Rising "cloud security" at the beginning of a day to intercept 7.65 million times Trojan intrusion

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Rising 2009 new products released nearly one months, there have been 80 million old users upgraded to 2009 version of the product. Based on the "cloud security" strategy developed 2009 new products, to the vast number of netizens to bring a new security experience, every day to help users intercept millions of Trojan attacks, of which January 8 is reached a record of more than 7.65 million times, of which a sample of up to 500,000 Trojans. Rising 2009 new products in the anti-horse website, anti-theft Trojan and other aspects of the effect of the user's unanimous recognition. Rising security expert Liu introduced, "cloud security" three major elements are: strong core technology and rich anti-virus experience, personnel and equipment input, as well as a large amount of users. With 80 million of old users upgraded to the latest edition, Rising's "cloud Security" program shows a strong power, but also basically reached the "cloud security" strategy concept-the more users, each user is more secure, because such a large user base, enough to cover every corner of the internet, As long as a site is hanging horse or a new Trojan virus appears, it will be intercepted immediately. (January 8, rising "cloud security" system to intercept 7,653,613 times the attack of the horse's Web site outstanding product performance has brought sales of the hot, Taobao survey shows that the random sample of 10 crown level above the Taobao shop to sell 2009 new products, accounting for the security of their own product sold 80% Above。 Guangdong's largest software distributor South Soft company Sales director Zengping said that the financial crisis in the cold, January software market since the obvious weakness, only anti-virus software to maintain exuberant sales, of which 2009 new products occupy 70% of the absolute advantage of other domestic and foreign 10 of the rest of the remaining 30% market. and Jiangsu Xun Miao Technology general manager Zhang Yi pointed out that the security vendors are invested heavily in the competition for the software store publicity resources, but unlike in previous years, many users into the store, directly named to the rising 2009 new products, perhaps this is the rising "cloud security" of the huge offensive to give. "Responsible editor: May TEL: (010) 68476606" Original: Rising "cloud security" at the beginning of a day to intercept 7.65 million times Trojan intrusion back to the network security home
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