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Different access to the Internet users, E-commerce site shopping behavior is not the same, brought about by the number of orders and conversion rates are also different. The accurate measurement of the order quantity and conversion rate brought by each access source can provide quite important information for the promotion strategy of the E-commerce website market. Similarly, the clear understanding competitor's market promotion means and the efficiency, also may facilitate the enterprise own strategy adjustment. Therefore, Eric Consulting Group relies on the E-commerce Service Evaluation Tool Ecommerceplus (hereinafter referred to as Ecplus), especially for E-commerce sites to visit the source of orders and conversion rate of issues, conducted a special topic.

According to Eric Consulting E-commerce website Service Evaluation Tool Ecplus Data Research, we can know that China's mainstream E-commerce Web site access from direct access to the highest number of orders, followed by the navigation site, again for the search engine; Eric Consulting analysis that the E-commerce website marketing and network advertising should take into account the number of access to the order and conversion efficiency, as well as the promotion costs of each channel, we can work out the most suitable for their own and the highest cost-effective network marketing strategy.

Access source Order Quantity: Direct access to the highest number of orders, search engine lower

To the domestic two large e-commerce sites for example, to a site and b site of the name of the generation. Ecplus's data show that September 2011 A and B sites each access source order structure is similar, from direct access to the highest number of orders, respectively, 76.6% and 82.8%, followed by navigation sites, 14% and 12.1% respectively; again, the search engine, 7.6% and 4%.

If detailed to the site level, you can see that, on the whole, although the search engine performance is not good, but for a site, Baidu is still second only to direct access to the visitor order source, followed by the hao123 Web site navigation. And for the B site, from the 360 site navigation and hao123 URL navigation of the visitor order contribution 二、三位.

Eric Consulting analysis that the first domestic mainstream E-commerce site direct access accounted for the highest, followed by the direct access to the Internet users more frequent, the purchase frequency is relatively high, the two-phase promotion resulted from direct access to the Netizen contributed the largest proportion of orders, and this part of the order to contribute more stable. Visitors from the navigation site and search engines are more than new customers, marketing and advertising focus on the customer, the resulting order volume contribution fluctuations, is a short-term total order changes in the main reason. Visitor orders from Baidu, although the contribution is higher, but the overall contribution of the search engine is limited, which also reflects the current search engine marketing on e-commerce sites are low or not fully explored.

Access to the conversion rate: direct access to the highest conversion rate, search engine low

Also take a website and B website for example. Ecplus's data show that the conversion rates of the September 2011 A and B sites were similar in order, with the highest conversion rates of direct access of 3.8% and 2%, followed by navigation sites, 2.3% and 1.7% respectively, and then search engines, respectively 1.7% and 0.8%.

If the refinement to the site level, for a site, from the hao123 site navigation and 360 site navigation Visitors order conversion rate is 3.6% and 3.4%, from a network of visitors order conversion rate of up to 9.5%, these three are contributing to the large number of orders and the conversion of higher efficiency of the site visitors. And for B site, from 360 Web site navigation and 2345 site navigation of the visitor order conversion rate of 3.1% and 6.9%, from a network of visitors order conversion rate of up to 10.3%, from Hao123 's visitor order conversion rate is below the average level of 1.8%, only 1.6%.

Iris Consulting analysis that, the frequency of access to a certain situation, the higher purchase frequency will inevitably lead to a higher conversion rate. From the analysis of the above, we can see that the direct visitors to the old customers, the old customers purchase frequency is relatively high, so the flow from direct access to its conversion rate is also higher. The navigation website and the search engine as the current important website traffic source, is the customer new important way. Compared with the old customers, the conversion rate of new customers is necessarily lower. Eric advised that E-commerce sites should focus on the flow of the source site can bring a higher conversion rate, combined with marketing costs and other factors, to determine the best network marketing strategy.

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