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The city of Chu Tian newspaper reporter Chen recent media focused on the professional evaluation of the network sellers harm, in recent days, the reporter joined three professional Evaluation group for undercover investigation, to find out their modus operandi: looking for the target-buy their own single-group master negotiations-sellers compromise-collective division. Taobao (micro-blog) response, will improve the system loopholes to prevent the occupation of the rampant evaluation division. QQ Group to the members of the evaluation of training reporter search found that the internet to "bad Comment alliance" "Taobao Difference Evaluation Division" for the name of a number of QQ group, many refused to join, a small number of dozens of people, a large scale of hundreds of people. The reporter applied to join the three groups, found that the QQ group resources sharing, one day may "Hunt" to about 10 goals, they threatened the seller to the next one, if the seller asked them to change evaluation, they to the seller to "compensation." June 26 Noon, the reporter in one of the group to see, more than 20 clap instant snapped up the price of a mosquito-proof hand band 1.98 Yuan. Less than 10 minutes, the group announced that the seller has compromised to more than 10 "buyers" pay 10 yuan per person compensation. In return, the administrator extracts each "clap" 10% of the handling fee. According to the Taobao regulations, in addition to Ali chat software, other through SMS, QQ and other means of access to the chat records, can not be used as a complaint evidence. Taobao Sellers told reporters: "To the poor evaluation of the opening of the money is too many people, some to dozens of yuan, some hundred yuan, but generally not more than 1000 yuan, because this is the standard of the police." Reporter in a called "Taobao Difference Evaluation Division" QQ Group, the administrator self-proclaimed negotiator, the other members are clapping hands. In the group of shared files, "Meat standard", "Difference assessment process", "various issues" and other training papers impressively in the column. Hubei sellers encounter 15 a day "on Taobao sold a few years of native products, unexpectedly met the professional evaluation division." Hubei Sellers Liu Ming (alias) in Taobao opened a native shop, last week, a seemingly ordinary transaction, so far he was angry. Last week, a seller from Guangdong took a breath of 15 pieces of treasure, the unit price is 10-20 yuan. Orders, payment, delivery, in accordance with the process of Liu Ming to complete the transaction, did not think that the buyer actually all 15 items under the bad comment. "Ask for information through want want, the other side always do not respond, just leave a message, to pass through a mobile phone number communication," Liu Ming said, the other side after the phone, directly said to point compensation to revise the difference evaluation. When he offered a full refund, the other party refused. "The price is $10 per order, totalling $150". Helpless, he can only pay the money. After the account, the buyer immediately modified to "praise." New store, low-cost packet mail easy to target Netizen "hundred music Camp" summed up the most vulnerable to malicious bad critic to stare at the characteristics of the store: the credibility is not very high, generally in the shop below 3 drill, there is no or very little in the shop, there are low price of the goods or gifts, the lower the price, the lower the cost of malicious evaluation division of extortion costs. Ying Ke (Wuhan) Law firm lawyer Liu Daqiao that malicious bad comments if tiredThe amount of blackmail amounted to 4000 yuan, or the cumulative extortion reached three times is a criminal act, to be held criminally responsible. For many sellers choose to compromise, a reluctant to disclose the name of the senior poor judge told reporters, treatment of professional evaluation Division must not "bow" compromise, the so-called "same shop not patronize two times" commitment is not credible. "These people often change a vest to continue to blackmail, or the store's information and other peer sharing, encounter Professional evaluation Division, actively retain evidence to Taobao complaint is the right path." "Taobao response will be perfect system construction yesterday, Taobao related officials said, Taobao has been highly concerned about the recent frequent malicious bad judge blackmail phenomenon, will be jointly related departments to protect the rights of Taobao sellers. What do sellers do when they encounter "malicious bad Judge"? Taobao related people told reporters that if the seller encountered a malicious evaluation or complaints, you can through complaints channel representations, submit Ali chat screenshots and other evidence to defend rights. Site verification can be revoked after the evaluation and complaints, malicious evaluators serious cases, but also to the evaluation of the person's account to do a permanent freeze punishment, the violation of the law will be transferred to the public security organs to deal with. It is understood that the current Taobao official website set up a "malicious evaluation" of the complaint channels, as long as the buyer's evaluation was confirmed as "malicious evaluation", Taobao can help the shopkeeper to delete the evaluation content and corresponding evaluation points, to prevent malicious bad judge of extortion.
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