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With the popularity and development of SEO in recent years, more people recognize the importance of network marketing, to realize the role of SEO on the network marketing, many network companies are also widely engaged in the site to optimize the business, how to operate this project, to find a reasonable mode of operation, I think this is now a lot of network companies face the problem , but also SEO industry people deserve to think about the problem.

1. Why should the website optimize this business? Very simple enterprises to carry out network marketing has this demand, demand is the market, very simple, network companies in order to improve income.

2. What kind of personnel is required? A technical staff with SEO experience, plus the existing designers, programmers, salesmen, according to the volume of business to provide seoer need personnel such as editing

3. What are some of the problems now?

Personnel issues: A lot of network companies add up on a few people, and do the site and talk about business, at the same time optimize, and some companies are more than 10 business personnel, technical personnel on two or three, must give seoer enough personnel, Designers and programs need to modify the site in accordance with the requirements of seoer or to do a new site, as well as editors and outside the chain of personnel, and so on, if the few people, you have so much energy and time?

SEO Comprehensive problems: SEO optimization would have been difficult to do, need time, such as Baidu included, or update snapshots, and so on, and if the competition is more intense, to do the natural ranking of the top 10 is also difficult, the salesman is also lack of relevant professional knowledge, many problems did not explain, Customers are also three days five days reminders, the phone is constantly. There is the time to do up the ranking floating problem, the daily update of the site, many corporate sites are often not updated, coupled with the site itself, the problem of optimization is difficult.

Price and service time issues: Make a website optimization to analyze the customer's website, unreasonable place to modify, or even redo, if the keyword is more popular, the competition is more intense when the natural price is high, and then our service time is a year, ranking maintenance to spend a lot of manpower and time. There is this service time guarantee is a year, the key word ranking unavoidably floating, there will be some problems, plus a number of sites need to rank maintenance, imagine the consequences.

Brother Yong's Point of view: The staffing of technicians and salesman to be reasonable, optimize the price should be reasonable, the service model can be done, four aspects, the site after the optimization of the site, keyword ranking, site traffic, website conversion rate of the situation ranking, as well as the time spent manpower and material resources to set a price, This is appropriate for the customer.

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