Review: Hang-tooth advance to the Shanghai SSE rose up 117.85%

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Click to view the latest market Hangzhou teeth forward today to the Shanghai stock, up to the close of 18.06 yuan, Rose 117.85%. Company Profile: Hangzhou Forward Gear Box Group Co., Ltd. is a professional design, manufacturing gear transmission 臵 and Powder metallurgy products, the major key enterprises, the national High-tech enterprises.  The predecessor of Hangzhou Gearbox Factory, founded in 1960, 2001 by the State Economic and Trade Commission approved the implementation of "Debt-to-equity swap" restructuring, become a state-owned diversified Investment limited liability company, 2008, the overall change set up as a company limited. Main business: All kinds of gear transmission 臵, powder metallurgy products and large-scale precision gear design, manufacture and sales.  The main products for the marine gearbox and adjustable propeller, construction machinery gearbox and drive sedan, automotive transmission and special vehicle transmission, industrial gearbox, wind power growth box, agricultural machinery gearbox, friction materials and friction plate, large precision gears. Industry: General equipment Manufacturers in the view of the postal securities: nearly five years, the company in the domestic construction machinery gearbox market share of the stability of about 20%, domestic construction machinery gearbox industry market share the highest, become the largest engineering machinery transmission independent supplier. At the same time, in the export of international markets, the company's export volume ranked first in the industry. The company has strong technical strength, new product loader wet drive axle of the introduction of the user to provide bridge, box integration of complete sets of products, to achieve the substitution of imported products to provide solutions.  Although the future growth of construction machinery industry will decline, but will still maintain a high growth rate, with the company's product expansion, is expected to continue to benefit from the development of construction machinery industry. National Gold Securities: The company is a marine gearbox and construction machinery transmission of the leading enterprises, is the production of gear products, professional enterprises, product scale advantage is obvious.  In this raise investment wind turbine expansion will also have the scale advantage. Haitong Securities: In the company's shareholders, chairman Mao Jianrong and other 81 companies operating team members of the company before the issuance of the total share capital of 9.05%, total 27.06 million shares. Higher executive shareholding makes the interests of the company's executives conform to those of other shareholders, and the company's incentive mechanism has been basically established.
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