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Again this time of year. Everyone understands that the weather has started to pick up and the people are ready to make their own choices. The most important thing is that they have reached the spring festival of the year. However, this situation is an unspeakable fact. This fact is about the large annual public relations staff rush, a large number of original and stylized press releases pour into the mailbox of bloggers.

In a very brief review of the companies this year, I have a real understanding. Most cloud computing startups are doomed to failure. There are many reasons, but in any case, they are at a loss. The reason is as follows:

Later came home

Let me be the first to acknowledge this fact: In science and technology, the first person to eat crabs may not be able to take the lead. Just one glance at Facebook shows that the second or third might put you in the best position. However, there is probably no advantage to becoming No. 200. But doing better than other nethers usually means that when you are struggling to generate revenue, you ultimately end up plagiarized to some extent, in addition to the money you need to build, manage and promote your product.

Wrong function as a product

The vast majority of companies that sell to me are of this type. These promotions usually begin with the statement, "We did this because a platform did not provide the features we needed, and we got what we wanted, so we put it into action." That's how most start-ups start, A large high popularity platform leak detection fill vacancies. The problem is that these so-called ideas are in fact mostly very niche, rather than huge market opportunities that can not lead to any of the following:

You have succeeded and sold your business to that larger platform.

You've done quite well, and the platform on which you are based copied your product, forcing you to either compete directly with it or shift to another area.

You have failed, just like most start-ups. Because unlike the platform on which you are based, you are not a financially strong global conglomerate.

Everyone is doing

Seriously, if everyone jumped off the bridge, would you jump along? There's too much hype, "we're just like this, but we're doing better." That's amazing. Why do people just want to be like any other product? Improvements on existing products are often not the path to success. Cheaper and easier than high quality and powerful.

Find the niche and start with that. You need a beachhead attacking.

In a recent blog post, Adobe's Michael Rubin made the most of it. Consumer products are the hardest to sell. If you say "it's for everyone, you're doomed to failure, and it's better for a product to target a clearly identifiable target group, such as an ophthalmologist or video gamer. As you expand your user base, As the noise increases and competition intensifies, you can slowly expand: children are still small mothers, schoolgirls, travelers to Paris If your user base is 18 to 45-year-old male, you should stop and think about it Think about it. "

One of the great things Michael Rubin did is set out what he called Rubin's Rubrics for entrepreneur:

· Simple is effective, always, never underestimate the public's attention concentration time is how short

Cheap simple tend to outweigh the high quality and powerful

Find what everyone is doing and stay away

· Storytelling is key, but it's better if the story is interesting (and if the story is too much)

Always follow (trend)

· Find a niche, and start with this, you need a beachhead attacking

· All roads lead to Rome, there is no standard answer

· Even if you follow the positive solution may fail, there will always be a lot of luck

Be careful about your cash flow

Arbitering may ruin your career: For any good development, constraints and restrictions are necessary

Long journey, have an idea for the outcome

Entrepreneurship is a personality defect

I do not like cold water, but my advice for all those public relations people is that you should work hard on your own even if the products you sell are not original, innovative, unique and genuine.

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