Ren Zhiqiang: Controlling inflation is controlling house prices

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Every reporter Ye Shuli from Beijing recently in the CCTV "rival" program recording scene, talking about "now, we should not buy a house" topic, financial commentator Ye Tan that, under the background of inflation, the core factor of price rise and fall is currency circulation, not market supply and demand.  In accepting "Daily economic news" reporter question, Hua Yuan Group President Ren Zhiqiang also pointed out: "Control inflation is to control the price."  Ren Zhiqiang said that in the real estate regulation, if the real estate tax issued in the medium and long term, (property tax) will be passed on to the buyer, thereby pushing up the price. Inflation into real estate control "Lion" Zhang Wei is a Beijing publishing house senior Planning editor, in the home of Changzhi, Shanxi has a set of rooms. He told the Daily Economic news reporter said that he every day for the hands of the 200,000 yuan to worry about, "put the bank, can only watch the money is getting less, the gold price has been high, the stock market is ' falling."  Recently, he finally bought a house in Taiyuan. Asked why, he asks reporters: "In addition to the house, what is the way to maintain value?" He said, in fact, he did not want to buy a house in Taiyuan, because Taiyuan's house will not buy to live, either empty, or entrusted to the intermediary rental. He had to do it because "instead of putting money in the bank every day, it would be better to buy a house, make some money, or at least run a race with the CPI."  "Beijing Zhongyuan Real Estate three level market research director Zhang Dawei to the daily economic news," the reporter explained that the house buyers worried about the rise in housing prices, more worried about the depreciation of the purchasing power of money, so many hands have a certain amount of money people forced into the market "to avoid inflation." Pan Shiyi: If the money is over, buy a house in the "opponents" program, Soho China's chairman, Pan Shiyi, argues that a stronger power than visible policy regulation is market supply and demand. He concludes: "If the money is super, you must buy a house." Ren Zhiqiang in the reporter's question, pointed out that the current control of inflation is to control house prices. "I've got everyone ' from," means that when inflationary pressures are high, developers need to control asset prices. If asset prices are held down, inflationary pressures will become smaller. Inflation will always be digested. Current government regulation is to regulate inflationary pressure, because inflation affects people eating and drinking sleep. If the inflationary pressure is small to a certain extent, then there is no need to regulate, then the rich buy a lot of houses and others have no relationship, so the current regulation is temporary. "Ren Zhiqiang: Real estate tax will push up the price of housing many people are talking about the possible third wave of regulation, the main focus is the property tax."  Ren said that in the medium to long term, the property tax will push up house prices, so do not expect property tax to regulate house prices. He explained that first, the starting point of the introduction of property tax is not to regulate house prices, but to get rid of the local government's reliance on land finance, and secondly, in the context of urbanization and currency, the introduction of the property tax, the short-term market volatility, but in the long-term, can not change the situation of supply. thereforeAfter the introduction of the property tax, will be transferred to the buyer, thereby pushing up the price. Tan also thinks, the property tax if want to play the role of regulating house price, need to have 3 conditions: first, the currency can not exceed the hair, otherwise even if the property tax issued, house prices will still rise. Second, the protection of housing construction needs to keep pace. Third, local governments have changed their dependence on land finance.
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