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[Core Tip] Although the definition of Internet products is broader, the weakness of human nature has not been compensated. This paper is the first of the Internet series to reinterpret the weakness of human nature: greed

Three years ago, the Geek Park has a use of human weaknesses of the Internet series of observation articles, in turn from the "greed", "Lust", "vanity", "peep", "lazy" and other angles to the gap between the various Internet products how to use the weakness of human nature to promote, forward.

Three years later, Internet products have become a broad term, in addition to the narrow range of Internet products, it also includes mobile internet products, wearable equipment and the emergence of the Internet in the past two years of thinking of the new hardware. In these three years, although the Internet product definition is broader, the weakness of human nature has not been compensated. This article is a reinterpretation of the first article of the series: greed.

There is no doubt that greed is the backbone of sales. In fact, greed has a more vulgar name called cheap. Three years ago is a group purchase, buy, seconds kill, draw the craziest time. And now Hundred Regiment War, the Thousand Regiment war has already become the past style, the competition of group buying field basically already stabilized, the daily life buys the movie and buys a restaurant also already become the custom. As for the point of purchase, reverse group buying, second kill has basically become the past, the lottery is also tending to a normal and stable marketing means, without the previous kind of full of manic forwarding. So what is the use of human greed in these three years?


Storage space

The network disk capacity has been "competed" recently, Baidu even bug belt marketing "2 wool 100GB capacity a year" soon after, a round of successful financing of Jinshan fast to each user to increase the 100GB permanent free space, and then know that the average user psychology of 360 also began to give users 360GB permanent free space activities. In this way, microblogging on the "rapturous" forward sharing, a few days ago also in the 5GB-10GB between the net disk capacity of the moment to turn a few times to the 100GB/400GB.

But is the average user of up to hundreds of GB of disk used up?


Microsoft will skydrive new users free space capacity from 25GB to 7GB, has done a survey (Via Livesina), 99.94% of the network disk users only use 7GB below the capacity.

Why do you want to take part in the activity if you can't use it? Because the user is greedy.

Network disk is not only to see capacity, service is the most important, happened recently Dropbox also engaged in activities, binding mailbox gift 1GB capacity, in the ordinary user looks like a stingy explosion. At home, it is clear how much capacity is only a gimmick, and most of these people are Dropbox, Skydrive users.

But for the vast majority of the average user capacity is certainly the greater the better, they only pursue the maximum capacity, regardless of their actual needs. And Jinshan, 360 is the use of users this "want more" greedy psychology, so that users actively for their publicity.

Once again, "the user's needs can be met, but the user's greedy thirst is hard to be truly satisfied."

Millet Mobile

Although originally Millet main is the enthusiast, the actual success of marketing and success is still its low price, from 1999 to 1699 in the current 799, in the final analysis of millet dozen ordinary users cheap psychology, they do not know what is MIUI, do not know what is Qualcomm Quad-core Qualcomm dual-core, They only know that the millet mobile phone is cheap and can draw hands.

Balance Treasure

For the balance treasure may be a lot of people have tried, the money will be transferred to Alipay can be more than the bank current higher than a lot of income, such as the same 10,000 dollars, in the bank annual income of only 50 yuan, and go to Alipay annual income can be 300 to 400 yuan. The middle price difference hundreds of yuan, for users simply need to transfer money can be obtained, why not?

and "online a week of users to break 1 million, half a month after the number of users 2.51 million, the cumulative transfer of capital scale of 6.601 billion yuan" data also shows that users still care about the difference between the middle.

Low Price Shopping Guide

Two years ago the most lively web site is beautiful said, Mushroom Street and visit the three Taobao Shopping guide site, the first two are brought to Taobao over billion sales, and stroll also has its own logic.

What's worth Buying?

But now, in the eyes of ordinary users, a website called What is worth buying is the most viscous. "What is worth buying" is a promotional information recommended site, its 80% promotional clues from the spontaneous needs of users of the explosion, and therefore cultivate a group of very high loyalty users.


Of course, what is worth buying can continue to fire the main reason is still cheap, and many are the products of the business, quality is guaranteed. Then a Amoy home also revised to similar form.

Nine pieces of mail

In the reality can often see 10 yuan shop, and the common goods on the Internet because logistics need express, buy low-cost goods is not worth it. But you can often see 9 or 9 packages of items on a promotional website worth buying. Likes this kind of information the user is called the Cabbage party, as the name suggests, the price is very Chinese cabbage, because the general situation only postage is more than 9 9, this time human's greedy nature again manifests, so cheap! The equivalent of a white send! " Don't buy what you don't need "the truth is immediately forgotten.


Therefore, last April on the line of nine postal mail Taobao sellers every day to bring the number of orders in more than 50,000, the monthly sales of more than 20 million, last year, its sales are not beautiful said and Mushroom Street.

Taobao parcel Post and electric dealer promotions

About Taobao Parcel Post is not introduced, before the Internet in the end should not be charged to users of the topic mentioned "mail" These two magic words, it often allows users to pay more money. Similar to the package of mail, the consumer's website is not uncommon for discount promotions are also the use of the user's cheap mentality, especially the east, in order to attract the attention of users, often make "out of stock when the price of goods when there is a price increase" behavior, are all want to take advantage of the user


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