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Both a strategist and a performer. Startups, strategy is important, execution is more important.

Bababian Magazine, this is one of the things that I started doing in mid-July. See the name, we must all understand. This is a magazine that analyzes this matter:

1. The content of Bababian magazine is derived from Babbitt's users;

2. Form: We refer to the blog form, the first time I saw blog on the identification of this is the style I want to, mainly to photos, to a strong visual impact, supplemented by the series of words, each issue set theme;

3. The first phase we as leapt, the main purpose is to test, get more user feedback, and even hope that many of the future specific work users can participate in (and then did so), so this issue we do not set the theme,;

4. The theme of Bababian magazine: recording and sharing, the two words are the most direct and concise expression of the contents of the magazine, but also said the core positioning of Baba.

5. Formally, this is not a traditional electronic magazine, we just want to give users a different feeling, their experience will be deeper.

6. Why do I and my buddies make this magazine?

A. The launch of this magazine will allow my users to share the best works with the channel in another way;

B. Because the content comes from the user, I hope this magazine can be more active to activate the user's enthusiasm for participation;

C. For more important purposes, I want to make this magazine my promotional tool to attract more new users to register. Promotion In fact there are many ways, can directly say how the site, what kind of function, but this is the same as traditional advertising, the user's move is getting worse, I believe there is a better way to achieve it. Unfamiliar users he will not accept your site, but will be attracted by your magazine content, I do not rush their understanding of Barnabas, as long as they are interested in the contents of the magazine, resonate, become our users that is only a matter of time, through this way to bring users, His quality is also very high, because my content has helped me to choose the people I most value.

D. Magazines can also serve as a collaborative product that enriches my partnership with more partners in the form.

7. How to spread Bababian Magazine? We have a certain way to get the mail of some of the people we value most, send them by mail, and spread through our "sneezes". The quantity does not need to be particularly big, the accuracy is more important.

This process, but also very cumbersome, there are many difficulties, from the production of the magazine to the dissemination, each link has appeared more or less problems. I am a strategist, but also a performer, except me, or me.

After our first issue of the magazine, probably in September or October, my mailbox unexpectedly received a similar magazine, carefully look, is a Shenzhen image site to imitate our magazine to do, similar degree can to 90 points, the only difference their picture quality is not good.

This thing, it is very interesting.

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