Rice balls: The successful development model of domestic Trade Forum from the perspective of thinking

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Most concerned about graphic design friends should know the edge, in the domestic graphic design forum This piece is also ranked front of the forum. Today, for you to analyze such as the edge of the industry, such as the success of the site, also told everyone now although BBS did not just come out when so popular, but it is not some people say has been eliminated.

In fact, I always think that personal webmaster do BBS do not do comprehensive and information type, after all, personal webmaster's manpower, material resources, energy are not able to keep up, and the forum is not suitable to do news sources, so the proposed forum friends can consider doing vertical or entertainment station. "Digression"

Thought is a design station that I knew very early, this station gives the person the first feeling is the content is very full, and the quality is very good, like this will induce me to look inside the content, the content is full is from his topic and the reply looks out, the quality is very good because many websites reprinted the thought margin the PS tutorial. Then he such an industry forum with these two points to do very successful, I think not, these two points is more to show the value of his site, other points we can analyze:

The professional nature of the industry station

From the classification of its website can generally see the professional nature of the industry station, although it is a bit too general, but for the first time to browse the site users, the most important impression is that these sections, they will use the classification of the forum to judge the professional nature of the station. Therefore, we must have a certain degree of awareness of this industry before doing so.

Ii. rationalization of the integration system

A good forum has a reasonable integration system, a good integration system will mobilize the enthusiasm of the entire website members, a reasonable integration system to bring the forum is a virtuous circle, and at this point many owners are not aware of the misuse of forum virtual currency, so that not only the devaluation of the forum currency, will also cause the forum points of the credibility of the difference, Cause the Forum member does not have the meaning integral. And some webmaster is too pay attention to this aspect of things, the integration is difficult to get, at the same time the resources and set a very high points download permissions, so that virtually hit the enthusiasm of many members, to know that people's patience is limited.

Iii. Rigorous management system

Many do a good forum, most are from the group of several people began to operate, and then slowly began to grow, but most successful team will have a very strict management system, the good management system can not only improve the overall quality of the forum can also establish a management team's credibility.

Iv. use of resources to promote

This is the industry station the biggest advantage, use their resources to promote the network, such as Baidu search for many PS tutorials with a watermark, for the target user group, he will go to search or browse your station, because from the resources he saw he felt he could get more, Therefore, the use of resources to promote the site is a very good way, and the use of resources to promote the other one is not to be other forums as the ad to delete, except for individual BT administrator.

V. Advantages of ORIGINAL Resources

If an industry station does not have its own original resources, this must be lost a major advantage, at present, whether from the search engine or users are very important to the original resources, after all, BBS many things have been copied to replicate, many things have lost their original value. Some good original resources will stabilize a large part of the user base, because they have a sense of anticipation for you, expect you to have more and better works come out. Therefore, we suggest that you do the industry station must pay attention to original resources.

Six, the profit model discussion

Thinking of the specific profit model we certainly do not get, in general, there will be some advertising revenue, or alliance income, in fact, the industry station resources are rich, we will think of the real currency and the forum itself in exchange for the currency, here on the front we talked about the integration system rationalization, if the integration is reasonable Everyone recharge the conversion rate will improve a lot. Second, we can train the Web site to meet the outsourcing of the project, the current domestic only a small number of sites have been implemented.

From a few aspects of the analysis of the next thinking of the success can learn from the place, I hope that we more to explore the industry station development model and profit model.

Here also suggest some novice stationmaster, do not go to do station on the whim, recently pushed a forum opened the site to diagnose the section, itself is good, but a lot of novice webmaster, their own station, no content does not say, even positioning themselves are not clear, such a station to say really take to let others analysis, others can not analyze well, Because a good site positioning is to do the first step of the station. "Another digression, hehe"

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