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has recently been trying to get Baidu to back up my site, but is not included, outside the chain did a lot, is not what role, also read a lot of Bowen, today, try to the site of the collection to adjust, anyway, not included, as a test, maybe there is a turnaround. The designer of the decorator analysis is as follows:

Many articles I feel should probably be such a few questions, website "> Optimization over, There are a large number of reprinted or false original articles, a large number of links or connections are not normal, site title duplication, description cumbersome, through these points I conducted the homepage of the adjustment, the following first from where to draw these several conclusions.

First: Through a large number of online speculation, there are a lot of webmaster to repeat the K-station problem, I also analyzed a lot, I feel that most of us are talking about this problem, the minimum of more than 80% of the article said over optimization and links to these issues.

Second: Through actual combat analysis, Baidu recently dropped the right to a lot of sites, I have a lot of optimization of the station rankings are down, there is no way can only try, and finally feel a change in the domain name effect can be a lot better, in these new domain names basically do not have these problems, so the rankings come up a lot better, Perhaps Baidu is really in the hit SEO right now, anyway, after doing optimization, try not to.

Third: Through Baidu has been said customer experience to analyze, since the requirements of customer experience, it can not deliberately optimize the site, to natural, and suitable for the search engine crawl.

through the above analysis to confirm that look like to modify the homepage of the site may be included Baidu.

First, remove all anchor point links on the home page, to make the site as natural as possible, such as the link to the top of the site, the bottom of the link to be removed, this is mainly to let Baidu think we are not excessive optimization or optimization for optimization, do not underestimate this anchor point, a lot of time is the problem here, Temporary removal of the feeling will be beneficial.

Second: Update the homepage of the site, and remove some reprinted articles, this is to leave a spider a good impression, and strive to crawl, do not crawl on the impossible to update and include the home page, in fact, I do not know why I will be k off, I have every article is original, I suspect that the home page does not update regularly , because the homepage is static page, update a very troublesome, but see online said that there are many sites are not often updated, to be observed, but those garbage articles can be removed from it.

Third: Reduce the density of site keywords, such as the place of suspected cheating keywords, so that both reduce the density of keywords, but also make the site become very natural, not to have the suspicion of cheating, such as I put

hereThe unnatural places are removed, the introduction of natural, as well as here a bit of piling keywords, are not good, but also for the customer experience it. The

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