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What is the purpose of the station? For hobbies, or for profit? I think most of it is for the latter.

What are some of the ways to make the current website profitable? I think there are only three kinds, one is to rely on search engines to eat, advertising. The second is to use the website to sell products.

The first profit model, selling ads, seems to be the mainstream of many domestic websites. To sell ads for profit direction of the site, naturally want to large flow, to have a high number of clicks. Of course, there are different kinds of advertising, some click on the count of money, some according to Page view to calculate the money, and some monthly or annual pay fixed amount. Different types of advertising have brought different profit skills, and sometimes improve traffic is the focus, and sometimes increase the click rate is the focus.

All in all, unless it is your station that can actually bring service to the customer. Otherwise I think garbage station how to do, PR how high, in fact, or refuse to see the search engine face to eat, it is not a good thing. (in addition, the Chinese station is not as high as the advertising revenue of the English station.) )

The second is by registered members, collect money. In electronic components, Shenzhen Huaqiang North is a large distribution center of electronic components. So Huaqiang electronic network is to collect membership fees every year. Of course there are a lot of platforms like this. Only the writer is familiar with the electronic components of this piece so take this as an example.

The second site's profit model is to sell their own products or services, I think this is the people should devote more time and energy and attention to the place. There is an old webmaster talking to me about relying on the site to sell products when mentioned a sell left-handed products businessman, in the open physical shop, business light. But after moving the business to the Internet, things are a lot different. Find the advantages of network sales, and the point of our own veins. Can bring you new wealth. For example: I do electronic components business. So I made an electronic components manual network on the one hand can provide my customers with electronic components data download. This counts as customer service. On the other hand, I search for information on the website. That's my potential client. I can promote my products by email.

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