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Le ka "speaker and training mentor other roles are counted fancier" after "non-interference", Jiangsu Satellite TV recently launched a new program "husband see you." Similarly, both programs have faces familiar to the audience-Roca. The difference is that in the "non-interference" he is only a guest, but in the "husband to see you," he is presided over. Recently, there are rumors that because the work is too busy, le Ka may leave the "non-interference." Yesterday, Roca accepted this reporter's interview, the first response to this rumor. In his view, everything is still in the thinking, everything is possible: "When I found that the program has no value to create, there is no room to play, I am just repeating myself, I will be tired of myself, and this is I do not want to see."  "Wen/Our reporter Moschig" transformation "" new program for the test water my comprehensive arts cells provide a chance "Guangzhou daily:" Husband to see you "after the premiere, many comments that this is your marching into the host of a signal? Roca: To see what the word "march" means. It's not possible to think of it as a career change, but I feel I can try to get into the area that I'm capable of doing, and I'm willing to try more and be professional in the process of implementation. If there is an invitation to film and television, I will also play.  It is also possible that one day I would do a play or a TV show myself.  Guangzhou daily: After the host of a few issues, how does it feel? Roca: I've had more fun lately.  Because the shape of the program limitations, so I can not dig the heart, quite powerless, but from another aspect, I have played a role in the control of the rhythm of the show space. Guangzhou daily: In "husband to see you", the audience thinks that it is very enjoyable to see you induce those wives to make mistakes. But there are also viewers who think that you should not have tendentious or motivational cues as a host. Do you design these inductive topics yourself?  Or the Director Group's request? Roca: I do any of the programs are not people around me, I think how to do fun, good-looking on how to do.  If I don't agitate them, have you been chronological the score? Guangzhou daily: "Non-interference" to everyone's impression too deep, the audience that you are more suitable to host the talk show rather than entertainment programs, how do you think?  Will it develop into a conversation program? Roca: I agree with you, I confirm that my strength is to excavate the character's heart and carry on the collision of language and thought. I took a close look at myself and couldn't find out where my entertainment cells were, and if I was doing a talk show, I'd be more comfortable.  But this program provides a chance for me to experiment with the synthetic arts cells, as to how long to do and whether they can do it. Guangzhou daily: Is there too little interaction with Li in the program?  How do you rate this partner? Roca: I don't have much interaction with program settings.  Li is a comprehensive art of the host. "Sentiment" between shrewd wife and stupid wife, I will choose the latter "wideState daily: After your husband's first show, the audience commented that the rules were too unfair and that a couple who didn't play could get the jackpot. But in the second broadcast of the night, a couple who were not in the game were eliminated on the first pass.  Does it seem to you that the question of "unfairness" in the rules can be appeased? Roca: The coincidence of the first concentration is magnified.  What I want to say is that "fairness is relative and unfairness is absolute". Guangzhou Daily: Two episodes, after your "steel", the show's wife showed a stupid side, sometimes you are, sometimes the husband regrets "stupid wife."  After recording a few installments, can you tell whether this is the normal or accidental program? Roca: "Stupid Wife" has always been very much.  From the second episode I not only fanned the flames, but also helped them to cool down, so that the scores have been blindly added, they do not consider their old public not complete the possibility.  Guangzhou daily: After seeing those shrewd wives and stupid wives, have you considered what kind of wife you want to choose? Roca: Between a shrewd wife and a stupid wife, I choose the latter. Like me, deep inside, full of frailty, have control desire, and hope in the relationship between the other side is constantly worship, but also very face-saving man, yellow smart woman let me feel very tired, red stupid woman will do stupid, but very cute and naïve, let me think I in front of her is a man.  Sometimes, what a man really needs is a feeling. "Distinguish" "' not honest ' let me discover the character heart, ' husband ' let me practice control situation" Guangzhou daily: Do you think this program and "Non-interference" which let you play more space?  Why? Roca: "Non-interference" let me present a ridicule, sarcastic, love-hate mixed image, "husband to see you" can show me in the heart of discord, scold, sarcastic irony of the sinister Kung fu. In addition, "non-interference" let me explore the character heart, and "husband see you" let me control the situation and promote the psychological activities of the wife side.  Perhaps I still have more professional strength yet to be highlighted.  Guangzhou Daily: Do you think "husband to see you" is likely to duplicate the "non-interference" miracle? Roca: I said, to say "husband to see you" more than the "not sincere don't disturb", just like said to make money than gates nonsense and naïve. The former certainly does not reach the latter's height. Another program to reproduce the "non-interference" to create a miracle is too difficult.  But "husband see you" form is very novel, also can make a difference.  Guangzhou daily: "Non-interference" is the attention of the decline, how do you think of the future trend of the program? Roca: I didn't notice that, at least the people around me were still talking about the show.  "Non-interference" Can do better, for any one program, not innovation does not advance without thinking, of course, will retreat.  Guangzhou Daily: Do you think the "Blind Date show in a year out of the screen" is the statement set up? Roca: A year? Maybe two or three years,I do not do TV, do not know this, hehe.  In my opinion, as long as the form of entertainment, at the same time can let people have a touch and empathy, the audience will like, if you can let the audience still have the harvest that better, there are reasons for existence. Guangzhou daily: But recently there are rumors that you are busy now, you may leave the "not sincere don't disturb".  Can you respond to this rumor? Roca: What to participate in the program, I value is whether there is room for me to play, can let me feel valuable at the same time I can have growth. Speaking of "Non-interference", I am looking at every issue, thinking about how to do my best. If one day I am not interested in thinking about this problem, maybe I will leave.  Follow your feelings and go. Guangzhou daily: Currently you have a number of roles, trainers, speakers, writers, "non-interference" guests, "husband to see you" host, radio program host ... What are the main goals of your future development?  Which aspect of the work will be gradually reduced, and which role to increase the proportion of? Roca: I have not changed as before, or in the study of character and dissemination of "FPA character color." It's just that my ways and methods are diverse and I'm interested in trying out new ways of spreading. I think there are two roles to play right now: the Speaker and the trainer. All the other characters are fancier, although I can not calculate not to work hard, but are ignorant start.
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