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More Play network (integration/Han Yanzi) Ynk under the game "Rohan FreeLife" summer new edition of "HERO" new map of the relevant details, the "Glatt of the groundwater road" will provide players more practice venue choice, and players have never in the "Rohan FreeLife"  The Eternal Legion of the Dead, the old boss, and the chance to acquire rare six-order weapons and synthetic necessities. Introduction to the new map "Glatt Groundwater Road" background story "HERO" story originated in the "baerlocher" wanton destruction after the tragic "base", after the main God "Wen" eliminated, we tried to avoid that place, and no one ever went in, long time down has been forgotten by people. In order to defend against God, all ethnic forces set up regiments and jointly crusade, but the power of God and was annihilated, only the "John Lake" Independent Corps, adhere to the belief continued to attack the underground water, but the "John Lake" regiment in the Battle of all the bizarre disappeared, according to the legendary "John Lake" Independent Corps,  Attacked by invisible giant monsters, their bodies are buried in the gloom of the "underground Road", while their souls are imprisoned in the base for a long time fighting monsters ... After a period of time, as the lower God "baerlocher" seal of the "base of the underground water Road" because of "baerlocher" legacy of the supernatural power weakened, as the boundary slowly began to crack, heroes from all over Rohan began to walk into the underground water road at the base of Georgia for an unknown adventure. • Monsters Introduction Cursed Believers Cursed Assassins, reborn mercenaries, cursed workmen, reborn elite, cursed Scouts, reborn warriors, Archer · Boss introduced the relentless demon domineering like the flame of the sanctions against the Dark Lord Ynk said that "Rohan FreeLife" in the provision of new areas and the existence of ancient emperors, will show a different flavor, while another new map "Charles" and other new weapons and defense equipment, such as the revised message, will also continue to be released on the official website of "Rohan FreeLife", where Rohan players can keep an eye on the official website for more information about the revision.
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