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This article briefly introduces a simple and easy to use graphical interface backup restore MySQL database method, using Workbench graphics interface for MySQL database recovery backup. It's helpful to friends who don't like to use the command line.

Workbench is a visual operation MySQL tool for MySQL AB, which is a great tool for users who are accustomed to using the Windows graphical interface. And of course, there's a familiar graphical interface based on browser manipulation.

MySQL database operation software--phpmyadmin, this is a very good software, its only requirement is that you need to configure the PHP environment on this machine, so it is very suitable for php+mysql development environment, the MySQL Workbench described in this article also needs a

Some basic environments, the latest MySQL workbench5.2 requires you to install the. NET Framework 4 Client profile and Microsoft Visual C + + redistributable Package. I prefer MySQL Workbench some that it can be done several

According to the Library SQL editor, error tips, Visual Database design, there are very powerful background management and performance analysis tools. In particular, the SQL error hint is very useful for beginners.


The user installs the good environment, may directly go to the MySQL official website to download the MySQL Workbench, installs, opens it, can see the following interface, the first item carries on the visualization SQL edits, the query, second item may carry on the visual MySQL database design, the third green circle

The place is this article to talk about the MySQL management session. As shown in the figure above.

After you double-click the management session on the previous diagram, enter the graphical interface management background as shown in the following illustration:


Left side for Admin panel tab, Server Status monitor, server switch, server status, related counter and system variable management, System log, profile management, user and security management. Next is the database backup and Recovery tab, in the lower left corner, as above

Figure shows.

Click Data Export as shown


Select the database that you need to back up, and we can also see that there are advanced options and a tab for the backup progress bar, the user can configure the options according to their needs, and view the backup accuracy. Select the database or database corresponding to the data table, click on the lower right corner of the open

The Backup button begins. The backup progress bar is shown in the following illustration:


The image above can be seen, the data unified backup to the C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\dumps\Dump20121118, the end of the date, if a day backup multiple times, the folder date will be followed by the corresponding ordinal number, That is, each backup forms a separate text

Clips. The script in the folder is named after the database name, the end of the packet, so users can easily do a database of a data table for purposeful recovery. The file name is shown in the following illustration:


When we do data recovery, we can choose to restore the entire folder Dump20121118 script, or a file in the folder back. As shown in the following figure,


This is a very simple, very practical way to restore data backup.

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