Rouves: Providing information support for the construction of International financial Center

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Xinhua News agency Vice President Rouves 16th in Shanghai, Xinhua news agency, as China's national news agency, the World News Agency, Financial information, the objective, accurate, comprehensive and rapid dissemination of financial information for the construction of International financial Center to provide information support, is the history of the responsibility of the Xinhua News agency.  In the "2009 Lujiazui Forum", Rouves to "accurate, rapid dissemination of financial information for the International Financial Center construction Services" as the title, delivered a keynote speech. Rouves said that the construction of an international financial center not only requires a gathering of financial institutions, not only the essential market for prosperity, but also the need to match the financial Information Service system.  The market needs information to disseminate and guide capital. "In today's world, the core of economic globalization is financial globalization, financial information flow under the background of global financial integration, it is not only the simple dissemination of market information, it guides capital, affects decision-making, determines the transaction." Whether an enterprise or an organization can grasp market law through information, forecast market prospect, explore market opportunity and control market risk is an important aspect of core competitiveness, and even is an important symbol of national soft power, discourse power and influence.  "Rouves said. Rouves said that as the provider of financial information, the Xinhua news agency needs to establish a team of experts, from the market timely discovery of information, effective collection of information, comprehensive processing of information, the objective dissemination of information, so that an objective, real information flow into the market to taste Service City taste guide City Changruwei said, Xinhua News agency is willing to work with the world's major financial information services organizations to complement each other and share resources. Xinhua is willing to work with various financial institutions and capital factor markets in the world to allow the mainstream information to enter the mainstream market through mainstream channels, so that the capital can flow more rationally and let the market develop more scientifically.
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