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Research and Development Weekly: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by 3D Bee published in 2013-03-29 13:43| Times Read | SOURCE csdn| 0 Reviews | The author Zhang Hong Month Research and Development weekly Javascriptpatrick Wyatt Game development Third party application open platform Open source Polycode Summary: Busy week finally past, leisure time may wish to savor our carefully presented for you this technical feast. Current Issue: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by the 3D Bee; the Father of Warcraft: This year the game industry will have a revolution; review: Third party applications blocked by the platform side.

We have selected the essence of this week's research and development channel, recommended to your absolute "have material", leisure time may wish to savor our carefully presented for you this technical feast, may have you unexpected harvest. Current Issue: Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by the 3D Bee; the Father of Warcraft: This year the game industry will have a revolution; review: Third party applications blocked by the platform side.

This issue of hot playback:

1. Magic! 1KB JavaScript code written by 3D bees

I believe a lot of net friends remember last year CSDN reported the same 1KB JavaScript code written by the 3D Rose, or 2010 years of 3D Christmas tree. Careful netizen may notice, these two magical works are the Spanish developer Román Cortés in the js1k contest, this year he brought the same magic 3D bee-long tentacles, tie.

Left and right, respectively, before and after the action of fuzzy processing

Due to js1k rules, the work only supports Firefox 18, Chrome 24, and Opera 12 and 13. If you have installed the above browser, you can choose to view the online demo.

The implementation of this work uses many algorithms and rendering techniques, and the authors explain their technical principles in detail on their blogs. The source code is as follows (compressed):

_= "g=[v,j=wv,-j]];jx=83, (+3+kd37uji&32?70:,-80y2]b=a[j]=c.clonenode leb.getcontext (' 2d ' bAb;x=8# 8-x,6+x (j <17x7;<xeh@x*@x*y,.07$osetintervalcle5;a e#73d-=7$7<zah0#-i$q,-8oj++; ze8q/((i+)%3095w0-e*5,6-e#*5#og.sortreturn-ev]}^)/-[,=+]v];y=^x^) (X/6) +;x=0y8q;~~f2]w-@x-~f4]/1*^5+/f3 ]-@yL; F2]&&z_beginpath (_moja (_BEZIERCURJ))})},j=4ojlj?ca1q:9q;z=x=*yzj| (z+1)%.5<.1&& (z*) (191+ (E527368,xb9+ui3*e, (59525-y*; 5188+ ABS (e8-i%) <54-d&&yd2e4#+e*/|[ 1$4$,,$,8$][~~ (D48+E/3) w90+d8,i] cos (>>j*4&15) sin (i (function (b#) {F0]) *--;) F1] StylE ' Hsla (' +[for , Math.iG.push ([), _drawimage (a[270+ '% ',. Fill (j&15k (y=))/8 '/2,y501660j/.height=1]+ ') ', I (. 5+.5#,e$,1@30+ a.width=b* (10*di/ee=fb[hrect) (Jveto (yi*li=o); Qe3upi*v[0w],x+y-kzi^_a. ' +x+ '; for (y=0;$= "_^zyxwvuqolkjhfedba@$#" [y++];) with (_.split ($)) _=join (pop ()); eval (_) Related works:

Valentine's Day 3D rose Christmas 3D Christmas tree


Previous versions in the latest version of the Chrome and Firefox nightly has no wings to show the bug, has been repaired, the online demo address has not changed. A netizen mentions another js1k works--strange crystals (Endless tunnel) is also very magical, 3D Bee's author Román Cortés has made the two together, and still less than 1KB. In response to user requirements, the author has "3D Bee" source Code and "Tunnel 3D Bee" source code packaging upload, you can click here to download.

2. The Father of Warcraft interview: This year the game industry will be a revolution

Through an accidental opportunity, the owner of Warcraft's father, Patrick Wyatt (Pat) an interview. In the interview, Pat said he was more proud of the Guild War than Warcraft and StarCraft, because the game was not developed as hard as the previous two, and has also succeeded in exercising many new developers.

Patrick Wyatt (Pat) has been Blizzard Development & Search Vice President, participated in Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo,, Guild Wars, and other products development, CSDN has also written about his Warcraft, StarCraft development process related blog post compiled and reported. In this article, from Bo Master kviceral to Pat's interview, Pat on the game, AI, software development and other aspects have expressed their views.

The Father of Warcraft, Patrick Wyatt.

You've been involved in a lot of popular game development work, which one of the most proud of you?

Pat: This is a difficult question to answer, because every game is devoted to my efforts. It really should be Guild War, which is our success in small teams.

We created a new company (ArenaNet) from the blizzard, built this very innovative game from scratch, and didn't even work hard to get overtime, but in the end we succeeded.

In ArenaNet, we recruited a lot of newly-graduated students, so many of them didn't know how much the development process of Guild War was different from "traditional" game development, but I'm glad they didn't have the same perennial crunching as most of the people in the industry.

When the

Guild War was developed, we were the only commercial MMORPG (large multiplayer online role-playing game) that gave up the subscription model (by paying a monthly subscription fee for unlimited gaming), and you can play indefinitely after you buy the game.

What's your favorite game in the last 2-3 years?

Pat: I'm enjoying Dayz's zombie theme game, and I'm amazed that I've enjoyed this game, and creeping on the ground for 10 minutes doesn't sound like a good idea, but the background of the game will make you crazy! I also occasionally play League of Legends, also very like Kindom Rush (Iphone/ipad) the Warcraft and StarCraft influence of the tower defense game, I and my children are very fond of playing. Recently I also found Airmech, is a good game.

What do you think is the biggest innovation in the game world in the past 5 years?

There is no doubt that the great success of the "Free Game" business model in the Western market has changed the way games are developed. Designers need to be more committed to creating fascinating experiences to keep their long-term stickiness to the user, but the downside is that some designers are using their creativity to get users addicted to the game or other "dark skills" rather than adding to the fun of the game. I would like to use "psychological manipulation" and other "dark skills" of the game will be fewer and less.

The other is the mobile game. Creating fun but Low-cost Games is very commendable! Recently, I found myself playing mobile games much longer than the PC host game. I believe that as game designers are more adept at using the small screen of mobile devices, they can bring us more outstanding works. >> View the original

3. Review: Third party applications blocked by the platform side

An application from the bud to the final real line, the period to experience all kinds of hardships, not very easy to launch, but also to be the platform side of the obstructive. If your application does not conform to the platform's developer agreement, it will be blocked. What about the efforts that have been made before? short In this paper, some typical cases of being blocked by platform are cited for reference only.

No.1 Adblock Browser plugin blocked by Google

Event playback: In March 2013, Google removed a very popular application Adblock Plus from its App store, Google Play, and several other applications related to shielding advertising.

Official reason: The Adblock Application violates Section 4.4 of the developer deployment Agreement: "Unauthorized access to other services or products is prevented by the use of unapproved means".

Developers complain: "We know that advertising revenue is important to Google, but Adblock plus does not automatically block all ads, but lets users choose to shield or not Adblock," said Till Faida, founder of the company.

Comment: Google is advertising to make money, and Adblock Plus plug-ins can shield ads. To be frank, Google's move to this application is now a surprising place.

No.2 Vintage camera was killed by Facebook No.3 third party image hosting service Twitpic, Yfrog was deleted by Twitter No.4 third party payment was blocked by Google Play No.5 Dropbox SDK application by Apple under the No.6 fawave, micro-bo, such as Sina Weibo Third-party applications were blocked No.7 Emoti for Facebook was deleted by Facebook inexplicable

As a netizen said: There is no real open, there is no real fair competition. The platform will always have one vote of veto power. So how can developers move ahead in the lurch? How to avoid the platform side of the "not to see" it?

The author thinks, the platform side and the developer "friction" is nothing but tort or dividend not all caused. How to draw this "red line", Taobao VP Wang Wenbin's answer is very representative, after he received an interview with CSDN reporters on how to view the platform and developers to benefit from the question said: Define what is the official basic tools, which are third-party tools, it is difficult to draw a clear line, there will be some vague areas. It is important to emphasize that Taobao does not want to compete with developers for profits to eliminate third-party applications. Taobao more concerned about the user data on the platform security and privacy can be guaranteed, user experience can improve, Taobao want to see the platform of Third-party manufacturers bigger and stronger.

4. Fly a letter head-on confrontation with micro-trust, users can buy?

An accidental leak in the mobile internal PPT not only stirred up the communications and Internet industry a pool of spring, but also disrupted the heart of the relevant companies. China Mobile wants to reconstruct the letter, the Development and Reform Commission said to the micro-letter to charge, then users can buy it?

Flying Letter is a comprehensive communications service launched by China Mobile in May 2007, that is, fusion voice (IVR), GPRS, SMS and other communication methods, covering three different forms (full real-time voice service, quasi real-time text and small data traffic services, Non-real-time communication services) of customer communication needs, Realize seamless communication between Internet and mobile network.

Micro-letter is Tencent on January 21, 2011 launched a fast through the network to send voice text messages, videos, pictures and text to support many people chat mobile phone chat software. Users can use the micro-letter and friends to form more rich similar to text messages, MMS and other ways of contact. Micro-credit software itself is completely free, the use of any function will not charge fees, micro-mail generated by the Internet traffic charges by the network operators. Micro-letter is a faster instant messaging tool, compared with the traditional way of communication, more flexible, intelligent, and save charges.

2007 China Mobile launched the chat tool, has been 6 years of flying letter software, because of communication with the SMS business is widely concerned, but the situation is not optimistic. According to statistics, now the number of users of the letter is not Tencent QQ One-fifth, the average monthly use of less than one-forty fifth of the latter. Even more so the fear is that, in the 2012 China Internet Conference, Tencent CEO MA in micro-blog announced that the number of micro-letter users has reached 200 million, as of January 2013 registered users have exceeded 300 million. This is the birth of only 2 years of mobile chat software, the development of such a rapid, so that the industry is quite shocked.

Micro-letter because of its easy to operate, can make friends, become a young man's tool for making friends. The initial micro-letter to the text communication, mobile phone photo sharing as a selling point, in the late development process to find "Look around the people" and "shake" the function is more popular with users. The number of new users on the micro-credit day increased by hundreds of thousands of, establishing its absolute dominance in the mobile app market.

5.Web Frame Rankings Netty, servlet and Vert.x top three

How much impact does a framework have on Web site performance? The answer may surprise you. This data is obtained from the Techempower test of self-proclaimed CTO outsourcing company:

Frame list:

Surprisingly, the top three were Netty, Vert.x and Java Servelet. So how fast are they faster than Ruby and Django? At first we guessed it might be 4 times times the difference, but it was astonishing that it was 40 times times between Vert.x and Rubyon rails.

In this test, we configure and deploy according to accurate documentation and community advice, and configure and deploy as much as possible in a real production environment. We have detailed descriptions of how the test environment for each framework is built and tested, and you can click to view the test details for each frame.

Open Source Series:

6. Tencent Open-source Professional-level image processing engine based on HTML5 technology Alloyimage

Tencent Web front-end Alloyteam also launched the latest open source projects, a HTML5 technology based professional-level image processing engine--alloyimage (AI) and an online Web image processing platform--alloyphoto (AP). This indicates that Tencent's Web front-end team will be in the bottom of the basic technology to do in-depth research, and will be more for the industry to provide basic technical services, but also with HTML5 dream factory to promote HTML5 technology in the industry's extensive and in-depth application.

Alloyimage is a web-based online image processing engine developed using the JavaScript language, in addition to the core underlying image processing engine, and also integrates a number of quick and easy image processing APIs that you can quickly and easily refer to your Web pages. Make the same graceful effect as Photoshop. Even, you can use Alloyimage to develop a web online image processing software, such as: Web version of the Photoshop--alloyphoto.

Alloyphoto Simple Moderator Interface

Alloyimage mainly uses HTML5 's canvas technology and makes innovative attempts at multiple layers (layer) processing, not only that, in the technical implementation level, its architecture is easy to expand, users can easily write a alloyimage filter plug-in, Many APIs support overloading, and parameter passing is flexible.

At present, Alloyphoto has a simple version and professional version of two versions, its source code hosted on the GitHub. Subsequent alloyimage will continue to update, will be more processing effects and tools to join in, and will make some optimizations and attempts in performance, Alloyimage will strive to do an open, open source of the powerful JS Image library.

7.Polycode: Free, open source Cross-platform (game and app) development tools

Polycode is a free, open source Cross-platform game and app development tool, followed by the MIT protocol, its core in C + + writing, support Mac OS, Windows, Linux, will support iOS and Android.

Developers can think of Ploycode as a C + + library, or they can write Lua scripts in their IDE. The Ploycode API is designed to "do more with less code." It performs rendering and update operations using the Scenegraph management system, and can also customize rendering and updating.

The code written in the IDE can be published directly to the supported platform, and if only the Lua script is written, the IDE automatically creates a "Ployapp" application format that contains all the code and resources and encapsulates them on a specific platform layer.

Hosted address on GitHub: Https://

In addition, similar C + + Cross-platform open source game engine and development tools are: Moai: Its mainly for PCs, mobile phones, and cloud-based game development; Cocos2d-x: Open Source Mobile 2D gaming framework across platforms, easy to learn and use; cinder, Unity3d and GarageGames Open source torque 3D game engine.

8.Linux Container Runtime Docker open source

Docker is a cloud computing platform, it uses Linux lxc, Aufu, go language, cgroup to achieve the independence of resources, can easily achieve file, resource, network isolation, the ultimate goal is to achieve similar PAAs platform application isolation.

Notable features:

File system isolation: Each process container runs in a completely separate root file system. Resource isolation: system resources, such as CPU and memory, can be allocated to different containers, using Cgroup. Network isolation: Each process container runs in its own network space, virtual interface and IP address. LOG: Collects and records each process container in the standard stream (Stdout/stderr/stdin) for real-time and bulk retrieval. Change Management: The modified container file system is submitted to a new image, retained for reuse to create more containers without templates or manual configuration. Interactive Shell to go to the official website to see more details:

SOURCE Hosting Address:

Previous Period review:

Research and Development Weekly: Wanghuai to the Technical Entrepreneurship team's 10 tips

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