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February 9 News, Huawei President Ren in the Business Forum speech, once again put forward "offensive is the best defense", it is worth attacking themselves, forcing themselves to improve, and "turtle spirit" refers to the turtle identified the goal, no distractions, hard crawling, not speculative, not tricky.

In his speech, Ren put forward that the next 3-5 years is Huawei seize the "big data" opportunity to seize the strategic commanding heights of the critical period, while pointing out that business should focus on, profit, not blindly operate.

The following is the full text of the speech:

First of all, thank you, a year to achieve a lot of results, the second is to worship for a year, to the business of all staff, to the entire staff of the family.

First, two things to digress.

Recently I have written two articles, in the dissemination process has caused some misunderstanding, I first through you explained:

"Offense is the best defense" means attacking yourself, forcing yourself to improve, thereby creating a greater advantage. It was for the opening of the wireless product line, is aimed at Wang Tao said open, simple, a large number of small companies can also do sophisticated products, our advantages will be lost to say. I said to cha June and Wang Tao, "Open, simple still extremely competitive, the threshold of the Palace Museum open, simple, past you dare to cross it?" "Ding is strongly supportive of openness and simplicity. In the future, the pipeline flow is getting bigger and faster, the media is more and more, the network only becomes more and more simple, can adapt to need. When we try to make the Web simple, we reduce the technology threshold, but is the business threshold reduced? After the article spread out, was some media to change the title of the article to "counterattack into the United States", completely misunderstood the original intention. This time, we are attacking ourselves.

"Turtle Spirit" refers to the turtle to identify the target, no distractions, difficult to crawl, not speculative, not tricky, do not turn the big curved, followed "> Customer demand step-by-step crawling." The first 25 years of rapid economic growth, flowers everywhere, we do not gaze around, concentrate on, the next 20 years, the economic crisis may not be quickly past, there are no flowers, but also looking at what. Focus on business, simplify management, single-minded and unrestrained walk, can not go beyond?

Don't for us have no internet spirit to argue, the internet has a lot of good things we have to learn. We have to belong to the spirit of their own development, as long as the appropriate for their own line. 5,000 years later, if anyone wants to tofu, there will always be someone to grind tofu. I emphasize is that we for the information interconnection pipeline to do "tin", the world can Do "tin" Company has only two or three, we are also in advantage, do not always envy others. Now many of our employees, a mention of the internet, constantly said: "We are not internet companies, we must fail." "They do not see, can do the Pacific so thick pipe" tin "Company has few, we must be winners. So to firmly believe that Huawei is not an internet company is not important, Huawei's spirit is not the Internet spirit is not important, this spirit can make us live, is the most important. Turtle is determined to go forward, do not tangle, do not cling to, firmly believe in their own values, adhere to reasonable development, do not GE envy that mountain flowers.

There are employees in the company's voice community posted an outside critic's article, mainly said if for not sustainable profitability, virtual restricted stock is a bubble, will eventually burst. This article is about a truth. Therefore, Huawei needs to improve itself, focus on strategy, simplify management, eliminate redundant, eliminate backwardness, in order to constantly activate themselves. However, listed companies are not profitable, but also to collapse, not listed companies are not profitable and can not develop, we do not differ from the fate of others, only how hard.

The implementation of our virtual restricted unit is approved by the government, red and lawful. All the leaders of the central government have been concerned about this matter to see whether it can promote the development of industry and call it an attempt to socialism with Chinese characteristics. We also often go to Beijing to report the implementation, we are law-abiding. But any investment is risky, we are the risk bundle in the staff struggle, the staff of their own struggle with confidence, on the voluntary purchase, you can not buy. If you are worried that the company is now in a period of quiet development, anyone can voluntarily quit the virtual restricted stock plan, but after the exit can not be reversed to buy back. If you want to buy again, it is still based on the contribution of the saturated rights plan implementation.

Second, the next 3-5 years is Huawei seize the "big data" opportunity to seize the strategic commanding heights of the critical period. Our strategy should focus on how to improve the combat capability of the combat forces.

In our time, the last 3-5 years, the most important thing for Huawei is to seize the commanding heights of big data. These 3-5 years, if the UWB has been achieved, it is impossible to have another suitable for our next era. So what is the commanding heights of big data? We have a resolution in the Eastern Oct conference, so we can understand it by resolution. Not that the 400G is called the commanding heights, but any irreplaceable, strategic position is called the commanding heights. Where is the commanding heights? Just 10% of the businesses, 10% of the region. From the world to see large data flow, in Japan is 3% of the region, a convergence of 70% of the data flow; China is large, scattered a little, then about 10% of the region, will also converge on the future of China about 90% of the flow. So how can we take this chance? I think we need to focus on strategy.

We must learn to abandon strategy, only a little will prevail. When we launched the attack, we found this place very difficult to attack, long to attack, can adjust the team to the place to be able to attack, I just need to occupy a part of the world, do not occupy the world. Sticking around, you may miss out on some strategic opportunities that you can have in the future. To coordinate with large areas to determine reasonable abandon. The next 3-5 years, may be the best time to allocate the world, this time we emphasize must focus, to seize the strategic commanding heights of large data, occupy this commanding heights, others will be difficult to attack in the future, we will have tomorrow. You know how scary this data flow is, now the image is going from 1k to 2k, from 2k to 4k, to High-definition, the child with a mobile phone flap flap, do not cut, sent to the data center, you see this increase in traffic which is the geometric progression of your imagination Ah, is the growth of the super geometric, this is not the square relationship, but the cubic , four of the increase in the relationship between the traffic. This pipeline to increase the thick, the data center to increase, this is our strategic opportunity point, we must fight this strategic opportunity point, so we can not use the average strength, organizational reform to solve this problem, to focus on the strength of the combat forces to enhance the combat capability. Enterprise business in this historical critical moment, but also to seize the strategic commanding heights. You also have strategic location and have done a lot of good things.

Third, business scratch entrepreneurship, has made some victories, but also to focus, to profit, do not blindly spread the stall.

Mr Kun of the article has been online, we implement is to get sharing system, that is, you can not always take money from parents here, this is not sustainable. You scratch entrepreneurship, the past few years have gone through the extremely difficult road, the future development towards a more correct, better road, you have experienced this ordeal, bear such a great pressure, but also exercise a lot of excellent cadres. Mom and Dad foster children to market, it is impossible to help a lifetime, Mom and Dad die earlier, so history is always parents do not dote on children, is the most promising. The company actually treats you as a little fox, throws you in the enterprise business this desert inside, live down is the hero, does not live down we will turn this piece of business to turn off, just you these little foxes all survived, but also has many become the old fox.

I do not expect the rapid development of business, your slogan to exceed who, I am not interested. I think who does not need a super, is to exceed their belly, must eat full, you now have no stomach to eat, how you surpass others. I think business does not need to pursue the pursuit of bigger and stronger immediately, or to do a solid, make money, who live to the end, who live best. Huawei is not a great company in the world, in fact, we insist on living, others die, we are strong. So now I still think do not blindly big, blindly spread out, to focus on a small number of valuable customers, a small number of competitive products, in these several points to form a breakthrough. Like in the war, my division is the main mission, is to blow up the wall, then I hit the city is about 400 meters forward, the division has consumed almost, and then there are two division, and then went to the dash, from 400 meters to a kilometer, two kilometers, then down and then into three division, siege is so offensive. So we do not need to expand on the combat surface so wide, or to focus on, to achieve breakthroughs. When you make a point of breakthrough, the role and model of this victory is huge, this point in the same industry replication, you may have several times the profit. So we have to get down to the point of the value of the open hole, and do not just rip two of holes, quickly put these soldiers to another incision, so you are Genghis Khan, is Hitler, you want to occupy the world, you forces many roads, the last is necessarily death. I would like to emphasize that the corporate network has won some victories, but do not blindly spread the battle. Or to focus on a certain industry, a certain range of products, the more in the victory, the more do not blindly action. As I have said before, you have made a profit in China, I allow you to take half of the profits in China to open up the market, to do new market subsidies, open up, but to open up a promising market, rather than send to the most difficult place, you can use this expansion method.

On the whole, I think it is strength to clench fists, and there is no power to disperse. You have to think about how to break through, how to occupy the problem, don't ask me what to do, I will see how much you can make money.

Iv. to apply Huawei's product technology and network experience in the large-scale deployment of the operators to the enterprise business, we should dare to invest in the strategic commanding heights of the future.

You will use Huawei's large-scale deployment of product technology and network experience to the enterprise. Our optical access, wireless access, in fact, for the large network services, but can also be converted to your Small network services. Why can't you use wireless access to your corporate network? Seize this opportunity point, you do a good job, other places to sell the box is easy.

We now have to maintain a certain level of investment intensity, investment to focus on the strategic commanding heights up, robbed a strategic high point, do not sell so cheap, profitable money to do advanced research. We're not entirely operator-centric anymore, previously stared at the operator, because we only rely on operators to survive, and now we continue to move forward, the operator is our close customer demand, the long-distance end customer is the traction of our customer needs, so we grasp the end user's feelings, What we do will be welcomed.

V. Open cooperation, adhere to the integration strategy.

Cooperation is a matter of interest, I personally advocate the concurrence. We emphasize the focus, we still need a lot of things, we go to strategic cooperation with others, and is sincere cooperation, we have the help to resist international pressure.

Cooperation to find strong cooperation, such as sometimes my car is out of gas, I rub his car sit, always better than I walk, always better than I ride a donkey. So we have to dare, to be good at catching up with all kinds of cars in the world, we have diversified interests, diversification of interests, who can destroy you? Just like Microsoft, how many people have developed two applications, three applications on Microsoft Windows, and if Microsoft doesn't have all of his apps to be done again, how could he want Microsoft to collapse? Apple will not collapse in the short term, because Apple has a lot of partners, you see now the teaching system is using Apple software, the Apple app Store, the textbooks are all down. We also want to learn from these companies, but also to go this way.

The more partners the better, but if we integrate, we set up a lot of enemies to subvert the world. Who wants to subvert the world, and in the end he dies himself. All I think is to take advantage of Allied forces, I just have to build your boat, can earn some money is enough, why should I dominate the world? As we move to be integrated, we're going to build multiple partners and sell our products to the customer base with our partner group. For example, SAP (76.69, 0.41, 0.54%) was the first I talked to you, I said we want to be a strategic partnership, we will never enter its field, we start to cooperate, we have the opportunity.

Maintain a reasonable margin level without damaging the value of the industry.

In the industry market, we have to maintain a reasonable level of profits, can not damage the value of the industry. Many industry customers are the leader of a very high position, you and such a high number of people to communicate, learn a lot of things, will pay tuition. We've been doing this for more than 20 years just to get a sense of what telecoms operators need. That we have struggled for 25 years have not understood a customer, your enterprise net makes so many customers how to understand him? We can not understand, we must understand the customer needs of the cost of adding to the customer. So you want to sell the price more expensive, why sell so cheap? You're messing with the world by selling things so cheaply, and destroying market rules. Western companies have to survive, you think it's safe to destroy Western companies? We have raised this price, then the world says that Huawei has done a lot of business and has no threat to our price, so let him live.

Seven, within the range of remuneration package can be flexible design incentive system to encourage good children on the battlefield.

I think that as long as it is within the scope of your salary package, you have the freedom in the incentive design, do not wait for the company. Can find a few representative offices, first to do the pilot. Look, Brazil, I'll do the pilot. Brazil is very difficult, for years to reverse the loss. But I brought it up in Brazil, chose the six, did a good job, promoted it, and then activated the entire Brazilian organization, and morale increased. Financial said they did so after the first half of the year, the result is very good. This year's loss, the end of an exceptional rise controlled outstanding elements. You see, Brazil has changed, it's been on the right track for years, and it's likely to reverse its historical losses in a few years. So let's think about it. You have to create a way, encourage everyone to go to war, on the battlefield is finished, Dead is a hero, parents enjoy a happy, not dead is the general, parents also enjoy a happy, is the timid ghost can also go home, and wife every day together, also very happiness. You see, which road is a good road, ah, there is no "ancient Huashan Road" thing, your human resources can be more road, as long as can activate the organization, as long as can produce value.

Why can't you be a general when you're more than 20 years old? If I were as young as you, I'd be more than 20 years old to be a general. When I graduate from college, I go to work in the hardest place, and I go to Sudan. I downloaded all the Internet standards in my computer and downloaded all of the Chen's engineering forms, then I go to build a base station, I just graduated from university, I only built a base station, the weekend, please master dinner, "master, this noon I invite you to eat a bowl of tofu, this base station is what meaning", Master said I write down, In the evening I write the experience, writes the summary. Six months later, can tube a station group, I again learn to sum up, the group of stations I use inductive method to deal with, find the law, can't I still be general? When there is no essential difference between the commander and the company commander, as long as the company commander of the people, must be able to be captains, but did not become a company commander, directly from the staff to be a head of the men's life when the captains. Battlefield gun rang, not Dead is general, Dead is a hero. Ivan went home to live.

To attract talents and unite all the forces that can unite, this is our guarantee of success in the future.

Why America is so strong, why does America succeed? The United States of America, the original people are Indians, the United States is to use its mechanism to pull the world's talent there, to go there, all in the United States to lay eggs. Then we repeatedly persuade, you do not discriminate against US China, we China to buy your High-tech ah. Finally bought two eggs back, opened only to find the Chinese eggs. Why not leave Chinese chickens in China to lay eggs? Why do Chinese chickens run abroad? Why do capital outflows? Why do people have to drain? To reflect on what's wrong with us. How we can retain talent, how to attract talent. Now Huawei has changed its structure, more and more people joined, only now gradually strong. Then our future will be more powerful ah, next year's operating conditions will be better, and will be better, more and more good, more and more talents to join, we are not a "small United States" mechanism? We have to go beyond America to learn like America.

You see Google makes a lot of money, but only 50 people in China, its annual salary is very high, we and they are different. Huawei Company in the past is actually a three-stream talent of the company, first-class talent, second-rate talent fled, but why we can win, because we are united, United is a huge force, the world No one company 150,000 people, but also like us so united. So that we are invincible in the world, in addition to victory, we have what way to go? Business will gradually strengthen, I saw your things today, more powerful than the previous years.

Finally, congratulations to you, finally out of the predicament, tomorrow's dawn will be able to see.

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