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There is a kind of customer call "Pro", there is a new marketing called "meager promotion", there is a sales model called "to build the explosion", research, project, sales, promotions, customer Care Maintenance ... All in the Internet this virtual world methodically quiet, and you just have to sit at the computer to co-ordinate 帷幄, command scheduling. In a fashionable words "ni today is the internet world, changes too big, have wood!!" ”

About the number of Internet users and the number of online shopping we have no longer discussed, the relevant data are published there every year. With the enormous capacity and potential of the Internet market, we can get a glimpse of the changing consumer habits around us. As a sugar liquor enterprise, we want to discuss in the coming of such a universal internet age, how to use the Internet existing value circle, planning the future of the Internet market strategy, enhance the brand image, expand brand awareness, to obtain more sales and build the current and future market competitiveness.

Sugar Wine Enterprises in the initial stage of internet use

For the sugar wine enterprises, the recognition and attention to the Internet is mostly in the beginning of 21st century, along with the rise of the upsurge of the construction station and publicity. This time the use of the focus is to establish an official website, to display corporate image and product and corporate news information. After the establishment of the station, the renewal cycle is relatively long, some enterprises even do not remember the domain name, there is no dedicated posts to manage and maintain the content of the site. We can define this phase as the Internet primary use phase of the sugar liquor enterprise.

At this stage, the value and effect of the sugar wine enterprises on the Internet has not yet reached the real excavation and utilization, of course, it is also related to the Chinese Internet performance and the use of relative scarcity. At the beginning of 21st century, portal sites and search engines began to develop, Tianya forum has just become a hodgepodge, the power of the leading figures Ma is still struggling to find a way out, the founder of Facebook does not know where to read.

Rapidly soaring Internet value

In the following years, especially since the beginning of 05, with the popularity of computers and the number of Internet users, the development of internet-based technology and a large number of investment intervention, the emergence of the Internet pattern appeared, following 8848, ebay began to let people know the name of the electricity quotient, and Ma's Alibaba and Taobao, Tencent's Pat makes the concept of the electric business more popular, Google and Baidu began to sell enterprise keywords. Sugar Wine Enterprise Internet marketing has a relatively rich means: most sugar wine enterprises have their own web site, and understand the use of the Internet to channel investment and join, through the bidding rankings and Alibaba platform to promote enterprise products and display corporate image, in the brand awareness level, to package year or monthly form of the network hard majority, The main purpose of this stage is to promote investment. The operation and promotion of traditional channels are still the focus, and the Internet appears as auxiliary form.

Internet all channel Marketing era

In essence, many of the Internet's operating modes are based on traditional models for reference settings, such as the portal through the content of information to attract audiences, advertising for the profit model, Jingdong Mall, excellence and so on to recruit corporate brand, collect deduction point, warehouse use fee, margin and other similar traditional store mode operation; In the market research, Consumer market information feedback, such as corporate marketing, the internet's immediacy, interactivity and data characteristics are even better than the traditional mode.

Today, we see, in the group buying platform, a pack of chocolates in a week to sell tens of thousands of bags, a lot of sugar products sales-oriented electric business platform to continue to win the favor of the VC, Taobao on the main products of the C store in million. According to the 0 brand integration Promotion Planning agency survey statistics, through the Taobao Mall search wine brand name, Maotai, Lang wine and some best-selling wine brand store interior Network service members up to hundreds of people, its size is no less than the traditional channel dealer membership number. Network sales into a parallel with the traditional marketing channel selection, and many sugar liquor companies are increasingly in love through micro-blog, SNS, forums, QQ group and other Internet platform for promotional and brand awareness activities.

The Sugar liquor brand Enterprise starts through to the Internet attribute the analysis, excavates its in the brand image modelling, the dissemination and the sales expansion, the consumer market feedback and so on aspect commercial utilization value, the Internet promotion has been promoted to the enterprise's marketing strategy level for the first time.

New competitive environment in the internet age

To the Internet to recognize and attach great importance to the sugar wine enterprises, began to explore the Internet integrated marketing model, the Internet marketing strategic goal planning. Sales and brand, online and offline parallel together, such as Maotai, Wuliangye and other well-known wine enterprises. 2011, the rise of Maotai price controversy through the wide spread of the Internet and concern discussion, by the industry called a successful network event marketing; Today, many wine enterprises through the micro-Bo lottery, the establishment of Enterprise micro-blog and other ways to enhance brand image, expand brand awareness; Some traditional dealers began to exert network sales, Taobao Mall in the open brand franchise stores, specializing in network sales services, organizational structure of the new network brand operations ...

Unlike the traditional mode of operation, sugar liquor enterprises through the Internet, it is easier to carry out new product development and trial, sales control Price, string goods management, channel inventory statistics, the promotion of data analysis, customer maintenance and other aspects of the work and co-ordination.

Because of the different viewpoints of traditional enterprise managers on the value of Internet, the way and attitude of internet utilization of sugar wine enterprises are also directly caused. The author believes that with the change of consumption habits under the new form, enterprises will make corresponding changes in the ways of brand communication, channel planning and sales mode, service mode and so on. In the new marketing environment, those who know and use the Internet value of the sugar wine enterprises, will be in the new round of market competition to gain more advantages and further development opportunities.

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