Ronaldo: I'm taller and stronger than Lionel Messi. I scored his jap.

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Lionel Messi and Ronaldo who is stronger? The question has been debated for a long time. Today Ronaldo took part in the Real Madrid press conference, and the Portuguese were asked the same question.    On this controversial subject, Ronaldo gave the answer in a joking way. "I'm still the greatest, at least in stature. I'm much taller than Lionel Messi and I'm a lot stronger than him. Messi played a great season, he scored a lot of goals and was one of the best players in football history. I also did well in my first year in La Liga and I believe I'm still one of the best players. "The national derby is seen as a showdown between Messi and Ronaldo, but Mr 94 million does not:" Everyone is talking about me and Lionel Messi, but it's not the game between us. Lionel Messi is doing well but I'm also going to help Real Madrid win the championship. I hope Lionel Messi will continue to score a lot of goals, but he won't be scoring this weekend. Lionel Messi is great, but he can't do it himself, his teammates are very strong, the football people know what I'm talking about and we want to be more competitive. I don't think Lionel Messi can score another four goals, but anything can happen and I hope I can get into the national derby first. "In Ronaldo's view, the national derby is not a decisive battle:" It will be a special game because the two teams have the same points. I want to win every game, no matter who the opponent is. I want Real Madrid to win, I respect Barcelona but I'm not afraid of Barcelona. Barca was the best club in the world last year and if it were to be the double crown this year they would still be at the top, but it wouldn't be easy.  Ronaldo also said that he was willing to lose to Barcelona, if Real Madrid finally won the Spanish league. Real Madrid paid the first 94 million euros in history for Ronaldo, and the Portuguese think he has proved himself worth it: "I don't need to prove anything to anyone, I've shown I'm a successful new aid." All I have to do is continue to play as well as I have in recent days and even in recent years. ”
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