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Baidu vice president Zengliang with Pepsi China CMO Richard Lee, fashion Group vice president of the publicity is, as well as well-known singer Wu Mo sorrow together, to "large data era, marketing is a technical work" as the theme, talk about mastering and using large data to choose the brand spokesperson's importance. Zengliang that, "to find spokesmen can not only rely on intuition, relying on large data Baidu is the most reliable." ”

Why is it most reliable to find a brand spokesperson through Big Data? Zengliang said, as users use the Internet habits of change, marketing has passed the "extensive" stage, peremptory is a technical work. "The impression and intuition of advertisers can no longer be an important basis for decision making." Sensitive smell, with large data analysis, in order to find the most suitable spokesperson. ”

At the meeting, Zengliang shared a classic case-Pepsi success Hand ranked "2013 Chinese female singers suck" first of Wu Mo worry do brand spokesperson. Zengliang from four dimensions, such as cognition, reputation, relativity and difference, explains how Pepsi can choose the Queen of Gold by large data, and how all kinds of value-added products of Baidu can provide services for the realization of a double brand endorsement.

Zengliang said, from Baidu Index, Baidu Wind and other data to know, Wu Mo worry of concern and visibility is very high, and even beyond Faye Wong, Li Dai and other popular figures. In fact, Wu Mo worry a debut is quite controversial, but from the big data to analyze Baidu, these disputes are limited to each audience to her different feelings, not her own negative or gossip. Pepsi View these data found that Wu Mo worry has a considerable reputation, and distinctive personality, with a strong cenozoic positive energy. This is another element of Pepsi's choice of Wu Mo worry.

"Visibility and reputation is not enough, must be based on brand characteristics to identify the difference and relevance of the spokesperson." "Zengliang explained, for example, Pepsi borrow brand probe tool to capture Wu Mo worry body adhere to the ego, Maverick temperament, this is very consistent with the brand of Pepsi. And through Baidu Sinan learned that the North was born Wu Mo, its concern crowd in the northern city is also significantly more, so can be in the corresponding region to increase the intensity of advertising. Baidu's series of tools can help advertisers find a unique and appropriate spokesperson to achieve more outstanding results.

Baidu's large data insights analysis, the final signing of the Pepsi, the controversial but distinctive personality of the pop star. Judging from the result, it is a perfect win. Baidu's search and the vertical product related data show, with Pepsi signing, this year, a slight drop in the popularity of Wu Mo again warming up, forming another new peak of popularity.

In the successful endorsement of Pepsi ads in 2013, Wu Mo worry among the "annual Chinese female singers aspiration" first. At the same time, the "Wu Mo" of the relevant search volume quickly climbed, which led to the growth of Pepsi brand concerns. Baidu Search from the list of figures of interest, Pepsi-Cola and Wu Mo the correlation is extremely high, is also Wu Mo worry endorsement of many brands in the only list. Zengliang said, "Wu Mo worried about the ad online, for Pepsi contributed a lot of new search volume and attention." Baidu Video and Baidu music data show that Wu Mo worry of the Pepsi advertising MV Broadcast volume has been nearly 300 million times. Pepsi and Wu Mo's cooperation, once again verified that the election to a plausible spokesperson can win the results of the total. ”

Talking about the advantages of large data Baidu, Zengliang added, "Baidu has large data of the gold mine, a huge database can store the real needs of netizens, this gold mine for advertisers insight into consumers have important value." In addition, Baidu has such as encyclopedia, know, music, library and many other product channels, is a need to integrate the media platform. Such a large number of data and insight analysis for advertisers to do brand building and marketing provides a good technical support. ”

In this respect, Pepsi CMO Richard Lee agreed: "Big data is also a necessary tool for marketing, in the past we have to do a lot of analysis, and now can use large data to widely insight into young people." At the same time, the large data provided by Baidu is real, which helps us adjust our strategy in time. "Fashion Group vice president of the public is also expressed strong willingness to cooperate," We are also very concerned about large data, hope and Baidu to work together to dig large data gold mine. ”

Baidu for two consecutive years on nearly hundred CMO research also shows that the CMO think the most need to master is the big Data marketing skills, excellent ideas and then rely on Baidu Big data and the whole platform of innovative products to make the most reliable decision-making. "Creativity is art and science, and in today's big data age, marketing is the perfect combination of data base and good intuitive judgment." If the composition of the art is added on the basis of science, it will surely achieve a multiplier effect. For example, in this era, the big data is the left brain of the CMO. "Zengliang Summary

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