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Google recently launched the DoubleClick AD Exchange advertising platform in China, which marks the official Chinese network advertising into the Internet 3.0 times.

We know that the traditional display advertising is based on the purchase of "related content" (contextual Buying approach) as the dominant, that is, advertising in the promotion of products related to the Web page, trying to improve the accuracy of the delivery, for example, if advertisers want to attract young beauty-oriented female consumers, Will choose to buy ads on the beauty fashion channel of a large portal site, but there are two problems with this purchase: First, the beauty fashion channel may not be 100% female audiences, which means that the advertising message is displayed on the target audience, resulting in a waste of some of the budget; Beauty-conscious young women consumers may be browsing hundreds of thousands of sites, a traditional mode of advertising that is simply not able to reach audiences efficiently in a wide range of ways. The RTB technology used in AD exchange advertising trading platform is the key to realize the core of "media purchase" and "Audience purchase". Its operating environment, like the stock Exchange, is a completely transparent base system, when a user access occurs, the advertising trading platform to bidders to provide unsold advertising space, bidders can be based on a number of information to calculate the user's "value", thus making bids, the highest bidder. Its advantage lies in the advertisement buyer may through each exposure quotation method, matches the best advertisement resources, thus realizes the zero wasteful advertisement delivery.

RTB Marketing model for advertisers in the real sense, is to rediscover the traditional marketing method wasted half of the advertising fee. In the actual operation of RTB, how to determine the success of the bid to become the key to the effectiveness of advertising. I think there are two main considerations to determine the criteria for determining bids accurately:

First, the quality of users: through data mining to assess the interests of users, purchase intention, combined with the user when the location, time, the use of computer models, etc. to calculate the quality of users.

Second, the quality of advertising space: from the advertising shape, size, format, and the distance between the text to assess the quality of advertising space, and then with the advertising location of past historical data, accurate prediction of each media and location of cost-effectiveness.

According to foreign data shows that nearly half of the display ads are displayed in the site, but did not enter the eyes of netizens. To further enhance the accuracy of the bids, we introduce the latest foreign advocated "visible exhibition" (viewable impression) concept, through the location of advertising (lower vs top), the number of ads on the Web page, user stay browse time, mouse dynamic and so on as many as 20 parameters to critically evaluate the ad The true impact of each exposure on Exchange to the user, thus calculating its corresponding cost-effectiveness and maximizing the advertiser's budget.

I think that the success of the audience purchase requires a large number of data and algorithms to accurately assess the value of advertising space to advertisers, our first stage of the test data show that the application of real-time bidding algorithm on the advertising trading platform for advertising activities compared to the general advertising campaign on the return of more than a large increase of more than 25% I think in the future there will be more and more media to join the ad Exchange, so that advertisers more efficient advertising, more transparent, coupled with the data-led optimization function, will be able to greatly enhance the advertisers in the future of online marketing results.

Want to know more RTB technology, please go to love click website Download << from "Media purchase" to "Audience purchase"--RTB optimization and Operation >>:http://i-click.asia/sc/download-centre.html

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