Rui and his spring doctor began to enter the critical moment

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2 years into the business, Rui and his doctor began to enter the critical moment.

"Commercialization is the first step, then we will launch a new version of the relationship between doctors and patients thoroughly through, doctors can open a clinic on the spring rain platform, began to make money." "Rui said.

Spring Rain Doctor is the earliest involved in the medical industry start-up companies. Their first product. Spring Palm Doctor is a professional medical and patient quiz software. Patients have any medical problems, can be in the spring rain platform to get the regular hospital doctor's free answer.

Starting from the latest version, Spring Rain Doctor officially started commercialization, in the client to join the value-added services paid member. Paid members can consult free of charge, not members of the membership every 10 days to free consultation. In addition, spring rains promise paid members that their questions can be answered in 30 minutes and responded to in 24 hours.

"In order to maintain the enthusiasm of the doctors, we are now subsidizing 500,000 yuan a month for doctors, which is clearly not a long-term solution." Rui said that in the previous small channel test situation, the rate of payment is about 5% to 7%, which can achieve financial balance, to maintain the enthusiasm of doctors.

But these meager income, obviously cannot satisfy Rui's appetite. Next, he wants the doctor to open the clinic on the spring rain platform.

In Rui's view, the allocation of medical resources in China is very uneven, on the one hand, the large hospital is crowded, doctors are busy, on the other hand, two, one level, and even private hospitals are nobody, these hospitals are idle doctors resources. Patients who have minor illnesses or small health problems are hard to answer unless they have a doctor friend.

"In fact, many simple medical services can be moved online, even on mobile phones," he said. Rui revealed that the next step of the spring rain is to build a doctor-patient platform, so that doctors can open the clinic to the spring rain, the Doctor independent pricing, direct to the patient charges, and the spring rain as a platform for the business can be divided.

Rui said that the examination report interpretation is a very strong user demand for a service, the big hospital will not provide this service, how to do? Doctors can come to the spring rain platform, the creation of medical report interpretation services, independent pricing, the user directly to the medical report to the doctor, doctors and patients have established a relationship between the two sides to complete this service.

"There are a number of similar types of services, such as child weaning supplementary feeding problems, nutritionists can provide guidance services, such as the proportion of specific diseases and nutritional meals, the 0-1-Year-old child's parenting program, etc., the doctor can play to provide any patient with the needs of services." "he said.

Rui stressed that spring rain against the pure sale of information charges, universal information is free. In the future on the spring rain platform, the services provided by doctors should be strongly personalized, professional services, rather than simple information sales. It could even be said that the doctor was half the patient's personal physician.

"What we do is business based on relationships." We want doctors to know that his intelligence can be so money, and users can easily access a variety of medical services, doctors and patients can rub more and more sparks. "Rui said.

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