed immediately.

Talk Sun Peng said that he did not want to obtain economic returns, spending is basically flat. He hopes to help more Tibetans change their current living conditions and develop their own travel, medicinal herbs and other industries through contact with the outside world. Now, they hope to organize their own cabin to see the housing group to bring up the local tourism economy, has attracted some tourists to come.

This model has been the concern of property developers. Talk Sun Peng told reporters that next, he intends to accept a real estate investor commissioned to develop a farm. The investor in Chongqing, Hubei, Shaanxi, the junction of 100,000 acres of land bought, want to fry real estate but do not want to rot in the hands, then be talk sun Peng of the cabin plan attracted. This time, talk Sun Peng is going to build an artist utopia, and with Alibaba's "Poly Land" project two cooperation, and eventually developed into a new model of agriculture.

For talk Sun Peng, whether it was before the snow mountain huts or today's small town development, is essentially the same, is "to find a new way of life."

Talk Sun Peng's compassion is not willing to write some online chicken soup for the soul to preach, and hope to be able to change the status quo, to achieve the ideal life status, so that busy people all day to stop to see "The original life can also be another state."

However, do not think that talk Sun Peng is a job without a way out to embark on such a path. Before joining Ali, talk Sun Peng worked smoothly, and was a consulting firm's three most employees-"the youngest, highest position, highest salary". And at Ali International Station in a year, he is responsible for website design, rank also higher than peers.

Ali for a year, talk sun Peng Frankly this kind of work state and way gave himself a lot of help, for management means and division of Employment Professional quality is also a promotion. "The most intuitive, if not because of Ali, my public-funded projects will not get so much attention, you will not come to interview me." Talk Sun Peng also don't forget to tease a reporter.

Talk Sun Peng said he was very happy with the state of the day, "all the time is doing what you want to do, not doing what other people want you to do." Next, he is going to use the experience of Ali to talk with the real estate businessman about "Utopia" project, himself to do the general manager.

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