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Industry Development Chapter:

After 8 years of development, the industry has entered the outbreak period, the industry reshuffle also continued, large websites to win the trust of the capital market, small and medium-sized sites face challenges, such as Mushroom Street transformation of the platform for the industry to inject new development momentum;

2006-2011 Development Period:

Beginning in 2006, the industry began to sprout, about 2008 years of the industry by foreign flash, luxury nets and other concepts inspired by the gradual start, and rely on a large number of wind investment to promote and expand.

In the development period the scale of the industry has been rapidly expanded, but the profitability is not optimistic.

2010-2014 Outbreak period:

The outbreak period, by the user size, the new type of electric business model continues to emerge, the basis for the development of electrical business and other factors to promote the vertical female fashion industry into the outbreak. In the outbreak period, the characteristics of the industry is not only a significant increase in transaction size, and there are leading enterprises only products, Poly-Mei excellent products, such as the listing operation, in addition to Mushroom street, and other new models of Electronic Business website entry and Qiao things such as the exit of the bad, the industry reshuffle continued, the industry pattern changes larger.

2015-2018-year continuous growth period:

In the continuous growth period, the industry will have the following major characteristics: Mobile end will become the main way of Web site sales; Category expansion will also be an important idea of web site development; In the mode, the flash-buy mode is no longer a single show, the common development of various patterns will better meet the diversified shopping needs of users; On the business strategy, Shopping site will actively promote the quality strategy, increase the security of shopping and improve the after-sale service, by improving the user experience in the competition to win the opportunity.

Industry Length:

2013 industry sales scale of more than 25 billion yuan, is expected to 2017, the industry sales scale is expected to be nearly billions, the industry growth rate is significantly higher than the overall growth of the online shopping industry. Industry users on the scale, the PC side stable has a rise, mobile end of rapid growth.

2013, China's vertical female fashion industry sales volume of 26.12 billion yuan, is expected to increase by more than 60% in 2014, the market size of 42.03 billion yuan, to 2017 industry scale of nearly billion. Eric Consulting that the vertical female fashion dealers rely on high-quality user experience and high-quality products, the industry will continue to grow faster than the overall growth of the online shopping industry.

2013, China vertical female fashion industry pc end of the monthly coverage of the number of people to maintain a steady growth, from the beginning of the 86.227 million, grew to December 95.676 million people.

2013, China's vertical female fashion industry app monthly coverage of the number of rapid growth, from the beginning of the 10.975 million people, grew to December 22.122 million people, increased by one-fold.

Industry competition:

Only product will, Poly-Mei excellent products, Lok Bee nets three strong leading industry share, Mushroom Street Transformation 2 months, the monthly sales will reach billion level, the future will become an important competitor in the industry.

Major Competitive Enterprises:

2013 China vertical female fashion electricity market share, only the goods will and Poly-Mei excellent products leading. Mushroom Street in 2 months to complete the billion-level platform monthly sales, the future will become an important competitor in the industry.

Industry Future:

The future development trend of the industry, high-speed development and shuffle will continue, industry has a centralized trend, and at the same time the industry will not only have a Flash purchase mode, but as long as can better meet the needs of users of the model, there will be better prospects for development, which is the mushroom street and other sites focused on fashion content to guide the user consumption patterns, Has initially shown potential as an important model in the industry.

And in the direction of industry development, the category overlap between the sites will be more and more high, industry development will be from the previous extensive change to fine; Mobile shopping will become an important channel of industry, and accurate recommendation will become an important tool to improve mobile conversion rate.

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