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Move to mobile PC Internet how to smoothly transform mobile internet

News and Information 2013 China Internet entrepreneur Conference May 11 in Beijing. The theme of this session, "embracing the mobile internet in a comprehensive way", includes nearly 50 high-end guest speeches and round-table forums. News and science and technology to the General Assembly of the whole report.

The following is the theme "Moving toward mobile PC Internet how to smooth the transformation of mobile Internet?" "Round Table Forum:

Nan Li Xin: the first special pressure is relatively large, this conference music the most modern forum, just the beauty also let everyone in front of the bright, we Tencent and discuz! two very important two products and the person in charge are here, we are also to our concert very much look forward to, Today, only talk about the internet to the mobile Internet transformation, the remaining sharp problems can be later sent microblogging to Tencent big screen.

Everyone come up so many guests, not necessarily everyone knows, according to the practice of all forums, please let these guests introduce themselves, including their own in the company has worked in time or some small story. First of all, please Tencent's Instant Messaging director Wang to do an introduction.

Wang Tao: Today is very happy, see there are so many passionate entrepreneurs, the morning also heard a very determined story is very exciting, I am from the Tencent company Instant Messaging products, Wang Tao, in Tencent work for 10 years, is a Tencent veteran, is responsible for mobile phone QQ. Before our colleagues told me that there is an entrepreneur meeting asked me whether I am interested, I saw the theme is a full embrace of mobile internet, PC Internet to the mobile Internet to do the transformation of the discussion. This topic with us very much, QQ is a 14 years old product, is in the PC Internet has a lot of achievements of products, now a comprehensive shift to the mobile internet has some problems, but also some experience, also hope to share with you.

Chen Liang: hello i am Sing company's Chen Liang, I have cooperated with Big C for ten years, he in the pioneering time we created together discuz! is also a member of the entrepreneurial team, now responsible for the entire sing work.

Shi Xiaohong: I am Qihoo 360 Shi Xiaohong, I in the internet industry is relatively long, from the beginning 3721, Yahoo China, Qihoo is also from the beginning of the thirty or forty small team, this process has made some mistakes, and gradually some growth later. I think the theme of this conference embracing the mobile Internet is really the topic of relevance, this is also the core of the current 360 areas, including Zhou said, may be the future of subversion or defeat us is not necessarily a competitor, but a change in the era, from the original PC era to the era of mobile internet, The original advantage on the PC is gone in a very short time, so we have to do it diligently. Also hope that with these start-up companies to innovate the company can more cooperation, thank you!

Liu: Hello, I am from Appcan Liu, we are based on the webmaster and the vast number of developers to provide a fit company, I share our internal data, last year around the discuz! plug-in mechanism, to the discuz! forum launched a free mobile this plug-in, Up to today, there are nearly 200,000 sites using our plug-ins, our technology to achieve their site mobile, and finally have tens of millions of of the end users around these applications in the use of, we found that the webmaster in the face of mobile internet sometimes may be a little confused, Direction how to dig is today we together to discuss the topic, we are willing to share with you more.

Wang: Hello everyone, I am bshare, at present there are 30,000 websites in the country, we have been in the PC end of the Internet environment in doing growth.

Dong Qin Peak: I am the Dong Qin peak of the laggard, we are a small field of relatively public small platform, I have been very webmaster and everyone has been together, the era of mobile internet, a lot of webmaster do feel a little sense of direction, frankly, including the year before last I also said the pit is very large, but also found that new opportunities have gradually come out, And there are some better in favor of personal webmaster or small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to operate the case has gradually emerged, to explore exactly what kind of suitable way to continue the personal entrepreneur or small and medium-sized team quick advantage, as well as the strategy of more than a few officers, how to continue to zoom in the mobile ERA, This is worth discussing.

Moderator: How many forums on the stage? Whenever? The other? (laughter) Basically, the internet age is whenever open, mobile Internet, including many activities of the entrepreneurial State, including innovation China Beijing Station in the selected enterprises they are generation, or even 85, 86, the smallest also has 90 after the entrepreneur, is not mobile internet age whenever appears to be outdated, or older, In the course of the past, including a lot of painful lessons, how the success of the past on the Internet, including the entrepreneurial State and discuz!, a mobile internet era, many people said that most of these users may be more than 70% or 80% users, we first said that they have committed whenever mistakes, Or is the small detour that has gone through, really did not make a mistake can not say, we first share the lessons of their failure.

Wang Tao: If the problem of transition from PC to mobile Internet, before saying a question, simply say, PC and phone differences and differences, because we used to PC, PC and mobile phone is there are two big differences, the first is the hardware differences, the phone screen is smaller, it is using batteries, Today's cell phone may run out of power in a day.

The traffic on the phone is limited. In addition to the hardware differences are more of us on the mobile phone and PC positioning itself there are some differences.

To do one thing on the PC, often as a tool, I want to see a news, I just ran to the computer to see such news. Mobile phones are more than 24 hours into human organs. I remember previously said that there is a statistic, now about every six minutes people will see a mobile phone, this is frequent to see, the phone has become even decorations. In this case, when we do the product, we are not able to like the PC, because the PC users are very focused on this thing, such as our web page and the previous QQ, to provide a lot of functionality to the user, but on the phone if also give so many features users will be very impatient.

We have also encountered a number of problems before, a mistake is, the past thought that the mobile Internet is the continuation of the PC Internet, in a long time our version is on the phone also piled a lot of features, but the more the more the more the user is unable to identify. There is also a mistake in the past mobile phone QQ organizational structure is a relatively large difference, will lead to do a lot of things when the implementation of the power is relatively slow. This is also the problem we encounter.

South Li New: Product end that mobile Internet is the extension of the Internet, so once made the mistake is a lot of products piled up the function, the second is the organizational structure of mobile phone QQ and PC QQ is two independent team. Can you give us some concrete examples of what you want to hear about, such as the organizational structure or the mistakes that were made in the release, including missing some time?

Wang Tao: On the phone, we often encounter a scene, at any time to pull a few people to discuss a matter, the past in the QQ has a discussion group such functions, but in the process of discussion group before the version of the phone is always not, because of various reasons we want to do some new attempts, in fact, the action is relatively slow. It should be said that it was a missed opportunity.

Nan Li Xin: I want to be in the organizational structure such as the original team how big? Now is a team, can we talk about some details, we want to listen to some dry goods.

Wang Tao: The original mobile phone QQ and PCQQ respectively in two different departments, two division. Now it's under the same team.

South Lixin: You say a specific, there is no expectation in the future, such as the end of this year, such as the number of KPI mobile QQ users should reach how much, now active users are more than 500 million, to the end should be how much?

Wang Tao: We should now say that mobile phone QQ is the overall active accounted for 70% of QQ users, the hope that the future is 80%, 90% or more.

Nan Li Xin: now should be more than 700 million, to the end to give a specific number?

Wang Tao: We want the phone data to be able to reach 80%.

Chen Liang: I also very much agree with Wang just said, in fact, most of the transfer from the PC Internet to mobile phone internet may make this mistake, the function of the PC on the Internet directly moved to the mobile phone on the internet, the only function of the piling experience will be very poor, no combination of mobile phone characteristics Discuz! 's Handheld forum in the initial version also made such a mistake, only to come over to discover, at that time this is the user's demand, we knew the user's demand is such, in fact, the user is not so used, only to come to discover. I agree with this experience that Wang always says.

In addition, we still found in the process of dealing with the webmaster, there are many stationmaster did not pay attention to mobile phone this piece, mobile internet this piece. On the surface everyone says, I attach great importance to mobile Internet, mobile Internet is the future. But no one is actually taking action, and no one has actually taken a measure to do it. For example, customized a app hanging for a few days, found that the effect is not good to forget, because my revenue in the PC Internet, so as long as it does not affect my money mobile internet future. Have a micro-letter public account and push micro-letter public accounts, a few days later gave up, this is a lot of webmaster now may be making mistakes. We speak highly of it, but in fact we do not pay attention to it and there is no action, and the final result is no attention.

South Lixin: discuz! in the mobile end of the number of inputs? How many people do you have to work on the mobile end of the product?

Chen Liang: Our products are no longer mobile and PC-side, but unified consideration. All products must be involved in the design of the mobile end. Almost everyone on the team is on the mobile side, doing something about it.

South Lixin: So said the mobile end to the webmaster they actually listen to the morning you released the product, may be a lot of people want to say, in the mobile internet has a lot of new components to help everyone, discuz! 's continuous innovation ability will have? Because you are the old team is doing, will there be problems on the team?

Chen Liang: The team itself is constantly updated, metabolic, will inevitably introduce some new power and ideas, but also their own continuous need to grow. discuz! through this decade, every year will bring you something new, before nine years, ten years time has proved that we will have some innovation every year, will bring us new things. Before the advent of the wave of mobile internet, there have been many waves of the internet, including blogs, including SNS, including micro-blog, including a series of, the Internet is always a wave of waves, and then a wave of waves, we have led the tide in front of the smooth transition over, but also support a lot of successful webmaster. I believe that the mobile end will still give you some surprises will continue to help everyone succeed.

Shi Xiaohong: 360 is to do the security, we are currently on the mobile phone is the core of security, 360 mobile phone defender, in the PC aspect of the accumulation, there are some experience, but we found just mentioned the difference between mobile and PC, such as mobile terminal characteristics, mobile to write app, It may be possible to do a lot on Android platforms now, but consider your UI, interactions, and less memory footprint more power-saving, more at the level of technology and product design. We feel that the key to us is two: one is the mentality, the original may be in a certain field, such as the PC field of successful experience, in the mobile Internet, I am afraid it is completely not set up, if this mentality to do, may not do a good product. 360 we have a slogan, "Think like little white, act like an expert." Do not think that the original experience represents how users will use your products, you do not represent the real users, including colleagues around, such people do not represent the real users, these users are exactly how to use the mobile phone, with software, What is the core requirement? If you do not personally understand, do not go to the user to understand and design your product, relying on the original experience is likely to be a failure of the product. This is the 360 mobile phone guards have made such a mistake.

In addition, the field of innovation, security, PC Internet has some relatively mature technology, some can do better automated analysis, defense system, Trojan virus and phishing sites and so on. But the mobile phone is still in the initial stage, including the analysis of malicious software can not be completely divorced from the artificial, in this case how to solve some problems need some innovative ideas. For example, 360 of spam messages and harassment phone interception, the first very easy to think of, through the black and white list, plus the key word filter, to filter these spam messages. However, these technologies can not be very good, but also can not be stopped, or mistakenly blocked. In addition to this accumulation, then there is a method, mobile Internet product design is good, is really a solution to user problems, sometimes users are willing to participate in helping you solve some. For example, the identification of the harassment phone, traditional technical means is difficult to identify a new call, a strange number is not a harassing phone. We have also introduced a method that let the user to mark this call, if the user after the call found to be harassing phone, can identify the phone, and marked as a real estate intermediary or insurance sales, this logo will collect our cloud, once the same number of tags more than a certain amount, When other users receive this call, they will see how many users have been labeled as advertising or real estate promotion, which is a good way to help the user to make judgments, which is the introduction of group intelligence.

This may be possible on the PC may not be able to work, but on the phone may be able to use the program. So to think of innovative solutions, mainly these two points.

South NEW: 360 organization structure is also very interesting, to share with you, in order to maintain the innovation of your organizational structure is how to do?

Shi Xiaohong: 360 emphasis is to start a company, although we have been listed, it seems that the size of the company is slightly larger, probably now more than 3,000 people. Now see if it is in the mobile Internet innovation or how a can quickly and continuously improve their products, such a speed we hope to maintain a relatively small group of attention to the culture to do. 360 of the architecture has been relatively flat, we do not have a unified who to be responsible for the technology, or the entire responsibility for the product, and relatively speaking is the product or a business unit to go to organize the structure. A VP is responsible for a product, or a business. Under this product we then divide people into smaller teams based on different modules or different relatively independent systems, to each team clear goal, we generally will not set more than one months of goal, we require rapid improvement, constantly looking at user feedback, gradually to change. We understand that "micro-innovation", continuous improvement, each time to get rid of a large feedback problem, which is to maintain the key to rapid growth.

South Lixin: A product VP, mobile Security Guardian and PC security defender is two VP?

Shi Xiaohong: Yes, our cell phone security is an independent department, other browser site navigation and search are different VP to take charge of the

Nan Li Xin: Stone still did not say the special bleeding lesson.

Shi Xiaohong: Bleeding, 360 in the early days when we made some products, the first two or three years in the original feel that the team is more experienced, the original in 3721, Yahoo did some things feel more experienced, just started doing more, the first we have a converged web site, there are forum search and other products, We find that the entrepreneurial team, in particular, may be able to do only one thing in a period of time, so in 08 our company stopped the rest of the business and we only did the security thing. So I think that's what we might include in the future, although the company is growing some business has been gradually can not be cut off, but still be vigilant about this situation.

South Lixin: Tuition early taught, so the mobile Internet in the transformation of tuition fees do not need to pay so much (laughter) First please bshare, talk about the most painful point of the entrepreneur?

Wang: Bshare has been a technology company to do Plug-ins, now good at doing is through the site's data mining recommendations related to reading and articles, the content of interest to the user. We are also very mature technology, we have done better, we have a lot of information every day that mobile Internet is very important, we have some ideas, is not to be able to do a mobile reading application products for everyone to use it, I will dig some personalized recommendations, this idea is very good, because the mobile internet screen is relatively small, Many media outlets say they may want to make the top four editorial recommendations, followed by full personalization.

We have developed our own applications in this way, our predecessor is to do the PC Internet, the process of a lot of things are used as a PC Internet thinking to do, we are responsible for these projects are the people who did the PC Internet, so that the traditional media operators to do the first one will think of being a CEO, To do the search engine traffic. But to the mobile Internet is not the case, the entrance is not the same, so the past experience is all shuffle, start to learn to go with the application market, take the home page recommended to change the volume.

Once got the application of the market three days of the recommendation of the home page, we are very happy, feel that can drive the download, the result of three days passed we checked, put in our next door location more than 3,000 downloads a day, our less than 1000. We find it strange why the same position is similar to the application, why is it better than me? Later we found that the original chart is very important, we did not think a lot of charts, do the PC think the domain name is more important, mobile application chart is the first decision will not download the important factors, we do not like 360, QQ, to play a 360, QQ you will know. We are whenever we looked for 80, and then we did a fuzzy chart, only to see the download volume up. This is the first time when the PC Internet did not think of things, are learned through the lesson.

Mobile Internet product design requirements of the details are deeper than the PC, the original did an application, do Interactive is a girl, so click on the things on the comparison of reference to their own needs. But our male colleagues are making mistakes, because gay fingers are thicker, and they need a little time to do through continuous improvement and learning.

The third aspect is related to just said PC Internet mentality, do mobile internet to have more courage is to zero, one way is existing people but put all the thinking away, or really need a new team and new projects, this will be better.

Nan Li Xin: I do not know bshare in the domestic market share on the internet side of the ratio, Taiwan's entrepreneurial team in the mainland there is a cultural differences, in addition to the problem of the chart? Is there a team on the mainland?

Wang: We are a fully localized team, although I grew up in Taiwan, but our employees are mainland employees, four years ago when bshare This company, we know that we must abandon our ideas, so do a lot of products and design, In fact, we rely on our colleagues to do their ideas and ideas. After all, the growth environment and cultural environment, I was studying in the United States, a lot of places are different, if you use my thinking to do these things may die more miserable, so that this part of the attention to these things.

Jiathis and we are not the same, he is more inclined products, Bshare Service site with a number of Web sites, we will pay more attention to our service standards and we provide flexible customized services, as well as some of the product function in depth to do such a differentiation, We make a big difference between our competitors and our customers.

Nan Li Xin: Thank you, we are also looking forward to the backward share. Many years ago in our magazine there is an article about webmaster, become an Internet conference is very hot, but the pressure may be everywhere, there will always be new challenges old people, our webmaster in with the mobile end of the developer is not also old, mobile phone also do not look at the forum, basically micro-letter and Weibo occupy, our webmaster How to do, is the transformation to do the app?

Dong Qin Peak: We will feel confused, the face of a mobile phone does not promote the means, what we have the ability and mobile unicom to talk about this aspect, the former website when there is a Baidu, we can concentrate on Baidu first to get a part of the flow of access to the user experience to transform the process.

Mobile Internet is how to "bite" the problem, just came out when it is compared to advise everyone, mobile Internet is now a "pit", meaning that input and output now there is no better case or a better way to let us personal webmaster or small team to achieve.

The situation has changed a lot today, this is to thank such companies like Tencent, not to say to Tencent in the gold, because it has done a micro-letter can produce a huge industrial chain, which enough to let us small and medium entrepreneurs to play the wisdom, I am not very good at speaking a larger trend and direction, But I usually talk about smaller details. For example, how to promote the past, mobile phone and the promotion of modern what is the difference? For example, you have the QQ group to use good, in fact, into the QQ group is relatively simple, but QQ group and QQ number is not the relationship between it? Is there a relationship between QQ number and micro-letter? Is it possible to get a group of all QQ numbers in the same area and add them as friends? Have you done it?

Induction is something we do, we are good at spending pennies, have you ever done a bunch of micro-signals? A bunch of micro-signals have tested how these numbers can induce more users to get more information.

For example, we do this webmaster convention, I remember the 06 when the more than 10 game is out of date, that will basically I will consume 200 cards per game, at that time no one to do, business cards lost, but today's meeting rarely this situation, we have too many meetings, It doesn't make sense to change a business card for that thing. How many people do you use to sweep business cards? Let me give you a simple way for example, to do a local site, in fact, is very simple, that is, local meetings to participate in, business cards are changed back, after the full use of software business card scanning, and then transformed into a standard form format and general format, and then through a number of means to the micro-letter Riga friends.

What I mean is that people don't sit "waiting to die," because mobile Internet is not a supplement to PC Internet, but to "kill it!" ", be sure to play your own wisdom, to understand that we do not like large groups have a team, a lot of UI, a lot of money, a lot of ways and resources to do it, we just have to figure out what we might have done before, what we do, what we do, we put some ads through these things, we get some meager income. , because the mobile phone can not be like this, it must be a real help to everyone's services. I said the general requirements of the south is relatively far!

Some small tips, such as micro-mail and website Galviebo, what do you think this is? A lot of people are doing it. I simply think that the enterprise needs of the platform, micro-letter can now be a guest suit, it can be done after the sale, the site is the middle of the warehouse, in fact, Micro Bo is equivalent to blackboard propaganda mouth. You even said that it's hard to earn money before making a corporate website for others, but why pack it all up and pack it up.

For example, you are BMW's 4S shop, its users are all high-end users, you can do a packaged service, very simple two-dimensional code, these 4S shop is not bad, such as sweeping two-dimensional code to send something? It's not like our little things can be very valuable to you, can do micro-letter on the wall, in fact, is very simple, for example, now public accounts are used, and is free, you can do some of the maintenance of BMW skills, exercise skills, the handling of trouble, and so on, and so on, the car opened with the flameout how to deal with, The public number is to answer these simple questions, is to make a menu, not even need to develop, now the micro-letter is very powerful, and even say one more place said the new 5 series is very good, the air is very good to take a picture.

What happens when the content is gathered on a big screen in a 4S store? In fact, we think this is very simple technology, but 4S shop is not so think, he felt very cool! This sweep a word out of the screen, they will feel very magical. In many cases, you should not consider from your own perspective, for example, you feel that there is no technical content, the key is not this thing to five days, 30 days to develop, or how valuable this thing to you, to think about how much value for the business. How much would he earn if he sold 10 BMW in one months, which would cost him tens of thousands of bucks?

Do not say to always see big, always think of traditional how to do before, how to do now, how to develop this thinking is not so. I think since there is such a huge platform, you have to do is to use the tools well, now more than 300 million, in fact, 500 million also very soon, you are doing the above to do the application, the same many things are very dangerous, such as sweeping business card this thing, in the future may be micro-letter to do an interface to kill this, this is not too much to say! I mean, I've been a dick for 12 years, I have not become what Gao, has been with everyone, I think like everyone else, we must not wait, we must play our wisdom, no matter how you must do a valuable, helpful to others content, No matter how to try as long as it is helpful to others, as just said, in fact, do not need to do those big companies completely innovative things, is to do some micro-innovation, do a little packaging to sell customers, let him benefit you can also benefit on it, thank you!

Nan Li Xin: Liu always share with you.

Liu: I represent a little pressure on behalf of the representative, we in Beijing's company brand called Appcan, the company called Justice Unlimited, is founded in 09, 2010, in addition to my core team is all whenever, our company's predecessor is very technical company, Formerly known as the United States Qualcomm and Nasdaq-listed Germany and new wireless joint venture de Soft technology, specializes in mobile phone browser technology, unlike Third-party browsers to push developers, it is pushed to the mobile phone companies to do the built-in, so that there is a direct profit model, but the 2C is certainly not converge to resources.

09 companies want to be able to use mobile browser technology to do something, so 2010 came to Beijing to face the mobile internet industry, the browser is a cross-platform, packaged into a mobile application of the engine at the bottom, the engine can develop a variety of applications, this application is to use web technology to do mobile applications, and is to generate a separate installation package, which is the basis of our company.

We encounter two aspects of the problem, one is the understanding of the industry, one is the understanding of their products. I have been in the 03 and 04 since the beginning of the message, to adopt a letter to the current mobile phone clients follow the development of the industry. I know there are three types of companies, the first category is sp,03, 04 live better, then there are two companies, one is not to say the name is to do the mobile phone-side instant messaging to do very early, and our Tencent may have some competition, there is a company specializing in mobile phone browser, these three companies mean, 04, 05 SP Company was very well off, and the other two companies had no money to earn, and many relied on SP companies to do business, but they insisted on doing it. SP Company died in 08, the remaining two companies, an instant messenger is a browser, 2010 time to do the instant Messaging company is almost the same, so far only to do the browser this company. Development see a problem you have no one to do the right thing 04 money is not wrong, the other two also insist that today's point of view they are right, in 2010, one of the companies actively explore how to make money, another company is also discussed but did not really do, so that now only a browser to do the company.

Summary of the results, one is that you have the right to do things, do the right thing, the second is there is no real, I said I was thinking about making money, but there is no such determination to really go in this direction to do. This is also back to our products, the mobile end of the attempt to do is not only the process of moving, or simply put the PC to the phone process, we have made innovations, we combine some features, the camera must be added, the second is to do the LDS near friends.

We originally wanted nearly 200,000 of the sites, there is a large number of attracted to our platform, attracted to the mobile phone side of our around the Kang Sheng we have a better future, but today is not enough to attract a part, including the site is also the case, just want to put a part of the membership to the mobile phone end is not workable, We have several sites and very important customers have the determination to break the wrist, the PC end of the traffic is cut, traffic due to the mobile phone, from our data it live to avoid the wrong.

Nan Li Xin: The question that everybody sends to me a little sum up, the first is for several internet giants, in everyone's special fear is small company some innovation in a few years ago can do some of the Giants are sleeping, we can quickly do some innovation, now the speed of the giant reaction also compare it, micro-letter, 360, Tencent, 360 guards in the mobile phone security and mobile phone assistants to do a quick response, "the Tigers are waking up and running faster and higher." And would like to ask the two giants of the company to tell us what you see in the audience for them, what direction do you think they can do something that you won't touch? "

For example, social networking, what other opportunities, mobile phone entrance, is not a small company has no chance, there are opportunities to give you some tips. We can avoid what competition can do, or what you are most concerned about.

Wang Tao: Big companies are more concerned with a more general demand, because large companies generally will do more general application, no matter which aspect will have a lot of vertical, the Chinese here more, more people in fact will produce a secondary culture, subculture that is to say, you think there is what kind of demand in fact must have what kind of demand. For instance, for example, you think that in a concentrated city, in a city like Beijing, everyone likes the needs of pets, because the population base after the large number of vertical areas have many of these opportunities, for small entrepreneurs, these subculture and vertical subdivision of the people have a lot of opportunities, And big companies are more likely to be able to provide these platforms. Including Tencent, whether it is micro-letter or QQ, in fact, to do some of the open ability to provide some open ability to everyone, QQ also to provide QQ Internet public account of these capabilities, these capabilities for everyone to let everyone to give vertical users to provide better services, Because these vertical services are big internet companies do not have so much resources to do, because these areas too much is too rich.

Shi Xiaohong: First I want to correct that 360 is not a big company.

Nan Li Xin: The Giants are very humble!

Shi Xiaohong: We and Baidu is still a magnitude, we in the mobile internet will have their own attention, we do not have the ability and resources to do so many things, or 360 in security, browser, mobile phone assistants in several core areas are focused on the efforts to do. It is also true that the future of the Internet is an increasingly open environment. It is impossible for the Giants to do all of their own things, so I see some changes and see the emergence of such an open platform. And on the mobile internet, it could be a time of change, it brings the opportunity for innovation is very much, and people's daily life will be combined with very close application are out, as long as it is really able to solve or meet the needs of some users, very convenient to use mobile phone to solve these problems, you do something is valuable, Meaningful, then I think there is a creative point is still able to achieve a growing space.

The first step is to see how to do their own things first, and other companies like 360 or Tencent, we become more and more open, can go through such a platform to help partners and these companies to grow, which I think is a very big space in the future.

Nan Li Xin: indeed, the pattern of the Internet has also changed dramatically, the case of mergers and acquisitions has undergone great changes, as well as the trend of investment, Tencent has invested more than 100 companies, this future including Baidu also saw Alibaba, the future of the entire Internet pattern and mobile internet pattern will occur many changes, Small entrepreneurs are trembling to make products and also want to work with them.

The rest of the time to leave a certain amount of advertising, in the future mobile Internet era, you can do for mobile internet entrepreneurs to do something.

Chen Liang: The question has not been asked me, I would like to add, today is the webmaster, I believe that we do not have to consider the relationship between the Giants and competition, because the field is small enough, the Giants can not enter those areas, and now still considering whether the Giants can enter my field, I tell you you do the field is too big, Give up now (laugh).

And I had a popular word before. Life is like rape, if there is no way to resist the good enjoyment, (laughter) This word is very vulgar, but it shows a certain truth. We can't compete with giants, but we can work with Giants, can take advantage of their open resources and platform, in fact, we are a mutual win relationship, because we do not always ourselves very narrow, said for the Giants contributed a lot of things, so I just have a lot of losses, you from the Giants also get things, it will help you grow. In the discuz! forum to see some members asked such a question, I used the QQ interconnection in case Tencent one day off how to do it! Such a problem is too closed, the giant today's development to this stage, the Giants are open in the creation of the ecological chain, who shut down who died, so do not consider these issues, brave to stand up with the Giants to work together to use their open platform, this is what we need to do.

We are still focused on providing tools and technical services to our people, we included the morning also said, will be in the mobile Internet to provide handheld forum products, and to explore how mobile internet Internet to do, but also hope to use the resources of the Giants, including Tencent's resources, to their strengths content this piece together , I hope to give you some help.

Liu: Now mobile internet most need to be cautious is the input, before last and the year before the time is relatively hot, regardless of the big small, the entire business model everyone should be positive try, but don't spend hundreds of thousands of, millions. Our technical company is based on the provision of low-cost technology, I hope that on our platform you can try more, including the free products provided before, now the positioning is to provide you with a thinking and the basis for transformation, we are more hope that based on this foundation to continue to use our technology to learn our technology in the above transformation, Explore a business model that suits you, or a mobile application that suits you.

Li Yanyu: PC End and mobile end we have a mold, mobile end has a share SDK, the first mobile internet has some new entrepreneurial projects can find us, we based on social sharing also developed a platform for calculus, is the use of sharing back to distribute points to users of the mechanism, which is open.

And finally, our most recent blockbuster product, "Le know" this product, if your mobile end of the application or the site has personalized content recommendations can find me, we can cooperate, the back of our business model can also do some advertising input, to the Webmaster media collection. "

Dong Qin PK.: For personal webmaster, including small and medium-sized entrepreneurs really must play their own wisdom, whether it is the times need to do addition, or need to do subtraction, we must think clearly, how to make full use of the existing resources, not to say to set a relatively large goal. I and Chen Teacher's point of view is the same, personal webmaster plainly 35 years of planning even don't think, first earn money to survive is kingly, first do some service to earn some money also may not be, because the survival of the opportunity to enjoy the future. I want to give you a word, in any case must think clearly only valuable you can do you like, small can put some resources to help others have the meaning of what is worthwhile to do, because the mobile internet just came out when also see some students to pack some books to throw up, is the garbage station routines, This is very sad, so the industry chain before because the garbage station too much to make the search engine that way, now into the mobile internet is a new thing, I hope you have to think about what can be played on the mobile phone, for example, this time the major companies are competing for what things, such as just have a map of the navigation has been competing for , we must study why Rob, you have what small opportunity, what crevice can drill, this is what we should do, thank you!

Nan Li Xin: thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the stage, I will make a summary. Entrepreneurial state this time is just doing innovation in China's activities, this activity with a lot of VC also did exchange, yesterday is the small party of the angel meeting Cai always mentioned a few points to share with you.

This year must be included in the next 5-10 years must be the Internet and mobile internet technology to change a lot of traditional industry opportunities is the biggest, we also see the combination of hardware and software, whether it is millet or is about to see the beauty of the phone products out. There are many areas, including education, including health care and many vertical, including the traditional publishing industry has a lot of opportunities, if our webmaster and many entrepreneurs can look further down the vertical go further, perhaps the success of all of you will be more likely to succeed, the entrepreneurial state wants to become entrepreneurs of the Scout, We want our magazines and websites to be the best scouts around, your first appearance is also in our magazine and website, we also and the boss and the organization to provide services to the enterprise to build a better ecological circle, the future of the whole entrepreneurial environment will be better, and I hope we can embrace the mobile internet, Embrace the next 10 years, thank you!

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