Renren open Platform cooperates with Microsoft WP7 to launch the first application of two-dimensional code in social promotion

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The High-profile 2011 TechEd Microsoft Technology Conference, held in Beijing MasterCard Center on October 11, gathered 8,000 software developers and IT professionals. At the meeting, Matthew Bencke, general manager of mobile applications at Microsoft's Windows Phone division, officially announced and introduced Microsoft's in-depth collaboration with Renren's open platform on Windows Phone 7,  It is the first time that two-dimensional code scanning is used in the social communication of mobile app at home and abroad. In the keynote address, Matthew Bencke demonstrated how Third-party developers add Renren's "mobile social plugin" to the Windows Phone 7 gaming app, and install apps on Windows Phone 7 via a two-dimensional code on Renren.  This allows users to intercept the content of the game at any time to share to Renren, and other users can use the Windows Phone 7 phone to install the same application by scanning two-dimensional code, triggering rapid and effective social communication. "Renren mobile social plug-ins and two-dimensional code with Windows Phone 7 integration, so that Windows phone 7 applications can be automatically social communication through Renren, so as to help application developers greatly reduce the application of the promotion costs." Matthew Bencke, general manager of mobile applications at Microsoft's Windows Phone division, said at the conference, "with our deep cooperation with Renren, the application of Microsoft Windows Phone will spread through SNS more quickly in the Chinese market, which is Windows A unique innovation in phone. "This is a heartening good news for WP7 developers," he said. Compared with the simple information sharing in SNS platform, the installation of application through two-dimensional code will greatly increase the chance of attracting effective players and maximize the effect of social network communication. Renren Open platform in helping developers to promote the application, has always been the difference between Renren and other open platforms the largest characteristics and advantages of resources.  As China's earliest open platform, Renren has been using its own experience, user relations and promotional resources to help developers in the app market to lead, I believe that the depth of cooperation with Microsoft is bound to bring a certain impact on the mobile client market. With the development of mobile terminals and the continuous expansion of social properties in various fields, the game form is changing gradually. In the future, the combination of SNS and clients will become more and more close, Renren open platform is also focusing on mobile clients gradually. The depth of cooperation with Microsoft, is the open platform for Renren since the world's most in-depth technical cooperation. In the future, everyone will redouble their research and development in the field of mobile Internet, and continue to refine their technology to allow social networks to continue to shine more brightly in app transmission.
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