Reminder: Special tickets are not easy to buy

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Summary: User complaints Ctrip special ticket to buy no response said due to update not timely January 17, leisurely swim received the reader Miss Cai's complaints: January 7, 2013, I booked on the Ctrip February 6 from Qingdao to Shanghai, the Eastern Airlines MU5520 flight, the price is 690 yuan. January

The user complains that Ctrip special ticket cannot buy the response to say because the update is not timely

January 17, leisurely swim received the reader Miss Cai's complaint: "January 7, 2013, I booked on the Ctrip February 6 from Qingdao to Shanghai, the Eastern Airlines MU5520 flight, the price is 690 yuan." January 16 9:00, I found that Ctrip released 290 Yuan ticket, so immediately the original ticket to refund and reformulation this ticket, but after the ticket, always unable to submit orders. Call Ctrip customer service personnel, they give the answer is that the ticket is Eastern Airlines in the national network promotional activities, many booking sites can be scheduled, so the space is full. But I called Orient Airlines customer service and told us that the flight was already full. ”

January 16 11:07 points, Ctrip again played February 5 MU5518 flight "290" yuan of the ex-gratia ticket. Miss Cai went to buy the time, the number of tickets showed there is another, but she still did not order success. The original ticket has been returned, the new ticket has not been bought, Miss Cai worried.

Miss Cai asked: Online these can never buy the special ticket is not a fraud?

17th 16:25 P.M., the reporter in the identity of the consumer to enter the Eastern Airlines customer service telephone, consultation February 5 and February 6 MU5518 flight is still available, customer service staff told February 5 only first-class ticket, February 6 economy class still have a class, first-class class also has 8 classes. When the reporter said in Ctrip is always booking unsuccessful, the customer service staff told reporters, because Ctrip is an agent, so Ctrip whether there is space, East Airlines this side can not query.

Ctrip Travel Network Hangzhou Branch of the relevant responsible Xu Zhoubing told reporters: "Oriental airlines MU5518, Qingdao to Shanghai, the ticket is a supplier of products." This situation, may be part of the supplier did not update the fare information in a timely manner, so that guests encountered in the query when there is a ticket, the next single when there is no ticket. In this respect, Ctrip will also urge suppliers to update fare information in a timely manner to avoid misleading consumers. ”

Due to the unsuccessful booking Miss Chua caused a certain distress, Ctrip decided to refund Miss Chua MU5520 flight refund fee, while let Cai bought 290 yuan ticket. Miss Chua accepted this approach.

Reminder: Special tickets are not easy to buy

The Spring Festival approaches, the ticket is difficult to buy, the related complaint also many. A netizen reflects the special ticket hanging on the internet, when the order of the website customer service will come to ask the special price has not been, another expensive on so some of the price is willing to buy, so that users really tangled: Do not buy it, the ticket may be gone; How long does it take to buy a ticket online? simpleton Reporters remind everyone: "The price of the online ticket will change at any time, the actual fares below the single page display price." If you need to unsubscribe, change the user, it is recommended to buy new, and then retire the old, so as to avoid temporary changes in fares suffered economic losses. ”

How can I get these special tickets? People in the industry to give us a few strokes:

One is to start a friend to use multiple user names on different computers (different IP addresses) to order tickets together. Second, the choice of evening time booking. Generally speaking, the airline's freight operator 18 o'clock off work, he will put the last batch of special tickets out before work every day, and is the largest number of a day, at this time the internet snapped up, the opportunity to buy special tickets is also very large.

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