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As the number of registered participants has reached three times times the maximum capacity of the main venue, for the next week's arrivals, waiting for documents has become an endless "war" Cao Haili from Copenhagen December 14, Monday.  The United Nations weather Conference was on the first day of a decisive week and temperatures in Copenhagen fell to 0 degrees. This is also the first day I came to report this conference, I did not expect to stand for four hours in the freezing weather, and I did not receive the admission certificate.  And there are thousands of people who have had the same experience.  Our five-person press corps, funded by the Chinese-foreign dialogue, arrived in Copenhagen on the evening of December 12 for the second week of the weather talks.  I've always joked that the second week of Copenhagen was due to the emergence of important people in the second week, such as the Ministers of Environmental energy in various countries, as well as heads of state and key leaders in more than 110 countries, including President Barack Obama and Wen Jiabao, China's premier.  However, the fact was quickly confirmed that the second week was not a matter of celebration. 13th, Sunday. According to the previous mail sent by the secretariat of the General Assembly, this day can be registered for obtaining entry documents. So we took the subway to the Beira center in the morning, but the door was responsible for the security work the local police told us that the Sunday closed all day, do not apply for documents to receive.  We had to return bitterly. In the evening of Sunday, colleagues who came in a week suggested that we should go early in the morning of Monday because there would be a lot of people. Since the number of registered people far exceeds the limit that the venue can accommodate, the practice of restricting entry has been introduced since the first week.  It is also rumored that journalists from the next week could be in trouble because of the plethora of documents issued by the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). We got up early-when I got up 6 o'clock, it was still dark outside. In the winter of Copenhagen, it was late in the morning, dark early (at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon in the evening). But it was a late episode-it was already 8 when we got to the center of Beira.  At the door, a team of policemen stood in command order twos and threes, they instructed us not to queue up behind the document, the document can be released. We looked for the end of the team with the newly arrived crowd. Looking for, found that this two-bend team has been discharged more than 200 meters away.  We took a sip of the air. The procession was moving very slowly.  Soon there was a long line behind us, which made us feel better--we were not at the end of the line. The air was saturated with a piercing cold. Slowly, we all began to feel the body's heat gradually dissipated.  I started bouncing around in situ, thinking that if I could practise taijiquan for a while, I'd be fine. Half an hour passed, and we only marched about 10 meters. Everyone seems to be very patient.  And the team behind us is getting longer, and we can't see the end of the team. Suddenly, there is a group of people behind the line to the other side, and then, more and more people to join them. What's going on? Did you open a new channel?? We looked.  Being blocked by the pillars of the elevated subway, we could not see where these people had gone, but saw that more and more of the people behind our team ran to join them. This made us waver, and one of the colleagues decided to go over and see.  After a while, he came back to say, see not clear the situation, we still do not do well. So we continued to line up our team. One hours have passed. The cold felt more and more pronounced. At this time, the police in our side with a cordon to isolate a channel, soon, a group of people with documents are lined up a team. I don't know why.  Maybe it's a lot of people coming in.  In short, we are not in the mood to care about their fate. Time has gone by with nothing to do and a sharp feeling about the cold. Two hours later, we only moved less than 100 meters. My toes are starting to numb. I was bouncing all over the place. Colleagues are also starting to move.  A male colleague's upper lip hangs his nose. Saw an acquaintance come over. Huang is the global vice president of Chicago Weather Exchange. He naturally "inclusions" to us. He said in surprise that there were so many people in line.  He was amazed when he heard that we had been in line for two hours. He said that when he knew there were so many people in line and had to queue so long, he put on his thick coat and gloves. He was invited to speak at a side meeting that afternoon, so he just wore a pair of trousers.  Soon he shivered with cold, and kept worrying about his illness.  From the activities of the toilet back to the colleagues said that the toilet is quite warm, and suggested that if you want to warm, you can go to the toilet for a while. The team stopped and walked, crawling like a snail. People say that the Beira Center subway station (just at the entrance to the venue) for temporary traffic control, the train does not stop (sound familiar?  , the people who came to the meeting had to get off at the previous stop and come over, because the people outside the hall were too congested.  When we got out of the station at the subway station, we saw the police cordon off the exit. Huang to throw a thing, he drilled through the cordon to find the trash bin. He chatted with the policeman who was guarding the entrance to the subway. At this moment, the opposite person is running.  Huang with the past. I thought he had been watching, but it was a while before he came back. Our team is moving forward.  Still missing him, I began to wonder if he had mixed in. There are barbed wire outside the venue to get into the venue first through the barbed wire entrance. Almost 12 o ' time, we finally moved to the point near the barbed wire entrance.  The two teams (the other team was formed earlier) are assembled here. Not far away, there is a large screen with a non-governmental organization playing a promotional video. One of them is President Barack Obama's head, which means, "No action now, after 10, how will you tell your grandchildren?"  The Obama avatar changes to 10 years of gray hair and wrinkles on his face. We're just waiting. Have highThe speaker said that those who entered the barbed wire would wait an hour or so to enter the venue, while those outside the barbed wire could wait more than 3-6 hours to enter. On hearing the news, we were all in despair. We decided to solve the lunch problem first. But there is no place to sell food around the venue-the Beira center is in a place nowhere the village.  I suggest a man take the subway to the city to buy some food to bring back. Some colleagues suggested that, in this way, we might as well go back and return to the big room we rented, we can eat instant noodles. Lined up here, cold and hungry, there is no output. The key is not knowing when to go in.  The place where the certificates are registered will be closed at 6 o'clock. Two male colleagues decided to be home. The remaining three of us decided to wait a second--to give up and feel resigned.  So, they call a friend of NetEase in the meeting room, entrust him to buy some food to bring out to us those who prepare to continue to line up. I'll call Huang. He said he had gone into the barbed wire-he had three security guards.  It's not fair, I shouted. NetEase's friends brought us lunch, sandwiches and some fruit. Thank him so much.  This is indeed a timely relief. The sky began to float with tiny snowflakes. We ate sandwiches in the freezing air. How many feel a bit embarrassed, because the people around us and the same, row for a whole morning, still dripping water. Not far away, a slogan hung by NGOs, "vegetarian is the way to save the world."  I looked at what was in my sandwich, but it was chicken, not beef. After eating sandwiches, I suddenly did not want to row. I said I was ready to go back. The easy water of Sino-foreign dialogue decided to go back with me.  Only the Southern Metropolis Daily is determined to wait until the final deadline. Back to the warm home to check the mail, UNFCCC, the training Director of the journalist training program, said in an e-mail that what happened this morning would be "pediatric" compared to what might happen in the next few days this week.  He gave a number of precise figures: 45215 people were enrolled in the conference, 11500 were members of the government's negotiating delegation, 22774 were non-governmental organizations and observers, 3487 in the media and 7400 in the United Nations staff. However, starting in Tuesday, the General Assembly will limit the number of non-governmental organizations and observers entering the day to 1000 people. They will need to re-register to receive their documents.  The Beira centre can hold a maximum number of 15,000 people, but today the number of people admitted has reached 22387. More than two o'clock in the afternoon, Qin chop unexpectedly also came back.  He said that some speakers shouted that today's meeting capacity is full, the General Assembly secretariat will no longer receive any registered documents, please return.  However, when he left, there are many people stranded outside the venue, because of the distance, can not hear loudspeakers shouted. Jeremy said in the mail, as many heavyweight figures will arrive in the second week, securityWork will be more stringent. It is expected to enter the venue daily for at least one hours (with documents).  And by Friday, things will be worse. However, our documents have not been received, can not enter the venue, how to do the report? Our only option is to arrive at the venue one hours in advance the next day. This article is from Hu Shuli our network
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