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It is not difficult to enjoy the dinner made by a top chef at home, and the private chef's special dishes are scheduled to be munchery to help you achieve it. Munchery has just received the 28 million-dollar B-round financing from Sherpa Ventures, which is also the first investment since the establishment of Sherpa ventures.

Munchery himself employs 8 chefs, has his own kitchen, and works with many independent chefs. Users can view the daily menu through a Web page or mobile client to learn more about the chef's background and the details of each dish. After the order, users can choose to deliver door-to-door or from.

In fact, in the United States market has been a number of online booking sites, such as the GrubHub of the newly successful IPO, food material weekly ordering service provider Blue Apron is also about to usher in a new round of financing, delivery service Sprig received a round of financing 10 million dollars.

Munchery the difference is that it provides a special dish, not the cooked food cool, resulting in poor taste. The food itself is cool, but not frozen. The user only needs to use the microwave oven or the oven to heat up, can enjoy is no less than the restaurant food.

Currently, the Munchery delivers 5,000 dishes a day, including San Francisco Bay Area, San Rafael and Cupertino.

Conrad Chu, the company's CTO, said in an interview with Re/code that Munchery is now the largest takeout restaurant in the United States, and that Munchery's current sales reached $10 million trillion.

Munchery this round of financing will be mainly used for faster expansion, in the larger cities to operate, to attract more customers. This summer, Munchery plans to operate in Seattle.

Munchery completed $4 million trillion in funding last year, and as of now, total financing has reached 32 million.

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